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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji and Manohar scolding Lakhan and his son Chagan. Ranjana taunts them, and Manohar asks her to leave. Ranjana says yes, I m leaving, you be your brother’s slave. She says Bhaiya ji wants a new generation of slaves, but don’t count me in it, as I won’t let Lakhan’s son become Lakhan, and Manohar’s son Manohar. Everyone has right to live, if Chagan wants to become something, why are you forcing him. Lakhan’s wife calls her Devi and promises she will support her always. She says you can fulfill my son’s dream. Ranjana hugs her and smiles. She says come with me, and takes them. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to explain his wife that this is not good. Bhaiya ji says its not so bad days that we have to fold hands to a servant’s wife, let her go.

He asks Manohar and Lakhan to see that their wives are gone out of hands, but election should not go out of hand. Lakhan says no way Bhaiya ji, I will die but not let you lose. Chakor does high five with Chagan. Bhaiya ji is worried and imagines everyone praising Ranjana and cheering on her victory, and Manohar taunts him for losing to his wife. Chakor makes him wear the shoes slippers garland. He wakes up from his sleep and sweats recalling the dream. He drinks water. He recalls Arjun Desai’s words. Chakor makes Sheru have food, and says she has much work.

She says she has to meet Baa, and tell her everything, and ask what to do next. Bhaiya ji comes and says I agree for your condition. She asks what did he say and is shocked as he repeats he agrees for her condition. He says he will admit her and village kids in school. Chakor smiles and asks is this true. He says yes. She asks will I and everyone go to school. He says yes, and says if you ask again, I will leave. He saks her to get votes for him from every home, he will win the elections and then she and all kids can see the school gate. She nods yes and smiles.

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Baa makes Chakor have the Prasad. Chakor tells Baa that she is afraid will he do my work after I do his work. Baa says we have to believe him. Chakor says it means I have to tell something that they all agree to vote for him. Baa says Lord will help you in this, its Saraswati puja tomorrow, and tells her about Maa Saraswati, an idol of knowledge and its great ting if educations comes in the village tomorrow. Chakor says it means I should tell Bhaiya ji to keep Saraswati puja. Baa says yes, but not in haveli, its should be in village, he will go as he wants power and want votes, go and tell him.

She says he should promise you and everyone about sending them to school. Chakor claps and says you are very good. Baa says no, I m bad as I gave birth to a sinner. Chakor says now this sign will go away and smiles. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji how can he do this, how can he send kids to school. Bhaiya ji says even I felt bad as you when Arjun Desai suggested this to me, but I thought a lot and decided this, that I don’t have any way to win the elections, and the way Ranjana is expanding her effect in village, we can’t do anything, only Chakor can stop Ranjana.

Tejaswini says no, we can’t risk our respect on Chakor. He says it will be bad if I lose to Ranjana and people will laugh on us, no plan should go waste in politics. He says Chakor is a trump card, if we play well, we can win. Baa brings Chakor out. Tejaswini taunts her and asks where is she going now on context of puja. Baa says I m going to village as its Saraswati puja tomorrow. Bhaiya ji asks who is doing it there. Chakor says you will go and smiles. He is shocked. Chakor says you promised me and all kids will go to school, you have to tell it to everyone in village, did you forget so soon.

Bhaiya ji says stop, I did not say this. Chakor says yes, if you tell this infront of Lord, they will trust you and give you vote. He looks at her and she smiles.

Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that he can fulfill his promise. Tejaswini says shut up. Chakor says I will tell them that he is very good and ask them to give vote. Tejaswini asks her to leave. Chakor asks him to think. n

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