Udaan 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi waking up and sees her baby Chakor. She keeps her hand on her face to stop the sunlight disturbing her. She says she will always protect her from pain and sufferings. Kasturi talks to her mum in law and pacifies her. She asks her to take care of Chakor as she is going out. Bhuvan’s mum thinks Chakor is like angel. Banwari comes and asks Bhuvan to come in the haveli to get the name for the baby. Bhuvan says let Kasturi come. He tells his mum that they want to take him. His mum gives Chakor and asks him to take the baby and go, she will tell Kasturi. Bhuvan says fine and leaves.

Kastrui does some puja for Harya’s peace. A man tells Kasturi that Bhuvan took the baby to the haveli, maybe Bhaiya ji is giving some gift to her. She is shocked and thinks of Tejaswini’s words. She runs to the haveli barefoot. She thinks they will put the worker stamp on the baby’s hands. Bhaiya ji throws meat pieces to the dogs. Lakhan comes to him and greets him. He says the workers have done much, and not they can’t work more. Bhaiya ji says call workers from neighbor villages. Lakhan gets Girdarilal’s call and Bhaiya ji says did Ranjana complain to him about Manohar again. Lakhan says Bhaiya ji is not here.

Bhuvan brings Chakor to the haveli and is expecting that Bhaiya ji will give him rice bag. Manohar says Bhuvan, Bhaiya ji is busy, keep the baby and help here. Bhuvan says she is just two days old, how to keep her here, dust may go in her nose. Manohar scolds him and says he will beat him. He says keep her down as she should also get used to do this. Kasturi is on the way running. Bhuvan keeps the baby and does the work. Bhaiya ji talks to someone and the dog barks. Bhaiya ji says I helped the lady reporter and got her brother in police force.

Bhaiya ji throws the meat for the dog, and it falls near Chakor. The dogs run for the meat and come to Chakor. Kasturi comes shouting Chakor on right time and runs to her before the dog. She takes Chakor and the dog takes the meat. She cries. Manohar asks why is she crying, can’t she see Bhaiya ji is on phone. Bhaiya ji asks her to come. He thinks how she came in the party begging for money. He says you messed up before too. Bhuvan says what is Kasturi doing here. Kasturi says dog was biting my daughter. I will pay all the loan, but don’t make me away from my daughter.

Bhaiya ji says he is helpless, how can she get in the party. Kasturi please again. Tejaswini comes there and says she has a solution. Bhaiya ji laughs and says you sometimes shock me with your wits. Tejaswini says rules can’t be changed, but for you, I can amend it a little, you keep your daughter till she gets 7 years, you love her and then give her to us. Bhaiya ji says suggestion is good, but give our thing back on time. Kasturi thanks them. Tejaswini says even I m a mum and understand your pain. Manohar says but you have to get her stamped.

Tejaswini says yes, that will be done. She asks does this baby not cry. Kasturi says she cried in my womb. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to stamp the baby. Lakhan takes them. Bhuvan and Kasturi get sad. Kasturi blames herself. Bhuvan says its good they freed her for seven years, she can be with us. Kasturi hugs Chakor. Manohar plays with Vivaan and brings many gifts for him. Ranjana says do you call this gifts, see this Rs 2 lakhs bracelet which my dad sent for him. Manohar says does your dad not know kids should be given kids’s gift. She argues.

Bhaiya ji comes and says a gift from our side too on Vivaan’s birthday. Tejaswini gives the land papers, of around Rs 2 crores. Ranjana says 2 crores. She takes it. Manohar says why such a big gift for Vivaan. Bhaiya ji says whatever I have is Suraj and Vivaan’s. Manohar smiles and hugs him. Bhaiya ji stops Tejaswini and asks why did she give Rs 2 crores land in gift. Tejaswini says it was waste which can’t be cultivated, Ranjana will be happy with it. The puja is done by Vivaan’s hands. Chakor gets the stamp on her hand. Vivaan wears the gold bracelet and Lakhan makes the permanent tattoo type stamp on Chakor’s hand with the machine. Kasturi cries.

Bhaiya ji thinks about something. He talks to Tejaswini about Chakor, why did she tell about 7 year thing, he could have kept her from now. She says this is the difference between us, she says if we keep the one day girl, we would have to take care of her, we would have become bounded to her, we should by ripe fruits, what would we do of raw fruits. Bhaiya ji thanks her and smiles. Kasturi works in the fields and has baby tied on her back. Chakor turns 7 year old and runs in the fields. Kasturi calls Chakor and she turns smiling.

Chakor stands at the back side on the bus and gets under the bus to get her rupee. Vivaan sees her and asks her to come out as the driver is starting the bus.

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