Udaan 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prabhakar asking Aditya to go to school. Aditya says Chakor wants to talk to her parents, dad will come now. Prabhakar’s wife asks him not to get angry. Chakor says she will meet Vivaan some other day. Aditya smiles. Prabhakar tells the problems that Chakor is making from them, and reminds about Tejaswini’s phone call, as Bhaiya ji can get angry and who will save Ishwar. She says Ishwar will save him, I will talk to Chakor. Bhaiya ji reads the newspaper. Tejaswini says everything is fine, if Pasha gave any statement, we would have got information first. He says I did not know this matter will get so long.

She says no one can raise voice now, as Manohar is working by my mind. He says he worries that something wrong can happen. She shows the paper, and says this is FIR by Kasturi and Bhuvan that Ishwar has kidnapped Chakor. She says this is enough to get him off his duty. Bhaiya ji smiles. Chakor says Maai, wait for some time, we will talk when Aditya’s dad comes. Aditya’s Dadi asks her why does she want to talk to her Maai, knowing she kept her Girvi, forget them. Chakor says I don’t know the reason, but one day we did not have food to eat and my Dadi sold the utensil she loved and dad got it back. She says my Maai can get me back, if I stay annoyed, then will she free me.

She says I understand, but I don’t think this can happen. She leaves. Kasturi, Bhuvan, Imli and Dadi sit at the post office. The post man gives them hot tea. They thank him. Bhuvan looks outside. Kasturi asks why is he looking out. He says the day has started, we have to go for work. Lakhan will beat us. Kasturi says no, Lakhan is afraid of his wife. Bhuvan sees Lakhan coming there. They all get worried. Kasturi says its only one door.

The driver apologizes to Aditya as the car does not star. He fools the driver and says he will go school with dad. Ishwar comes home. Aditya says come fast. Chakor is waiting near the phone. The driver sees carrots near silencer and is puzzled. Chakor asks Ishwar to call her parents fast. Ishwar apologizes for coming late. Aditya says call fast, maybe they will go now. Prabhakar says Ishwar, don’t be Bhaiya ji’s enemy. Ishwar says mum explain him, that I know what I m doing. Chakor says whats this, you tell him, he is infront of you. His parents leave.

Ishwar makes the call. Chakor smiles. Lakhan sits in the post office and sends money order to his wife’s Maayka. The phone rings. They get happy but hide. Lakhan asks him to take the phone, my ears are ringing. Ishwar talks to the post office and asks about Bhuvan and everyone, did they come. The post man says come here if you want to send money order, first I will do Lakhan’s work, then I will talk to you. Ishwar hears him talking to Lakhan. Lakhan does his work and leaves. Chakor takes the phone and talks to Maai. Lakhan hears her voice as the receiver is kept aside. The post man panics.

The post man says its bird’s voice. You also have work now, right. Lakhan says yes and leaves. Kasturi takes the phone and talks to Chakor. She hears Chakor’s voice and cries. Ishwar says give me phone. Abha says let her talk. Chakor asks Kasturi is she annoyed, why is she not talking. Kasturi cries and says Chakor……………… she apologizes to Chakor saying she made a grave mistake.

Bhuvan talks to Kasturi and asks her does she have any problem. Chakor laughs. Kasturi says she is laughing. Imli talks to Chakor. She says she misses her a lot, come back. Chakor says don’t cry. She says you all will come here. Imli smiles. Bhuvan talks to Chakor. Dadi also talks to her. They all snatch the phone and talk. Ishwar says he has to talk to Bhuvan. He tells Bhuvan that he is Ishwar and says he heard he is giving report that we kidnapped Chakor. Bhuvan says we did what Tejaswini asked us. Ishwar says I know them, but I did not kidnap Chakor, Bhaiya ji’s goons tried to kidnap her, I saved her in time, but Chakor is with us, she is safe here.

Bhuvan says what, Bhaiya ji did this. Ishwar says don’t worry, now its time to show Bhaiya ji’s true face to world, we have to end his bonded labor rule, I need your and Chakor’s help, I m sending money, come to Lucknow soon with your family. Bhuvan says we can’t do this. Ishawr says if you don’t help us, you and thousand others will be bonded labor. Bhuvan thinks.

Chakor comes to meet Vivaan. Vivaan meets Manohar. Chakor says Vivaan and runs to him with flowers. Manohar is shocked seeing her. She says I got these flowers for you. Manohar gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. where’s the update for 21st october it’s 9.00pm in the UK and it still has not been updated not only this drama there are other dramas that have not been updated

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