Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj finding something in his pockets. She sees the ring fallen in the rose petals. She asks did you have this. He says yes, I had this, as I have to make a lie true by this. He gets on his knees and says you have done many favors on me, you changed me, I was a selfish drunkard before, I was ego, you explained me by love, you showed my strengths, I was scared that I will lose you, I m scared as I know you are very good, you will get any guy, but if you love me, how will I get my Chakor. She cries happily. He says so I want to ask you, will you marry me.

She smiles and says I m seeing for the first time, that a husband is asking his wife to marry, we already got married. He says that marriage was a lie, today we both are not lying, a lover is asking his lover for marriage, I want to marry you in front of entire village, tell me Chakor, will you accept this. She says yes, I agree, I will marry you anywhere and any time. They hug. He lifts her. Mahiya….plays….

Vivaan throws money and asks what’s this use of this money, everything got over, the woman I trusted the most cheated me, Imli is pregnant, but I m not the father of the child. Ragini calms him and says sit, you will get unwell. Vivaan says my life spoiled, I want to know who is the father of that child, who cheated me, find out. She says I will find out, just calm down. He gets angry.

Suraj and Chakor have a talk. He says I did not think I will love you. She says even I did not think I will love a guy like you. He asks why, am I so bad. She asks him not to fight and have dinner. He says I won’t go anywhere, I met my love for the first time. She says you are being much romantic, come Imli will be waiting. Suraj says why, she is going to give good news to Vivaan. She asks what is it. He says she will tell you also. She asks what. He says this day is imp for us and even Imli and Vivaan, Vivaan will get to know that Imli is pregnant. She thinks of Vivaan’s words. She asks who said. He says Imli told me, I m happy for them. She gets shocked. He says I want to see them happy, what happened to you, you felt bad that Imli told this to me first. She says no. He says Imli is pregnant with Vivaan’s child, are you not happy. She says this can’t happen. He asks why. She says Imli can’t get pregnant, as Vivaan can never become father. He gets shocked.

Ragini says I will find out whom did Imli meet. Vivaan says you did not find out, I will find out, I have doubt on someone, I have seen his closeness with Imli, today I will clear it. He goes. Suraj asks Chakor to wait, who said this nonsense. Chakor says Vivaan told me, its result of the drugs Tejaswini gave him. He asks what, no, this can’t happen. She says this happened, when Vivaan got to know this truth by doctors, he got angry and mad, he wanted to kill Tejaswini. He asks what, I did not know this, even you did not tell me. She says I wanted to tell you, but Vivaan made me promise that none should know about this. He says Imli does not know this, if Vivaan couldn’t become father, then whose child is it, no this can’t happen, Imli can’t do wrong, we both know Imli can’t do this.

She says yes, there is some other truth, I m worried for Imli, don’t know what happened between them. He says I did not see Imli meeting anyone, she is always infront of us. She says Imli just stayed out of house for one night, when your car damaged. He looks at her.

He asks what are you trying to do, Imli and I were together, but nothing such happened. She hugs him and says no, I can’t think such cheap thing about you and Imli ever, if you saw doubt in my eyes, it was not doubt, it was my love, I love you a lot and trust you. He says I know every girl is scared and worries for love protection, I request you don’t let this turn into doubt, come.

Vivaan is on the way and thinks Imli, maybe you thought I m a fool, but I m not a fool, I will not leave him alive. He reaches village and drags Chagan out of the house. He beats Chagan. Chagan asks what are you doing. Vivaan beats him more. Chagan asks him to tell reason. Vivaan says you ruined my and Imli’s life, how dare you badly eye and touch Imli. Chagan asks are you mad. Vivaan says stop nonsense, you always had bad eye on Imli. Chagan says you are saying nonsense, how can you think this about Imli, I won’t bear this bad blame, move back, else I will raise hand. Vivaan beats him. Chagan pushes him on the car. Vivaan says how dare you. They fight. Vivaan takes a boulder to throw on him. He says I will not leave you alive, none can dare to touch Imli except you. Ragini comes and stops Vivaan, saying Chagan is innocent. She says I know who did this, come with me.

