Udaan 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli refusing to go with Vivaan. Vivaan and Chakor ask Imli to meet Raunak. Suraj wishes Imli goes. Imli says fine, I will go with Vivaan. Suraj thanks Lord and thinks to leave before plan changes. Kasturi and Tejaswini argue. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to stop it. Kasturi falls and says she broke my bed and my bones, I will make Tejaswini lose weight in one month, if this goes on, someone will die.

Chakor and Suraj are on the way. She asks him to drive carefully. He says yes, sorry. She asks what are you thinking. He says nothing. She says be careful, there is a pit. He stops the jeep. She asks why are you driving madly, tell me. She gets down the car. He says I did not see pit, come, I will drive slow. She says no, since Imli told about Yogesh bhai, you got worried, you did not wish Imli to come with us, I have seen you signing Vivaan. He says no, come with me. She says I won’t go till you tell me complete matter, there is something between you and Yogesh that you did not wish to take Imli.

Suraj hits the jeep and says yes, I did not wish to take Imli there as I lost Imli to him in gambling. She gets shocked and asks what. He says its old thing, Imli was my bandhua. Chakor scolds him. He says I just told him, and did not do such thing, I did not meet Yogesh then. She asks does Imli know this. He says no. She says now Yogesh will not help us. He says we can talk to him once, he would have forgot it. She says no, we will not go, he can kill you. He says we have to take risk, nothing will happen, as I m physically strong and you are mentally strong. He flirts. She says don’t talk lovely things, I don’t like it. He asks her to come, it will be her benefit any way. She sits in the jeep. He sings love song. She looks at him.

Imli likes Vivaan’s cabin. He asks her to meet Raunak and go. Raunak comes and says Imli ji you here, your work… Vivaan gets shocked and asks do you both know each other. Raunak says she is in your cabin and I guessed she is your wife. Vivaan says fine, but how did you know her name. Raunak says I heard it from you many times. Vivaan thanks him for giving him big post, and assures he will work hard. Raunak gives him advance. Vivaan thanks him. Raunak says come, I don’t want you to have any problem, I have meeting and goes. Vivaan says how did Raunak change, did you meet him before. She says you think a lot, you take me for lunch. He agrees. She goes.

Suraj and Chakor come to the village. Chakor asks are you sure Yogesh stays here. He says he changes house, don’t know where is he, come with me, we should not waste time and do something that Yogesh finds us. She turns and some man hides. He tells about the pan vendor who will inform Yogesh about us. He goes to pan vendor and says I m Suraj Rajvanshi and came to meet Yogesh, inform him. Some men come and beat the man. Chakor says we should save that man. Suraj says stop, this is not our area. She says I m not coward like you, I will go. He says fine, become Jagat Mata, go and die. She beats the man with stick. Suraj says I will not help her and she should know not to interfere in other’s matter. The goon asks who are you.

Chakor beats them. A goon attacks from behind. Suraj stops the stick and asks the man to fight from front like a man. Chakor looks on. Suraj beats the goons. They run away. The man thanks them for saving his life and gives them cold drinks. Chakor looks behind. Suraj asks her to wait here, Yogesh’s men will come and we will go with them. She says thanks for helping me. He says I saved your life for one reason, so that you save me from Yogesh. She asks are you making me your shield, will you take help from a girl. He says you are Devi, Jagat Mata. She says you are fake pretender. He says that’s why our jodi is good. She asks are you hiding anything else, did you tell Yogesh about me. He says you are thinking a lot. The men come and catch them.

Chakor and Suraj are taken to Yogesh Bhai. Yogesh says I m ready with sehra knowing you got my Imli. He asks pandit to chant mantras. Suraj tries to shout that she is not Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my goodness!will chakor get married now!!!!!!

  2. What a lovely episode………….!!!!!!!!!
    Usually I didn’t comment here, but today I can’t control myself….! Awesome episode, it’s one of the best episode for Sukor fan…
    And precap…….! Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode……

  3. First day at work and Vivaan gets adavance, cabin and goes to lunch without doing a stitch of work…… he even brings his wife to work….

  4. I loved today’s episode waiting for next

  5. What a good episode can’t until tomorrow’s episode to find out that if Suraj will save Chakor or not.

  6. Right kalika??

  7. what episode.. what a acting chokor and suroj… love them..jatot mata…

  8. Wow good epi and yeah how chakor was tense for suraj and was stoping him again and again and yeah suraj flirts and singing love song was too good and calling her jagatmata and jangli billi sometimes was too funny

  9. ohhhh…..dear yogesh jiiii….u r our angel goon ???…2 unite our sukor…???….can u plzzz do somthng bad with chakor???…nd plzzz….beat thm nd hurt thm vry hardly nd deeply…thnonly thir blood nd romance vll comouttt…really guyzz can’t wait 4 thir romanceee…evryone knw that thy both r vry strong nd vll unite only through hard situations rytt???sooo…I’m sur guyzzz this time thy vll uniteee….??????

    1. Yup u r right neema,i was also thinking that yogesh bhai should do something vry bad with chakor so that suraj’s heart will melt down

  10. Tejaswiteju

    Maha episode .chakor ne ghar par bandh kiya

  11. Tejaswiteju

    In one video it says that sukor romance is starting .and kn,ragini is in shock by seeing sukor as they not expected it.and in this video Suraj,Chakor said thanks for all fans by encouraging and hitting them.

  12. Teja can pls give us link pls

    1. Tejaswiteju

      Riya any ways in above video Suraj and chakor aslo gave an interview that the show is becoming intresting.and spoilers aslo also said that Sukor romance is starting I love it

  13. I think yogesh vais sister used to love suraj sometime.That’s why after yogesh bhai leave them she stopped them from going.

    1. Tejaswiteju

      It’s ragini trap know ankur.some members followed Suraj and chakor know.she is yogesh bhai sister ah.i didn’t understand ra ankur

  14. When yogesh free sukor than why will her sister sent goons to catch them may be u r right ankur she is in love with suraj as suraj was like a friend to yoyesh in old times so she may be she fell for him

  15. In tomo epi we will come to know who is yogesh sis and why she will sent goons to catch sukor but if she is in love with suraj than it will intresting to see will chakor get jealous or what will she do

  16. I think tejaswi it will happen next when they will find jailor yadav.Ya angel if it happens then it will be very interesting to see chakor jealous..????

  17. I saw that video some days ago tejaswi.Its fake.It says that from noawdays epis we can understand that sukor will get unite soon and show will off air soon.

    1. Tejaswiteju

      Yah ur right ankur

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