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The Episode starts with Suraj finding something in his pockets. She sees the ring fallen in the rose petals. She asks did you have this. He says yes, I had this, as I have to make a lie true by this. He gets on his knees and says you have done many favors on me, you changed me, I was a selfish drunkard before, I was ego, you explained me by love, you showed my strengths, I was scared that I will lose you, I m scared as I know you are very good, you will get any guy, but if you love me, how will I get my Chakor. She cries happily. He says so I want to ask you, will you marry me.

She smiles and says I m seeing for the first time, that a husband is asking his wife to marry, we already got married. He says that marriage was a lie, today we both are not lying, a lover is asking his lover for marriage, I want to marry you in front of entire village, tell me Chakor, will you accept this. She says yes, I agree, I will marry you anywhere and any time. They hug. He lifts her. Mahiya….plays….

Vivaan throws money and asks what’s this use of this money, everything got over, the woman I trusted the most cheated me, Imli is pregnant, but I m not the father of the child. Ragini calms him and says sit, you will get unwell. Vivaan says my life spoiled, I want to know who is the father of that child, who cheated me, find out. She says I will find out, just calm down. He gets angry.

Suraj and Chakor have a talk. He says I did not think I will love you. She says even I did not think I will love a guy like you. He asks why, am I so bad. She asks him not to fight and have dinner. He says I won’t go anywhere, I met my love for the first time. She says you are being much romantic, come Imli will be waiting. Suraj says why, she is going to give good news to Vivaan. She asks what is it. He says she will tell you also. She asks what. He says this day is imp for us and even Imli and Vivaan, Vivaan will get to know that Imli is pregnant. She thinks of Vivaan’s words. She asks who said. He says Imli told me, I m happy for them. She gets shocked. He says I want to see them happy, what happened to you, you felt bad that Imli told this to me first. She says no. He says Imli is pregnant with Vivaan’s child, are you not happy. She says this can’t happen. He asks why. She says Imli can’t get pregnant, as Vivaan can never become father. He gets shocked.

Ragini says I will find out whom did Imli meet. Vivaan says you did not find out, I will find out, I have doubt on someone, I have seen his closeness with Imli, today I will clear it. He goes. Suraj asks Chakor to wait, who said this nonsense. Chakor says Vivaan told me, its result of the drugs Tejaswini gave him. He asks what, no, this can’t happen. She says this happened, when Vivaan got to know this truth by doctors, he got angry and mad, he wanted to kill Tejaswini. He asks what, I did not know this, even you did not tell me. She says I wanted to tell you, but Vivaan made me promise that none should know about this. He says Imli does not know this, if Vivaan couldn’t become father, then whose child is it, no this can’t happen, Imli can’t do wrong, we both know Imli can’t do this.

She says yes, there is some other truth, I m worried for Imli, don’t know what happened between them. He says I did not see Imli meeting anyone, she is always infront of us. She says Imli just stayed out of house for one night, when your car damaged. He looks at her.

He asks what are you trying to do, Imli and I were together, but nothing such happened. She hugs him and says no, I can’t think such cheap thing about you and Imli ever, if you saw doubt in my eyes, it was not doubt, it was my love, I love you a lot and trust you. He says I know every girl is scared and worries for love protection, I request you don’t let this turn into doubt, come.

Vivaan is on the way and thinks Imli, maybe you thought I m a fool, but I m not a fool, I will not leave him alive. He reaches village and drags Chagan out of the house. He beats Chagan. Chagan asks what are you doing. Vivaan beats him more. Chagan asks him to tell reason. Vivaan says you ruined my and Imli’s life, how dare you badly eye and touch Imli. Chagan asks are you mad. Vivaan says stop nonsense, you always had bad eye on Imli. Chagan says you are saying nonsense, how can you think this about Imli, I won’t bear this bad blame, move back, else I will raise hand. Vivaan beats him. Chagan pushes him on the car. Vivaan says how dare you. They fight. Vivaan takes a boulder to throw on him. He says I will not leave you alive, none can dare to touch Imli except you. Ragini comes and stops Vivaan, saying Chagan is innocent. She says I know who did this, come with me.

Ragini shows Suraj and Imli’s pic to mechanic and asks did you see them. Mechanic says this bride and groom were hugging in the car, they did not had any sense. Vivaan thinks Imli was with Suraj. Chakor asks Imli to tell truth, whose child is this, I will help you. Ragini asks Vivaan to talk to Imli. He shouts I hate her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sukorian

    This epi. was awesome Suraj nailed it today this was his epi. Chakors expressions were great but Suraj his innocent n love n insecurity wow ????. Chagan at least he had the guts to hit Vivaan back ? stupit Vivaan he make me angry ?. Suraj did 1 mistake he should have told Chakor the true abt the night in the car. But the spoilers r clear Chakor is on Suraj side they both will find out the true.
    Im not sure I know Ragini did this but i dont think dhe was expecting this anger from Vivaan I m sue she digged her own grave. When true is revealed all will go against Ragini n Vivaan might havelosz everything but imli is so naive that she will forgive hom easily… wht u think?

