Udaan 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Vanshika join hands

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The Episode starts with Chakor, Jaya and Vanshika making a plan to trick Ranvijay. Chakor says no matter how much I try, you won’t believe that I didn’t kill Sameer. FB ends. Chakor apologizes to Vanshika. She asks Vanshika to come with Anjor and her. Vanshika says no, I can’t leave mum and dad here. Jaya says no, we can’t lose you, you go with Chakor. Vanshika cries and hugs Jaya. Jaya convinces her. Ranvijay laughs seeing Chakor’s pic with garlands and makes fun of her. He says see what I do of Anjor now, I will find her and then not leave her. Chakor, Anjor and Vanshika take disguise to leave the village. Anjor says I want to wear my old dress. Chakor says we have started a new game, we have to put veil and be silent, if anyone sees you, you will lose. Anjor says we won’t lose today. They hide and see Ranvijay torturing some people. He badly eyes a girl and says I will take your daughter instead your son.

Vanshika asks Chakor not to go save them, else their plan will fail. Chakor looks on. Ranvijay says we will see her to a good client and get money. Chakor says shame on him, he did this with Prakash, when Sameer got to know his truth, he killed Sameer too. Vanshika asks did Ranvijay send Prakash for the fight. Chakor says yes, when Prakash lost, Ranvijay killed him, when Sameer got to know this, he killed Sameer also, no one believed me. Vanshika asks did Ranvijay kill Sameer. Chakor asks why will I make Anjor a widow, Ranvijay killed Sameer. Ranvijay goes. Chakor says I swear I won’t leave the village until I free this village from Ranvijay. Vanshika says I want to be with you in this fight to get soul peace for Sameer. Chakor says it has a risk. Vanshika says I m ready. They swear and hold hands. Chakor says Vanshika, you and Anjor have to go back to Ranvijay’s house. She calls Jaya.

Vanshika and Anjor come home. Ranvijay says I told you I will find Anjor, she was playing outside with kids. Bua says keep her at home, else she will run away. He says she won’t run. Jaya asks Anjor to come with her. Ranvijay laughs. He comes to Anjor’s room and tries to get close. Jaya is lying in Anjor’s place. Manoj comes and says its an urgent call from godown. The man says fire caught up here. Ranvijay asks how, I m coming. He leaves.

Jaya cries. Manoj says forgive me Jaya, you fell in this big problem because of me. She says its good you came on time. He says you have to be strong, pray for Chakor and Vanshika.

Ranvijay talks to a doctor to abort Anjor’s baby doctor says I learnt a new medical technique for abortion. Ranvijay says we will sell Anjor and buy a new house, and also jewellery for you. She blesses him. He asks her to go and get Anjor. He thinks who will come to save Anjor now. Chakor gets ready.

Anjor bites Bua’s hand and runs. Chakor comes to help her. Bua asks Chakor to show her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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