Udaan 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Imli starts hating Chakor

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Udaan 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli saying Chakor did injustice with me. Phone rings. She says maybe she is doing this drama, she is becoming justice goddess, how can she do this with me. Chakor cries and gets emotional that her Maayka will always be Maayka. She says Imli and I used to pray that we don’t get separated even after marriage, and see Lord heard us. Imli says you snatched my love, husband and happiness. She tears the chunri and says now I have nothing, what I did with Vivaan, he will never forgive me, we got separated, our relation broke, all this happened because of Chakor, I will punish you, you have seen sister’s love till now, now see sister’s revenge.

Suraj says I will win challenge, I will be in front of you. He gets a wire and thinks there was electricity problem in haveli today. He gets an idea. Chakor calls haveli and says why is none answering call, Imli is still annoyed with me, how to explain her. Light goes. She says whom shall I call to fix this, if Suraj was here, no I can’t call him and take help, I have to do something. She lights candle and tries to fix fuse. She sees lights in everyone’s house. Suraj comes and asks shall I help. She says you have come. He says I was here, thinking Lord will hear my prayers. She says so you cheated to win challenge. He says I was passing by and saw darkness in your house, how can there be darkness when Suraj is here, so I came, tell me shall I fix fuse. She says no, I don’t need you. She slips. He holds her and says see you held my hand and got me inside, I won the challenge. She nods. He shuts door.

She asks him to fix fuse first. He flashes torch on her and says what’s the need of light, romance can happen in darkness too. They get close and romance. He says I have a condition, we got married but we didn’t do any post marriage ritual. She asks which one. He says wife feeds husband by hand, and they talk romantic things, we will do this rasam today, make food for me and talk romantic. She smiles.

Imli apologizes to Vivaan. She says I can’t stay without you, you are hurt, its matter of some time, are you annoyed with me, I went to clinic and saw who has stolen my report, Chakor has stolen my reports. Vivaan gets shocked. She says Chakor likes to interfere in other’s lives. Suraj and Chakor feed food to each other. Tujhme rahun main….plays….. He asks her to give him prize to win challenge. She sees cutter and scolds him for cheating to win challenge. Imli says she is cheater, she gave you reports and did drama in front of me. Vivaan signs no.

Chakor asks Suraj to go. He says what if anything wrong happens with me. She asks him to stay away and pushes. Some dry grass falls over him. She laughs. He holds her and they laugh. Imli says Chakor has stolen my happiness, now I will steal her happiness forever. He signs no and moves. She says Chakor should have not done this, if she didn’t do this, you would have not been away from me, its because of her, you want to save her, I m going to punish her. She locks him and goes.

Vivaan gets freed and looks for Imli. He sees her going with a gun. Imli sees Suraj and Chakor together and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    I think Vivaan could get shoot by imli n her madness increase. sweet Sukor scene ??

  2. First Vivan, now Imli, turned negative… next who… suraj, tejaswini or ranjana or ajay?

    1. Exactly imli was always evil she only acted good wen she had what she wanted before she wantes suraj and hated chakor and now vivaan is angry with her somehow her lie is all chakor fault i dont think suraj and tejswani will fall evil again ranajana is villian still cant believe that her killing manhoorrhas not affected anything for her vivaan foumd out the truth cuz of chakor and ranjana seeked revenge and vowed to destory chakor happiness it would make senseif she tried killing chakor but cvs thought of a imli storyline yet again by cvs switching her character it will show viewrs she was always evil and no1 will ever like her again no matter how much good she does

    2. i think ajay is next.The others you mentioned have already portrayed negative shades.

  3. Lokesh

    Darkness when suraj is here, awesome..

  4. the only positive thing about the track is vivaan,it’s like his redemption.,as a viewer since season 1,it’s been hard to watch this character butchered beyond repair.

  5. Sukor scenes were adorable and awesome, it was a mix of romance and light hearted scenes. Feel sorry for Vivaan, can’t see how he will evere forgive imli. I skip imli scenes, she’s too much. Poor chakor, thinking og her sister while her sister hates her to the core.