    1. Sukorian

      N Suraj love dialogue to confess n proposal it make me so happy Dil kush hogaya??? N Chakors answer was great anywhere anything I will etc. ???

  2. Just amazing. Suraj’s proposal wala expression was zhakhas.Pulled chakor and nose touching is too cut…… Love the episode except last part. Hi everyone!

  3. These vimli scenes are so boring as usual. Always coming between sukor. I hate them. Before also for the baby of imli chakor faced lot of problems

  4. Janani9789

    Loved sukor parts…. Awesome parts… ??? suraj and chakor…. Preposal r awesome…. ?yesterday chakor Preposal as different shade…. Today suraj Preposal as different shade… ??but loved it…. ?… Their uniqueness…
    I want chakor to trust suraj completely…. Without doubt… Because trust is the first thing needed in love. ??….
    Just can’t say about vivaan scenes ???….
    Why vivaan trusting ragini.. Blindly ???…
    Ragini witch won’t sit quite till separating…. Sukor and imvaan I think…. ???hate her….
    Feeling bad for imli…. ???
    How can they prove suraj and imli innocence don’t know….
    Today sukor parts just gave me goosebumps ???love it

  5. Vimli scenes boring as usual

  6. Vimli scenes boring

    1. O my god this chakor and suraj same old love scene and again they are showing less vimli scene hate this sukor scene

    2. Janani9789

      Less vimli scenes u should see last two episodes it’s full of vimli scenes and less suraj and chakor scenes… Writers giving equal importance to both leads…. So pari iam requesting to don’t spread negativity here…. Stop it…. This page is for fans.. Not for haters

  7. Divyashankar

    Oh poor imli bad ragini beautiful episode especially sukor scene where chakor say ur romantic I expecting kiss scene then when sukor marriage and suhagrat I. M waiting but feeling bad for imli how chakor asking who ‘ s child it is

    1. Sukorian

      they had an eskimo kiss the nose touch

    2. Aqua

      i loved the Eskimo kiss 🙂

    3. Shreya.

      Yaa I loved tat Eskimo kiss..tat nose touch…loved it…

    4. Shreya.

      Even I felt very bad for imli especially when chakor asks imli whose child is dis (in precap)….guys i think bcz of dis qstn only imli slaps chakor…

  8. Will suraj get the blame of imlis baby?? Is imlis baby a mistake of suraj or are reports of imli’s pregnency or vivaan’s inreproductive reports false things.

    1. Sukorian

      reports r fake its vivaans baby all a bad game by ragini

    2. Ragini is behind Vivaan’s false report, she wants to control Vivaan and she can only do that if he is away from the people he loves

  9. Sry guys its make* relationship problems

  10. Shreya.

    Nyc episode..I loved d way suraj proposed chakor…..he tells everything…even he tells tat he was really afraid to lose chakor…which is true…dis moment make me teary eyes…loved it from d core of my heart….thn i loved when suraj asks chakor to marry again….nyc..hw our suraj lifts chakor…actually our sukor no need to say tat i love u…bcz both of their eyes clearly shows hw much they loved eachother…so much of love…no words to express dis in words…after knw abt imli’s pregnancy…. chakor suspect something is wrong i mean some truth is hidden…nd d way hw chakor trust nd love suraj…nd i really loved when suraj told tat I can understand “every girl is scared and worries for love protection, I request you don’t let this turn into doubt”….loved it…he proved tat he is such a nyc person….vivaan’s madness level is going an extreme level…bt I really felt very bad for his condition..nd I really want to give a tight slap to tat stupid selfish egoistic self centered so called women ragini….

    1. Sukorian

      I agree Sukor have a damn gud bounding nothing can break the trust… I hope they will find the truth asap!!!

  11. Sukor part was awesome. Loved Suraj’s confession he knows she can find someone better but he can not replace her. Loved how they leaned their heads together and their eyelock, they were so happy and it was so romantic. Loved how he lifted her and swirled her around. I wish they showed more of their talk when they were sitting together.

  12. Vivaan is mad with anger I feel pity for him but he should control his anger and stop goiing around beating any guy who comes to his mind. I find it suspicious that Ragini found the mechanic so quickly, surely it’s part of her plan. Vivaan will suffer a lot because of his trust in Ragini and Sukor and Imli will suffer too.

    I’m happy that Chakor didn’t doubt Suraj, their dialogue in this scene was so emotional. Once Chakor finds out Suraj lied she’ll be shocked and might start to doubt him.

    Chakor did a mistake by questioning imli about the identity of the baby’s father. Imli is her sister and she should support her not doubt her.

    Sukorian I think when the truth comes out Vivaan will turn against Ragini and reunite with Sukor and Imli but if Imli loses the baby she might not forgive him so easily.

    Janani it will be very difficult to clear Imli and Suraj’s names especially if they fake the DNA test. It will take some time to get the real results. I think it will be easier to clear their names if Imli is not pregnant.