Ragini shows Suraj and Imli’s pic to mechanic and asks did you see them. Mechanic says this bride and groom were hugging in the car, they did not had any sense. Vivaan thinks Imli was with Suraj. Chakor asks Imli to tell truth, whose child is this, I will help you. Ragini asks Vivaan to talk to Imli. He shouts I hate her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lovely poem aanya. Tippu, yes Ragini is doing that to distract sukor from fighting for the villagers rights and to keep vivaan under her control. I think Ranjana is part of this plan because she wants to destroy chakor’s happiness. I think KN is not part of this plan and he will punish ragini and vivaan for betraying him.
    Aanya, I don’t like the pattern on the jacket but if it was worn with a solid tshirt it will look better than with a kurta.
    Shreya, I loved how suraj was looking at chakor while she was eating, it was full of love,and i loved his dialogue about that dinner at the dhaba. How he pulled her to him and how he touched her face with the petal was so romantic. All their scenes were amazing.

  2. sory for answering late my sweety philo. I watch zkm from starting dr.
    Lovely poem di.
    Where is ur treat zoya?
    Di u r ryt, kuchto karna padega . Yaha ab sab serious ho gaye hai. Lagta hai ambulance bulana padega sab ko thick karne keliye.

  3. You are right shreya.I’m also in a dreamy world thinking always about sukor. My sis also asked whether I’m mad or not. After watching their love confession I started to sing and dance like if someone proposed me he..he..After that scenes, when I hear the song sochna sake the scenes of sukor is coming in my mind…I watched that update more than 10times on Instagram and I’m madly in love with sukor..
    I know I became mad..

  4. Thnku nemo nd [email protected] i also thinj dear that kn ji isn’t a part of this drama.bt i think smthing is very big behind his mad behav nd m egrly waiting to know that. And gys didn’t u like my dress sugetion.jst imagin gys he’ll looking hot nd [email protected] enjoy every sukor n save every seen in ur mind.like this u can enjoy every seen how many time u want.nd we all r in lov with sukor nd udan right gys.so shruti dear don’t waist ur time on insta jst open window of ur mind nd load unlimitd sukor scene nd enjoy without any distubenc ok.gys mai phulwa wale serial k saath esa hi krti hu.u all should try bt without harm ur study n other activities.wrna aapke maa papa mujhe kosenge kya kam pe lga dia iss aanya ne hmare bchoo ko.

  5. Yes nemo i think kamal will seek revenge against ragini and vivaan and a new spolier is out ragini is very happy and says that she will rule the haveli and make alot of money then ranjana comes and says what is all this whats the imli drama and u cant even handle the haveli the way i gave u the powers i can take it off ragini tells ranjana vivaan cant be a dad ranjana says i knew it we should have kicked imli out a long time ago ragini says to ranjana that this is a good time for u to rebulid ur relationship with vivaan then they both smile this shows ragini is using everyone and wants to become super rich and by bringing the child track in the whole family is only concerned about that meaning no one will concentrate on ragini and no 1 will even doubt her

  6. And why there is no ff on these days.. I’m eagerly waiting for every ff that updated on this page

  7. Hi everyone I want to tell u all something from today onwards I will not post any shyri in this page.

    1. Divyashankar

      Y u post tat to in English then I join sukor group in fb..thier daily they will upload sukor scene I add shreya I saw iv ragini doesn’t know vivan impotient then who is behind who’s child is..it’s big twist

