Udaan 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan gets attacked

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Udaan 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tejaswini saying Archana will stay back, I spoke to her. Suraj takes a drink. She stops him and says this doesn’t solve problems. He says I m worried for Chakor. She says I think its happening because of Vivaan. Suraj says no, Chakor said she has talked to Imli today. She says her mental state is getting worse, we have to do something. Suraj recalls Chakor’s words. Chakor thinks of Imli. Vivaan says I checked entire haveli, Imli isn’t here. Chakor says how can Imli leave clues, she is here, she isn’t my imagination. He says I completely trust you, Suraj should also believe you. She says Suraj believes me, Imli doesn’t want this to happen, I will fail her. Chakor comes to Suraj and tries to talk. She says we both always support each other. She asks him to have the milk. She reminds his words. She says I didn’t forget anything, I remember everything about my life, my mind didn’t get weak, your trust on me got weak. She cries. She holds his hand. He gets away. She says you are really good, please have the milk. She goes. Mahiya…..plays…. She cries in the room. He drinks the milk. She thinks of Imli.

Imli hires the goons and asks them to beat Vivaan. She sees Vivaan jogging. She says poor Chakor, she trusted her friend, but I will kill her friend. Vivaan recalls the trauma. He hears the goons’ footsteps. They attack. Vivaan beats them up. Imli looks on shocked and says why are they not running away. The goons run away. Vivaan says I know who has sent you here, tell me the name. The man says I don’t know, I was just asked to beat you. He throws sand and runs. Vivaan shouts stop, tell me his name.

Imli thinks whom is Vivaan talking about, whose call is he expecting, who got him here. She gets a call and says I m coming, just keep the milk boiled. Tejaswini says Saanvi will have milk and play with me. Chakor gets milk bottle. Tejaswini asks what happened. Chakor says nothing. Chakor goes. Imli switches the bottles when Tejaswini goes to answer call. Imli thinks I have made plan, Saanvi will drink poisonous milk and…. Chakor hears Saanvi’s cry and runs. She throws the milk bottle away. Imli gets angry. Tejaswini asks why did you throw this milk. Chakor checks the milk and says I doubt that someone added something in it. Tejaswini asks how can anyone add anything, you boiled the milk. Chakor says yes, but bottle is changed, Imli has done this to snatch my daughter. Tejaswini says Imli is dead, if Suraj hears you, he will scold you.

Chakor says you mean I have given such milk to Saanvi. Tejaswini says I didn’t move. Chakor says you would have gone to answer call. Tejaswini says you mean to say I m careless. Chakor says no, you are mistake. Vivaan comes home and asks what happened. She sees his wounds and asks about it. Tejaswini says now say Imli did this. Vivaan says no, I slipped and fell down. He goes. Tejaswini says you manage Saanvi now. Chakor says you mean I have gone mad. Tejaswini says your state is getting worse. She goes. Imli looks on and hides. She says Saanvi will pay for your smartness. Chakor fixes tape to the window. Suraj comes and gets shocked. He removes the tape and says none will come in from this window.

Chakor thinks lovers blindly trust each other, why is our fate not such, Imli is around, we won’t know when she ruins our world. Suraj says we have risk by your fear, Imli is dead, this window will be open.

Imli goes to stab Vivaan. He wakes up and says Imli… Chakor says Imli is behind this, she is alive. Suraj raises hand on her. Vivaan stops Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. painful episode ! suraj is not the same person!!!

  2. What has happened to Sooraj? Why isn’t he trusting Chakor? If Chakor swears on her child then it is her wish who is Sooraj to stop her? It is good that Vivan is supporting Chakor. Sooraj will soon regret for not trusting Chakor.

  3. Chakor has realized Imli left through the window but has she realized that Archana must be working with her because she had to come the same way.
    Sukor dialogues were painful, there is no need for this rift, everything is designed to give Chakor maximum sympathy. but it’s poor Suraj who’s getting butchered.

  4. I completely agree with with you shinjini…just one request to the makers PLZZ donor delay this rift b/w Suraj and chakor.
    I feel very bad for chakor.i cannot even imagine her mental state when her(imli)biggest fear is in front of her and her(Suraj) biggest strength is not trusting her

  5. I completely agree with with you shinjini.
    I feel very bad for chakor.i cannot even imagine her mental state when her(imli)biggest fear is in front of her and her(Suraj) biggest strength is not trusting her

  6. Why suraj is behaving like this? Always he supported n believed Chakor blindly now what happened atleast he should trust her once n support her bcoz if he not behaved so then which storm wl come n distroy their family from root as Chakor is repeatedly telling n warning doesn’t he understand that…..How can he be that much stupid…What is his loss in listening n believing on his love Chakor if she is telling this much intensely..Bcoz of his behaviour their relation is breaking..

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