  13. Sukorian

    If iam getting on ur nerv sorry hehe… I forgot to mention always when a new track started they r coming closer
    1. KN return they teamed up
    2. the bandhua track they fall in love
    3. the bachua track will hold them together for sure!!!!

    1. Like how you put it, I hope your prediction for this track comes true.

    2. Aqua

      Yes I agree…

      Maybe baby sukor will come ??❤?

    3. Sukorian

      I hope that too ??

    4. Shreya.

      Woww aqua…baby sukor….mm nyc thinking dr…

    5. Shreya.

      Yaa i agree with u sukorian…nyc analysis….if its bcm true i will b happy…

  14. Hey everyone my new ff is up episode 3 wow this episode was amazing one of the best chakor is on suraj side as the mechanic guy is revealed infront of every1 by vivaan but chakor supports suraj vivaan will tell chakor that suraj is not worth her love and vivaan also challanges suraj that he will ruin his and chakor love life the way he ruined imli i now see that this track will focus on the trust chakor has in suraj and how she supports him it will highlight chakor and suraj love is honest and true were as if a problem like in vimli current relationship is going it broke because of the insecurity viviaan has it shows vivaan doesnt trust imli and his love towards imli was weak as he cant trust his partner and then the makers show true love even though suraj and imli had a child in the past anyone would doubt him but his love with chakor is true and honest thats how the trust of that love will be shown no matter what vivaan ragini ranjana or kamal do suraj and chakor will always trust protect and love each this is a power couple

  15. After watching the episode its all ragini you can see the gulit on her face thats why she blames suraj and guys i dont know if imli is pregnant or not becoz the doctor that confirms that imli is pregnant was sent my ragini and i know suraj and chakor worry for imli alot but i personally did not like the way they left the venue in a hurry i wanted to see more but oh well i wanna see more like this in the future.
    After watching the latest spoliers i hope i dont offend anyone i dont like suraj new jackets the old ones were better and the clothes he wore in today’s episode suited him alot the makers should have made suraj were clothes like that as it gives him a mature look and he looked good in them the new ones that he is wearing in the spoilers i dont like the look of them hope they change it i dont want that to be his perment look

  16. Sukor scenes were awesome loved it too much……………

  17. yes nemo, i also think after knowing the truth vivan ll go to right path n sukor-vimli jodi will be again back. Then then noone can escape ragini from them .
    After all the bond formed after separation is very very strong. So don’t wory friends. Faith is the another name of love.
    Jali tuma ghare se bishayare katha heba hela.
    Shreya dear i also loved that sukor scene.

  18. Shreya.

    Hii aanya, tapa, zoya, mama, tippu, divya, sukorian, aqua, nemo, sruthi, dil d, aria, janani, shasha, kalika, priyanka nd all my dears…nemo dr I think after hearing tat mechanics word chakor will disappoint (upset) a little bit bcz suraj lied to her….bt I dnt think chakor will doubt on suraj…dnt knw….mama hi-5 dr, I loved sukor scenes….tapa in previous page u said something abt d songs na…ya even I want tat oh piya song informations also dr…..if anyone knw abt tat information kindly share here yaar…happy weekend ally my dears…

    1. Aqua

      I also agree with you. Chakor will be disappointed maybe she will need some space from suraj but at the end she will support suraj and Imli especially after how she said doubting you will be doubting my love to suraj last night.

      I think suraj Wil explain why he lied and apologize for his stupidity.
      And imli will too much broken n in shock to make chakor have daubt on her.

      Sukor is such a couples goal! I just ador the level of understanding and love they have for each other. .. for suraj the only thing he fears more than death is losing chakor… so he most likely lied abt that night from the fear of losing her… I hope chakor will understand that.

    2. Sukorian

      Even I agree but like Aqua said she will trust him bcz her love is true

    3. Shreya.

      Yaa even am also saying d same which aqua told..i totally agree our chakor will definitely support suraj nd she will never doubt on him…their love (trust) is their strength…

  19. First of the all soooooooooo sory tapa nd zoya for yesterday please forgive me gys.sory i shouldn’t talk to u like this sory for being rude gys.about epi i wona say poor suraj nd imli.nd vivan can’t he test from another dr.is there only one dr.nd how can dr. talk about imli without any prof.i know its idiotic que.agr esa hu to drama ko drama kon bolega riht gys.so continue team udan m always ready to see wt u want to show.bt please sukor ko seprt mtt krna n vimli ko bhi jldi milva do please.i don’t like this evil vivan .his acting is awsm as a viln bt i want kn ji back in his real evilness agr aap ragini ko bhi jyada evil bnadoge to bhi chlega lov u team udan.

  20. Sukorian please aap ff likhna bnd mtt kro.agr aap ise continue nhi krna chahte to pleas new story start krlo bt please likhna bnd mtt kro pleeeese.

    1. Sukorian

      thanks again wont stopp?

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