Udaan 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj saying I was doing this for both of us, I will kill Bhaiya ji, your career will be fine. Chakor says do you think so, my career will not help then, you will go jail and I can never get you free, you don’t think anything, leave from here. She shuts door. Suraj shouts fine, I m going. Imli and Vivaan ask Chakor not to announce retirement, Bhaiya ji will not do anything. Chakor says if he really announces that I took drugs, if they take my tests again and prove me wrong then. Imli asks is there no way to remove drugs from blood.

Chakor says I have read that drugs can’t be removed from blood. Suraj says I will not help her now and is angry. He sees laptop and searches for drug tests. Vivaan says Chakor is saying right. Imli says don’t do as Bhaiya ji says, we will take some time. Vivaan says yes, don’t take retirement. Chakor cries and says I can never run now, if they have put ban, I could have run after 3 years, now I can just see darkness. Imli hugs her. Suraj gets some solution.

Chakor runs at night and recalls the ban and Bhaiya ji’s words. She thinks can I never run. Ragini asks Bhaiya ji what does he want to do with Suraj. Bhaiya ji says I thought a lot for Suraj, that chest has punishment for Suraj and happiness for me. He asks servants to get the chest.

Ragini asks whats this lock. He asks her to have patience, everything is seen in light, and nothing is seen in darkness. Ranjana switches off the lights and gives torch to him. Ragini asks whats in this that will make Suraj cry. Bhaiya ji asks her to check the box. Ragini opens the lock. She sees the stamp. She asks whats this Papa. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana smile. He says this is punishment for Suraj’s sins, I made this special stamp for Suraj, I will stamp this on his wrist and made him my bandhua. Ragini smiles.

Suraj comes to Chakor. She asks why did you come here, I don’t need you, I can see destruction in my life, I don’t want to see your face. Suraj says fine, check these papers, maybe you will get way to get saved from destruction. Ragini says I could not have imagined such punishment, Chakor is with Suraj, I don’t think your plan will work out, will she accept retirement or defamation.

Suraj says retirement is good option for you, I did good research, check the sports stars which got defamed, they did not come back in sports, and see sports stars who took retirement, they were popular and people got them back, you have chance to return to sports. She checks. She asks did you do this for me. He asks why, will I get scolding. She says if I leave from sports world, Bhaiya ji will not leave you. He says its time to think about you, not me, I will accept your decision, I will be with you in your every decision.

Its morning, Chakor announces her retirement and tells media that she will not take part in any race. Udaan hai…..play……. Media asks how did you decide this, your father in law proved you innocent, are you ill. Chakor says no. Reporter asks are you pregnant. Chakor and Suraj look on. Chakor says no, there is no such reason, now I m married, I want to see my family, I m elder bahu and have many duties to fulfill, my father in law got old now, its my duty to lessen his burden. Bhaiya ji smiles. Reporter asks Suraj does he agree for Chakor’s decision, why is she taking early retirement. Chakor cries and goes.

Suraj worries. Media asks Bhaiya ji what does he has to say. He says I m upset hearing her decision, I tried to explain her. Ranjana says we had many hopes that she will make our name shine, but don’t know whats going on in her mind. Suraj shouts enough, interview is over, leave else I will kick you all out. Media reporters leave. Suraj says where did Chakor go, did Bhaiya ji do anything.

Suraj asks where did you send Chakor. Imli says Chakor is not in room. Bhaiya ji says I did not send her, maybe she went to die, I don’t know what she will do, stop Imli, worry for your husband like Suraj is worrying for his wife. He says I told you Suraj to worry for yourself, your shield is gone.

Suraj says even if Chakor does not protect me, I m not scared of you, if anything happens to Chakor, none can protect you. Bhaiya ji laughs and says now it will be fun to have equal fights, I will give you some time, its 2pm now, just run far till 8pm, keep distance between you and me, once you are caught, then be ready for the result. Suraj says you think for your result, if I don’t get Chakor, you and your life will have distance of one bullet, I m not scared of you, I will not go till I find Chakor.

Suraj comes home. He sees time 8pm. A net falls over Suraj. Suraj shouts who is it. Imli says Bhaiya ji caught Suraj. Chakor says I have to go and save Suraj. Bhaiya ji hits on Suraj’s head. Kasturi does not let Chakor go.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Precap is awesome.. coz chakor holding her mangalsutra nd feeling dat suraj is in some danger!!!
    Inspite of his danger, suraj decyds to find chakor first.. so loving!!! Nd suraj’s dialogue, “ab iske liye bhi daant padegi” it was so cute!!!
    Nd suraj’s expression in the last scene with kn.. he was soo hott.. the way he said “jab tak chakor nhi milti main yaha se kahi nhi jaa rha hoon”.. uff maar dala!!! Overall a grt episode!!!

  2. So its final he will put stamp on his wrist ?and chakor was soo much in pain and suraj was only thinking for her? and not him and he do anything for her he was angry ?but still said he will always support her decision and kn acting was superb but tomo he will hurt suraj?? and chakor will seen saving him?

  3. Wow what an episode….kn-Suraj Ki kya tashan hai yar,they both made me to get hooked to the episode and thank god kn cleared that he goona put mohar on wrist but not on forehead…i couldn’t even imagine Suraj like that but nothing can stop him from becoming bandua?? kash koi chamatkar Ho jaye?
    Sukor scene was awesome…liked Suraj’s every dialogue in the scene especially when he says think about you first and then about me and I will always support you ?.
    God the precap…tension shuru Ho gayi
    Guys good news udaan trp is 2.9 and at 6th position and if we remove super dancer and kapli Sharma show it will be on 4th position….all credit to ishq ka Safar and sukor

  4. I am in love with Suraj’s dialogue delivery. It never fails to amaze me.
    KN swore to wreck vengeance on those who had betrayed him. This poses threat to Rajvanshi clan. It was nerve-racking to watch Suraj in net. Can’t imagine what he has stored for Vivaan. I am shocked to see such cruelty. The courage and determination displayed by Suraj still gives some hope. In addition, Chakor will set another record to free him.

