Udaan 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan supports Chakor

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Udaan 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to sleep. They don’t talk. She sits sad and looks at him. Mahiya….plays….. Imli goes to stab Vivaan. He wakes up and sees her. She runs. He says Imli…. Vivaan goes to Suraj and Chakor. Suraj asks what happened. Vivaan says someone tried to kill me. Suraj asks what. Vivaan drinks water. Suraj says you are dreaming about the past, just stop thinking. Chakor says just Vivaan was attacked before by Imli’s goons in reality. Vivaan asks who told you. She says I know Aazaadgunj well. Suraj says why did you hide this from me. Chakor says Imli is really alive. Suraj says you are just encouraging each other’s fear. She says I swear on Saanvi, she is alive. Suraj says don’t swear on Saanvi and raises hand….

Vivaan holds his hand. Vivaan says you can’t do this when I m here, if you try to hurt Chakor, none will be worse than me. Chakor says don’t come in between Vivaan, go from here. Vivaan goes. She says its late, we shall sleep. Suraj says listen…. She goes. Suraj realizes his mistake. Imli sings and gets happy. Archana compliments her courage. Imli says I m Imli, Lord is always happy with me, I always win, Suraj raised hand on Chakor, Vivaan got between them, I got a weapon now, I wished Vivaan was dead, now I m happy, Suraj was jealous when Vivaan came in between, I know Chakor and Vivaan’s old relation. Suraj knows this well, Chakor’s life will be ruined. Suraj sits drinking. Chakor sits and cries. Vivaan recalls his past. He says Suraj, you didn’t change, you are still the same. Imli sees Chakor sad and gets happy. She talks to someone and says fine, I will come tomorrow. She says Chakor, I will not leave you.

Its morning, Suraj wakes up and sees Chakor sleeping at bedside. He recalls Chakor doing aid to his hand. Mahiya…..plays…… He says I know you are worried, I can see everything, I promise I will make everything fine. He sees the window shut again. He worries. Vivaan is at tea stall. Suraj comes there and orders tea. He drinks tea like Vivaan, by pouring it in palm. He says its fun to have tea this way. Vivaan pays for tea and goes. Suraj stops him. He says I need to talk, we should report to police about attacks, sorry I didn’t think of this before. Vivaan says thanks, no need to get angry for me, I m not scared of anyone. He recalls the lady’s words. Suraj says move off your hand.

Vivaan says I know who did this, Imli. Suraj says you are also seeing Imli everywhere. Vivaan says Imli was my wife, I know her, she came to my room, her luck was good, she got saved. Suraj says stop nonsense, I understand Chakor’s fear, why are you coming in her words. Vivaan says I know Chakor more well than you, maybe you are feeling bad of this. Suraj says you both got mad. Vivaan says you got mad, Imli is alive, Chakor is saying truth, it may happen that you see Imli, then you would not be able to meet Chakor’s eyes, husband and wife’s relation is of trust. Suraj says everyone is scared of her. Imli meets some man and pays. She gets a box. She sees the stamp. Imli says I m taking Bhaiya ji’s tradition ahead by making Saanvi bandhua. Suraj collides with Imli. She hides face and goes.

Suraj comes home and sees Chakor having tea near Saanvi. She says sorry, I won’t have tea now. She throws tea. She says I don’t want any habit that hurts Saanvi. He says she has risk by your fear. She says just understand, I need your support, Imli is alive, she wants to ruin our lives, trust Vivaan at least, she attacked him twice. Suraj says you can blindly trust him, I can’t, don’t know how that trauma changed him, did you see his eyes, maybe he has come here with some motive, I doubt him, you listen to him. She says I m your wife, you don’t believe me, Saanvi’s life is in danger, think about Saanvi. Suraj says you have mentally shattered. She gets shocked.

Chakor hears Imli. Chakor sees Imli with Saanvi. She gets shocked and shouts leave Saanvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t understand why Imli took credit for their state, it wasn’t part of the plan.
    Vivaan won’t hesitate to kill Suraj but I found it strange that he told Suraj he’s insecure because he knows Chakor better. He’s delusional if he thinks so.

  2. Suraj should trust chakor…. I miss their old bonding. But I am happy atleast vivan is with her..

  3. Safiya Hosein

    I found it interesting that Suraj said to Chakor while she slept, that he sees everything and will make eveything fine.
    Maybe there is a twist to Suraj’s recent behaviour…..hmmm.

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