  6. Loved sukor scenes they were so cute to watch but imli runied it i actually felt.sorry for vivaan condition i hope he finds someone [email protected] u r right in season 1 vivaan was one of thr best characters but season 2 vivaan has not been enjoyable to watch this imli is pissing me of so badly calling chakor slefish and taking revenge for everything is she 4 real chakor did nothing but sacrifice for this woman i feel she is using this all as an excuse as deep down she never liked chakor and was planning this from the beginning new spoiler tea gets spilt on suraj clothes chakor offers bhavan clothes suraj accepts on a condition that chakor wears kaustri clothes ans she agrees both romance and toi spoliers r out i think the last 1 aint true and again imli is pissing me of get her of atleast chakor saw the decotration and apprantly imli only stops herself as she notices suraj is unaware of her miscarriage and will kill chakor in aundercover plan with kamal.
    https://www.instagram.com/p/BYF9L-rBpq6/?hl=en toi spoliers

  7. Cvs trying to justify this boring imli behaviour so bad cant stand it wen vivaan brought up thr past she always taunts him to move on wen she found out the truth about marriage swap she begged chakoe in mandir and asked her to forgive her as she was wrong ans now today she brought up all the past and the fact that she never forgave chakor for everything she didnt do cvs using sukor romance for trps whislt the real aim is this stupid imli plot cvs need to get rid of imli many new shows r coming on air and i fear trps will drop and show will come of air as cvs r scrapping good storylines for imli i don’t think ajay is coming bk he has a new show on the same channel and the promo is out that show has alot of fans behind it if cvs dont fix up even sukor romance wont be able to pick trps the need to fix the plot and should bring bk some characters for fresh storylines maybe tina,bhagya,arjun,adi,chaggan etc

  8. I know and i also agree that whatever imli is doing is disgusting but i feel there’s more to it why would imli leave her report in the haveli if she wanted no1 to know about it chakor most likely went to get her wound fixed but doctor’s lied that chakor took a duplicate report kamal smirked in previous episodes saying he will target once these 4 have a problem and misunderstandings are created this stupid imli thinks chakor did everything but if this is all planned by kamal to kill chakor and separate sukor why couldn’t dumb imli ask chakor or vivaan she is doing her own stupid crap which is pissing everyone off cvs will try showing kamal is to blame and imli was innocent but i feel imli always was jealous of chakor as she brought the past up and is using this as an excuse to get what she wants as a viewer i will never forgive imli for her actions @tippu thanks for spoilers sukor in mai baapu avtaar will be good imli actions irritate me and the last bit may not be true as it stated in goon attack chakor would fall of cliff but she didnt i think chakor will get attacked ans suraj will get alerted again and will become over protective of chakor…

    1. Yes, I think Suraj will save Chakor, but I want Imli’s truth to be out. They need to stop these tracks, the story isn’t moving forward. I don’t know how they can redeem Imli after all this.

  9. Hi gys ?????????
    Episode was dhmaka. Sukor scenes were romantic.
    Bt vimli scenes were also super.
    I lvd it specly chakor smile n imli ki acting.
    Actually vimli did nice bt imli ne dhmaka kr dia.
    Sukor part bhut acha tha. Chakor is soooo innocent she doesn’t know wts going on.
    Gys I have a question can I ask please?

  10. Gys my question is that chakor hospital kyu gai thi?
    Imli is so rude. She becomes bad sis. Makers unka character or jyda khrab krte ja rhe hai. N again n again miscarriage isn’t good.
    Let see wt happen next.

  11. OMG!TOI gave spoiler before that chakor will fall off cliff after camping.They are saying it again!.Maybe the plan was postponed,not scrapped!

  12. A good episode. Loved sukor scenes..

  13. Sukorian

    @nemo n aria n all the others best best wishes from Shreya she is missing u all ?

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