Udaan 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor tries to save Anjor

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The Episode starts with Gumaan saying Suraj doesn’t trust you Imli, he trusts me, think if I tell him that you kidnapped Saanvi and played her death drama, you made her a bandhua, what will Suraj do with you. They argue. He says stay in my control for your good. He makes her wear the necklace and says it looks beautiful in your neck. He threatens her. He says Radha Krishna program is organized, my sister, brother, his fiancee and her dad are also coming, you also come as Sanskari bahu. He goes. She removes the necklace and gets angry.

Goons take Anjor. She asks why are we going in this direction when school is that side. Goon says we are taking you to big school. Tejaswini does the puja. Anjor thinks something is wrong and shouts for help. Chakor hears her and asks driver to stop the car. She gets down the car and tries to hear the call. Anjor is away. Madhuri and Garima pray for Anjor. Imli slaps Keshu.

She scolds him. The goons ruin the house. Keshu puts the blame on Sugna. Imli gives the rod to Sugna and asks him to beat her. Keshu beats Sugna. Anjor shouts for help. Chakor sees the car. Driver says you have heard her call and found right direction, how will we save her. She says just overtake that car and stop them. Goon says some car is following us. Anjor smiles and says I knew Lord will send help. Goon shuts up Anjor. Driver says that man is driving in high speed. Chakor says stop the car, I will drive. She gets in driver’s seat. Goon says see I have left that car behind. Chakor follows them and asks driver to call to nearest police station. Anjor takes a gun and breaks window. She shouts for help. Chakor speeds the car. She sees Anjor and holds her hand.

Udaan hai…plays….. Chakor says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you. She overtakes the car and stops them. Goon asks who are you. Anjor says save me Kaki, I didn’t do anything bad, let me go to my parents, they lied to me and got me here. Goon says you don’t know who we are, go from here, else you will die. Gumaan welcomes his family. He treats the guests. He says you are my brother’s would be Sasur, my brother will feel bad if I don’t serve you. Gumaan’s sister says I will file case on my brother if he does wrong, I m a lawyer. The man says you have prepared well, you made your siblings study well. Gumaan says I m still an illiterate, they are my assets. His brother asks Madhuri to keep smiling. Madhuri smiles. Chakor says give me this girl, else you can’t go from here. Goon asks who is this girl to you. Chakor says I don’t know, but I will protect her like I m her mother. Goon hits Anjor on her head. Anjor shouts Maai…. Chakor gets shocked and cries.

Chakor beats the goons. The goon points gun and says Anjor will die because of you. He shoots. Anjor shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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