Udaan 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abha and Ishwar talking about Chakor and Bhaiya ji. Ishwar says Bhaiya ji can do anything, he changes color. Arjun Desai talks to the villagers in favor of Bhaiya ji, and asks him to fulfill his promises. Bhaiya ji agrees. Arjun gets angry and says I won’t leave this cheater. Chakor holds his hand and stops him. Desai says Chakor will stay with Kamal ji in this haveli. They all get shocked. He says not as a servant, but like his children. He says there won’t be the chain drama ever. Imli says no, I have to take Chakor home. Desai says all things are not easy as selling kites. He asks the villagers will they give vote to Kamal ji. They all stay silent. Manohar asks what happened, and tries to scare them.

Bhuvan asks Kasturi to fold hands for Chakor’s sake. They all agree. Bhaiya ji is glad and says your love has made me, and I m in your service, I request you all to keep this relation like this. Tejaswini asks them to take anything to eat from here. Bhaiya ji says I regard this Aazaadgunj as heaven, if anyone comes to break it, don’t let them come. He asks them to leave and go homes. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry. Kasturi hugs Chakor. Manohar asks them to leave. Chale Chakori Chand ko Choone……………..plays…………. They all cry seeing Chakor and bless her. Chakor keeps a smile on her face.

She waves bye to them. They leave. Vivaan gets sad seeing this. Arjun says you broke our trust Desai, if you did not sell yourself today, many sold people would have freed. Bhaiya ji asks him to go. Arjun says I will tell your truth to sports authority, I will see how to make Chakor your Bandhua. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to kick out Arjun, and he has to talk to Desai. Manohar asks the goons to beat Arjun and throw hhim outside the haveli. Arjun beats the goon and throws him. Arjun holds Chakor’s face and cries. Chakor asks him to leave. Arjun asks her to be strong. He holds her hand and feels sorry for her. He leaves her hand and goes.

Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini give money to Desai and asks him to end the matter with sports authority, what Arjun was telling them. Desai says I will manage everything. Tejaswini says thanks. Desai says even I m thankful. Chakor sees the kite thread and recalls her parents. She cries and kisses it as Kasturi has held it. She takes it and sees a mud plate. She recalls Imli. Dheere dheere chaun me rang banke……………plays………….. She keeps it. She recalls Arjun Sir. Girja comes and asks her to clean the mess, start working.

Chakor says fine. Girja says the sign will be with you all your life, this is your fate, why don’t you understand. Chakor looks at her wrist sign. Imli gets sign and Dadi says nothing can change now. The villager lady say Chakor’s fate has changed. Kaasturi says shut up, why don’t you leave my Chakor, what do you think, Bhaiya ji will see Chakor as daughter and I can believe this, I know her state. She cries and says I m helpless. A man says Chakor gave us hope that only she can take us out of this darkness. Its morning, Ranjana recalls the baby doing potty in her lap, and says I had to take bath in this cold, because of them, they are all animals. Chakor comes with tea and recalls her fake good words. She throws the tea and shouts Girja, why did you send tea by this girl. Chakor looks on shocked.

Desai asks Chakor to do his work and asks her help, as elections are coming, she should go and tell villagers to vote only for Bhaiya ji. Chakor is shocked.

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