  8. Shreya.

    Tippu, nemo nd all…u all r ryt abt kn ji nd nw my dbt is clear dis is nt kn ji’s plan…..nd guys guess what end of dis track either ragini or vivaan r both will going to b bandhua…I think lyk dis…dnt knw y…tanx for d new spoiler information tippu…nd aanya dr u r ryt upcoming episodes also give something new lovely episodes am also excited…. bt d point is i dnt want to c anyones pain’s in both real nd reel lyf dr….am soo sensitive…..u knw wat when kn ji made suraj as bandhua I just saw d scene which suraj signed d bandhua papers after tat I suddenly change tat channel bcz they already shows hw suraj screamed in precap ryt after c tat precap i cried allloot…so I decided to nt c tat part even tat precap also accidentally I saw it…tats y only I worried alllooot dr…..nd sruthi after seeing dis cnfsns am going mad dr…nd I stored all d lovely moments of our sukor especially tat cnfsn day in my heart dr (aanya u also suggest d same ryt)…..whenever I remember those moments automatically am blushing lol…..nd smiling lyk an idiot dr…nd most importantly am also done d same (singing nd dancing) lyk someone proposed me dr….nd zoya y u took dis decision dr…may b u r bsy in ur studies ryt…..I dnt want to bother u at d same tym if u post ur sayari (whenever u got d tym) thn definitely I will b happy nt only me all r happy…nd yaa no ff’s I think all r bsy… bt ff masters whenever u got d tym plz post it yaar…v all r waiting…

  9. Hi to all, i was also upset with the spoilers so nw only i cm to this page . A lovely poem aanya dr and also it brought a smile to my face. Aanya, dont feel sad n never think tht u r unwanted. U cn share any prob with us n we all love u . Right guys? Sry dr i feel bad if i didnt tell u these atleast cz nw nly i read it. Nly 2 lines . Hope u wnt gt offended.
    zoya dr, why r u nt writing shayaris?
    Thnx fr the links and spoilers.

    i too agree with u ll. I also think the way they dress suraj in spoilers doesnt look gd n him.
    Aanya i like ur imagibtion.

  10. Guys with all the new information given its either vivaan is impotent and cant be a father and that when viviaan revealed this to ragini she then used this as an advantage and made it look like imli is pregnant but i still think ranjana is behind all this first she killed he husband and now she is after chakor as she promised to destory her life she never really cared about vivaan so all this is a game to destory chakor and imli because she never really liked imli and the third thing behind all this may be a new villian i think it will be some1 new or its chgaan as he also loved imli and wen the new one came there were spoliers that he will play a negtative person yes by the time kamal gets better ragini and vivaan will end up bundua

  11. Why y y y zoya?bt ok dear if u can’t.

  12. Shreya.

    Hii everyone…

  13. Hi shreya aap bhi bs hi se kaam chla rahe ho.wht hapen to u [email protected] dear i think its vivan’s child.agr ye vivan ka bacha nhi to imli sucide kyou krengi.we shouldn’t forget gys she loves him a lot bt both r insecure about eachother.i think ragini is behind this situation.she want spration of sukor n vimli nd ofcos ranjna ji doesn’t care vivan.mujhe to lgta hai vivan nd ragini nhi ranjna ji nd ragini mile hue hai.nd nowadays ragini is main vilin.she wants everything jo suvan ko mil skti hai.she wants to be owner of hveli nd other propti.don’t know wt’ll.we should wait n watch wt cvs wona [email protected] dear pain is most importnt thing to feel hapiness nd now sukor becm more closer jst bcz of that bandua pain.agr mai unki jagah pe hoti to mai to kn ji or ragini to tight hug wala thnku bolti.actualy sukor should thnks to kn ji jst bcz of him phele vo enemy bne or ab ek dusre ki saans.so dear agr pain na hota to relef ka pata kese chlta do u agree with me [email protected] d i know m not unwanted child bt my sis she always teases me that m an unwanted child thts y my parents left me alone.bt i know y they left me alone.bt i think isn’t need to tell her reson bcz i don’t wona hurt her.i promis dil d nd shreya i’ll nevr think that i m unwanted child.whenever di’ll teases me i’ll bear ok.or yeh mera ice cream wale se bhi pakka wala promis hai ok.