    1. I think Pooja is part of KNs plan for Vivaan, KN wants to separate SuKor and ViMli…. i hope Suraj returns soon with a bang, don’t think I can handle KN torturing Chakor for Suraj’s whereabouts

    2. I was wondering why ragini’s goon hadn’t reached vivaan’s office. Kalika, you are right vivaan’s secretary is up to something. Tejaswini ji will stop Chakor from spilling the beans just in time and help her rescue her parents.

  5. today its really a nice episode!!!even suraj is angry on chakor for scolding him and angry on him ,he only care about her and think about her,he helped her with right decision,because crying is not a solution….
    when chakor doesn’t want to see suraj,but he only told her to see the paper and he turned other side he is such a caring hubby..??
    when asked u did this for me,when chakor worried of suraj life in danger even suraj told not worry for him and he tell her to think about her,he care for her this is best scene.☺??
    then they see eachother this eyelock is something different which shows of their respect for eachother,trust,and love,emotional…i love it??

    in tomorrow suraj going to get hurt by kn!!!!?the way chakor worried for suraj and the way how she felt that suraj is in trouble and she holding mangalsutra was really giving goosebumps…can’t able to wait….??

    can’t able to see suraj become bandhuva and stamp on his wrist as bandhuva…??.
    today really feel bad for chakor ??but suraj supported her and helped her??…the way he get angry on kn was awesome….??

  6. R u think suraj and chakor will unite?never.it is impossible because main theme of the drama is poverty in India. These love stories and others are not connected to the major theme but at the end they will end story with major theme.then i think all of them will die and chakor will defeat kamal n. After every one died

  7. why r u telling like this kkkkkkk??? i accept that this different from all the serial.
    it doesn’t mean that can’t unite…its good story line….and good making its not a flop serial,all sukor fans r eagerly waiting for the union..
    some serial when it get flop they change storyline,actors but this is unique this show doesn’t make audience bore…. sorry if i hurt u

  8. I wish they had a twist with either Ranjana or Ragini ending up getting stamped by Imli. Suraj always grabs KN by the collar or tries to strangle him; would be sooooo happy if Suraj punched KN in the face just once… Ranjana annoys me more than KN and Ragini combined when will her murder of Manohar come to light???? Going to hate this SuKor separation track 🙁 as for ViMli i think Pooja was planted there to separate them as KN was Suraj as his Bhandua and Vihaan as his servant and he can only get them with their wives out of the picture….

  9. Hi all, I am new here..Just reading updates but never commented. So, thought of starting it today. This Kamal Narayan I tell you..Will never change all the time he fails but again gets ready with his next war n this chakor keeps on saving Suraj. It’s high time now that Sukor love story should start n it’s also been quite some time that vivaan n imli love story started. Plz few more episodes like we had few days bk were both were drunk and express their feelings..They were Cho chweet ???

  10. Chakor come to havali and save suraj

  11. I like the embarrassment on their faces when the reporter asked about her pregnancy.Nice epi but precap is horrible….

  12. Tejaswiteju

    Kn tortures Chakor parents to know about suraj

  13. Just thinking… Wouldn’t it be great if Suraj came back in disguise and was hiding in plain sight…

    1. Kalika I think this suits his style as he is not a coward but smart and brave by this he can help his dharm patni also ?

  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J_pOHyxNR-U
    Kn tortures bhuvan kasturi to find Suraj whereabouts from chakor

  15. Kn shoot chakor maa and torture her father

  16. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UIML7SMfKE0
    Kasturi’s interview after that scene and she says about Suraj’s future ??

  17. kn was crying in front of media was so funny .:P

  18. one think I can’t understand why do they apply so much of make-up on ranjana ?

  19. What a dhmaka precap thats y i love udan team.15 feb.2 016 ko udan kya badla meri life he palat gyi.i wish trp mein udan ki 2nd position ho.you are doing very good.please koi aisa track dijiye k happy wala new year ho jaye.can you do it if you can’t no problem.i will always love you even after this serial.

  20. really good to know that udaan is at 6th position in trp list after udaan is the best serial

  21. The writers creativity is jst mindblowing specially the dialogues of suraj. Sukor was awesome like as always. Hp the uniqueness remain as always

  22. Guys udan is on 3rd position mane abhi dekha.

  23. Tejaswiteju

    Chakor interview.tejaswini came middle and helps Chakor to take chakor parents.

  24. Guys a great news for SUKORIANS.Udaan going to shoot in new Zealand

  25. really athira are you serious.how you get that news

    1. Yeah kriti I have read it in if link.
      Check the link in my previous comment

  26. ya I am very very very…. much excited for that new zealand sequence in the show…..

  27. Jo jacket chakor ne suraj ko hug krte bakt pehni h ye bo hi jacket h jo suraj ne chakor ko gift ki thi

  28. Guyz what is the further update after sukor hug n sooraj journey to dubai??? Is he really going to dubai by leaving our chakor alone??? Plz anyone reply????

    1. In YouTube , in a interveiw chakor said tht he wnt go to Dubai , right?

  29. Why episode updating so late.Now it’s 10:53pm

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