Udaan 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gumaan meets Anjor again

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The Episode starts with Anjor telling her dad that education will get her freedom. He gets angry on her. Sugna says its not her mistake, I told her about Gandhi ji. He says we are labor, our lives will end doing such work, understood, you like Gandhi ji, you go and sell flowers, get more notes home, go now. Sugna and Anjor leave. People ask Anjor what is she doing here, didn’t Imli send her to school. They laugh. Anjor says I didn’t get beaten up by master. She recalls her dad. Sugna takes Anjor. She says we will sell more flowers today.

Anjor sells some flowers and gets money. Udaan hai…..plays…. She plays with flowers and makes a flag by colorful flowers. She recalls the flag hoisting. She asks her friend to stand at her stall and manage it for some time. She says I will give you some coins, think well. Her friend agrees and asks Anjor to go. Anjor says I m going to haveli to meet Imli. She tells the prices of flowers and goes. Anjor is on the way and gets worried seeing her dad coming. She hides. The girl sees Keshu coming and worries. Anjor hides and reaches haveli. Guard stops her. She says I have come to meet Imli, don’t think I m little, I can do big things. He says Imli isn’t in haveli, get lost.

Gumaan asks his goons to find Anjor, he has to send her to hell, where is she, if she isn’t at her shop. A man gets kulfi stall. Anjor hides in the stall and gets in the haveli. Anjor bumps into a boy Rohan. They both argue. Gumaan and everyone see her. Gumaan says I was finding her and she has come here. Anjor says I want to meet Imli, I want to study, dad isn’t agreeing for my studies, Imli can explain him about my admission, I don’t lie, I wasn’t allowed to come here so I have hidden in the stall and came here. Gumaan stares at her. Anjor asks don’t you believe me, I m not a Chor, I m Anjor. Rohan laughs and asks will you go school. Gumaan and his mum also laugh. Garima feels bad.

Gumaan says I will send you to school. Gumaan tells Imli that he has sent Anjor very far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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