  14. Guys i saw imli iv she shouts at chakor and blames everything on her she then says she wasnt gonna commit suicide and was gonna move out the way wen she saw the car but just in time chakor came and saved her she then blames everything on her and she also said that the child is vivaan and this time she will give birth to the child one thing i would like to say is why on earth is imli blaming chakor for the insecurities vivaan has in thier relationship hes done alot to her and she said nothing against him instead suraj and chakor are the only people on her side and wen the truth is revealed she will go running back to vivaan wen vivaan got the pooja case all the evidenve were against him the lipstick marks on his shirt etc but imli still supported him and now he is accusing imli for everything i feel sorry for her for that but the way she is treating chakor is disgusting

    1. Sukorian

      she always blames chakor it’s the easiest way for her.

  15. Hi everyone, thanx fr the promise aanya. I’m glad to hear tht n also never be sad nor upset. I totally agree with u aanya. Let’s see Wht cvs has store for us.

    Guys do u hv any idea of new spoilers and trps? If so plz share it with us.

  16. Gys could u help me please.this is sukor moments song list bt i forgot sm songs so can u remind me please gys for god sake help me. Starting from when suraj trying to forget imli nd drinking,chakor went to help him nd see him with dancers pinky hai paise……,aaja nchle……,aaj ki raat…..,manglam bhghwan…..,chm chm…..,ngad sng dhol…….,bn k titli……,agr tum saath…….,dhleez……..,ranjhna…….,jogania……,soch na skke…….,mahia…….more piya(mostly).i hope gys u can remember sukor jrny with this song list so please remind me those song which i forot bcz i don’t wona forgot any sukor moment please gys.i know u all r busy bt please reply when u’ll free.

  17. Tippu i think she loves vivan a lot bt he is insecure till now about their past relationships.imli is clear about that realation bt not vivan.nd we could brst our anger on them,those r very close us.so imli feel her self more closer to sukor.so i think blame is part of anger nd lov dear.vivan is also angry so in this situation he isn’t able to see right things.bt don’t wry dear our sukor’ll definatly find smway to reunin vimli so enjoy this track peacfuly with this trust ok.

  18. Aanya ‘Nazdekiyaan’ song is also there when they have dinner together in the cowshed.

  19. Hi guys m new here and i luv this show especially our lovable sukor

  20. Shreya.

    Welcome to our udaan family sneha bhagat…keep comment here everyday dr k….aanya, i totally agree with u dr, nd I try to c d upcoming episodes both painful nd happy moments….nd tanx for d promise dr….tanx for d latest information tippu…nd haan I agree with aanya, v all r shows our anger with our loved ones na…..imli also doing d same bt here imli’s insecurity level also showed…nd aanya I don’t know abt d songs …

  21. Zoya Thnku soooooo much dear mujhe lgta hai mai or bhi kai song bholi hu so please tell me if u remember dear.

  22. Sneha mooooooost welcm dear.now enjoy udan little bit more with my lovly btrflies(tapa,janu,mama,shreya,zoya,dil d,shruti,tippu,aqua,sia,angel,laarib,divya nd others)sory dear nowadays all r busy without me.so jump n jaap jst sukor sukor nd sukor.

  23. Sruthi sreeya

    Welcome sneha to udaan family…and welcome all those who are new here… Thnxs for the new spoilers guys
    And shreya and aanya I also captured every moment of sukor in my mind and when I think about them I also start blushing….
    @zoya y u didn’t post shayris here?its very nice to read your shayris

  24. I think gys zoya hmse abhi naaraz hai right zoya.uss din hm aapse gussa the k aapne hme treat nhi di iss liye na.its ok if u don’t wona post.wt i’ll wait for ur syri. mai saans chodungi mgr umeed nhi jb aapka gussa thnda ho gya to bhej dena ok.y the wy r u fine na or smthing prob. Take care lov u dear.

  25. Shreya.

    Thanks for d link sukorian…

  26. Thnx fr the link sukorian and spoiler information tippu. Welcome sneha to our udaan family and try to comment every day.

  27. hi friends. I am back. First spoiler is good.

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