Udaan 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj gets kidnapped

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The Episode starts with some goons coming to court. Police warns the goons. The goons take away Suraj. Rajeshwari says Vikram can do anything for his mum. She laughs. Police and Chakor stop the goons. Suraj asks Chakor not to step ahead. The goons shoot a constable. Chakor gets shocked. Goons kidnap Suraj. Chakor asks them to leave Suraj. Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey come out. Rajeshwari pities Chakor. She threatens about Anjor and family. She warns Chakor and goes. Chakor gets shocked and ties up her hair. She runs on the road to reach home. Udaan hai….plays…. Chakor comes home and finds Tejaswini and Girja unconscious. She asks them to get up. She doesn’t get Anjor. She looks for Anjor. She frees Leela and Abha. She asks Leela what happened. Leela says Vikram is not a reporter, but Rajeshwari’s

son. FB shows Abha telling truth to Leela. Leela says don’t worry, I will call Suraj. Vikram hits her and ties her up. He catches her and says I will not leave Chakor, she can’t do anything. Leela tells truth to Tejaswini.

Tejaswini says I will call police. Vikram hits Tejaswini also. FB ends. Leela says I tried to stop him, but I couldn’t save him. Chakor asks where is Anjor. Leela says I don’t know where is she. Vikram calls Chakor and threatens her against taking the case back. He says I explained you a lot, you didn’t listen to me, you have to pay a price, I want mom and Bacha Pandey out of jail, if you want to see Suraj alive, you won’t say anything against mom. He threatens her about killing Anjor. He asks her to go and find Anjor if she can. Chakor rushes to the village and looks for Anjor. She gets tensed seeing the crowd. She gets relieved seeing Anjor fine. Anjor prays that Chakor doesn’t fight against the evil people. Chakor says I want to talk to you. Anjor asks her to leave.

Anjor says I know you have given statement against Rajeshwari in the court, I have seen the video, why did you lie to me, you promised me that you will end this fight, you cheated me, that aunty is very bad, she locked me in dark room, she will do the same again, she will kill me. She asks why don’t you care for me and care for others, you aren’t my mum. Chakor says don’t cry, come with me. Anjor refuses to go and talk to her. She runs away. Chakor recalls Vikram’s words.

Anjor scolds Chakor and says you have snatched Suraj as well. Chakor asks Inspector to help her find Suraj. She tries to find Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What kind of child is this Anjor? Is she really Suraj and Chakor’s daughter. I remember the child Chakor who faced hundred times most hardship than Anjor but never swayed from the path of rightfulness. And Anjor can talk to her mother like this? I understand she might be frightened as a kid, but that doesnt mean she will forget all respect for her own mother… And Suraj was a far better and interesting character when he was an antagonist. He planned Kamalnarayan’s murder in jail and did so many other cunning things. Love doesnt make one stupid. Since the moment he fell in love with Chakor, his character graph is so inconsistent and not at all nice to think about. His work as Imli’s servant was glossed over, he even stopped trusting Chakor like he used to after Imli returned, didnt use his brain or heart when he thought Saanvi was dead and keeps getting fooled and kidnapped by all and sundry. Come on! Suraj used to be much better than this

  2. Good episode but CVs aren’t correcting their mistake, they need to add some feelings to the episode, it’s not all about drama. They could show Chakor missing Suraj and worried about him, they could show Suraj missing Chakor and Anjor, they could show Anjor getting nightmares about RD, they could’ve shown Suraj spending time with Anjor, they could’ve shown Chakor having a sleepless night because of Anjor.
    Instead of this we get never ending drama, I was hoping this kidnapping will give us some good Sukor scenes, flashback, both missing each other, dream sequence but no we’ll get Chakor running around and fighting with Anjor. We won’t even get to see Suraj tortured by goons.
    The current writers lack emotional intelligence and don’t understand the USP of Udaan: the right mix of action and emotions with Sukor not just Chakor as the focus.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    I miss the Kamal Narayan soo much!!! When he was the main antagonist the show was soo much better. Now, the writers keep demoting Suraj’s character. He seems helpless and never thinking. I seriously miss old Suraj. He was way smarter and practical back then.
    You know when he saved Chakor he threatened Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey, but now he appears to be a joke. And even Rajeshwari mocked him and would have made a fool out of him if Chakor hadn’t come in time with that tape. He was such a “badass” way before and ruled together with Kamal Narayan, now he is just a screen presence. Think writers, the story could be so much more. I keep saying keep the momentum going and sometimes you dont need this uncesssary drama to do that.
    And Anjor….well, if that child had my mother she would have no teeth left.
    Honestly, sometimes i dont even bother to watch the episodes, i just read the precap!
    I really wish if the writers could read some of the comments from viewers! It might help.

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