Udaan 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor impressing Vivaan by her intellect. They make the Jhulan Chowki. Vivaan asks is it ready, don’t know what you made. He has hands on his eyes and she asks him to see. He sees it and is shocked seeing such a beautiful Chowki. He says he did not see such before, where did you learn this. She says from nature. Vivaan calls everyone to see the Chowki. Rakhi says Suraj lets go. Suraj asks her to go. Chakor shows the Chowki to Rakhi and says she made it by toys. Rakhi likes it. Vivaan says its great. Rakhi says yes. Vivaan says Chakor made everything. Rakhi asks how will Aarti happen iff Suraj does not come. Vivaan says he won’t come. Chakor says I will get him. She says my Dadi says if you apply tilak, the person has to come for Aarti, see now what I, I will get all family members here.

Chakor calls for Suraj and he is playing video game. She comes to Lovely and does her tilak. She says you have to come in Aarti. Ranjana talks to her mum and says Manohar does not hear anyone expect Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini, I need to tale their permission always. Chakor comes to her and does her tilak. She rings the bell and comes to Manohar. She does his tilak and asks him to come in aarti. She comes to Girija and does her tilak. She asks Girji not to be so angry always. She invites everyone in aarti. Chakor sees a caged bird and thinks to free it. She thinks what happened last time when she freed the hen and stops.

She comes in Baa’s room and sees Gandhi ji’s pics. She does tilak to Gandhi’s pic. Baa comes and smiles seeing her. She asks who are you. Chakor says I will tell that later, first tell me who is he. Baa says he is Bapu. Chakor says your Bapu. Baa says everyone’s Bapu. Chakor says how can this happen, my Bapu is at home. Baa tells about Gandhi ji getting freedom for everyone. Baa says freedom is very sweet, the country is free, but our Aazaadgunj is not free. Chakor says you are my grandma, I don’t understand her talk too. Baa laughs.

Baa asks don’t you go school. Chakor says I went, to sell raw mangoes. Baa says you come to me, I will teach you. Chakor says she is Chakor, and she came to call her in aarti. Baa stops her from doing tilak. Baa asks what do you want. Chakor says permit me to free that bird, I don’t like tied things. Baa blesses her. She says fine, go. Chakor frees the bird happily. Baa says she does not know meaning of freedom, but knows how to give freedom. Chakor leaves the bird in free air. Mutthi me hawa ke jhoke hai……………… udaan hai………………plays………………….

The dog barks. Chakor talks to him and asks why is he barking so much. The dog gets freed as she teases him. He run after her. Chakor shouts for help and runs. Suraj and Ragini laugh. Vivaan says we should stop the dog, and runs to save Chakor. The dog runs in high speed and Chakor runs out and bumps inffront of Tejaswini’s car, who brought Vidya with her in Jhulan function.

Tejaswini stops the dog. Vivaan takes him inside. Chakor says you saved me, else that dog would have bitten me. She says Jhulan’s aarti is starting, have this tilak. She does tilak to Tejaswini and Vidya. Vidya says we saw her here before. Bhaiya ji is shocked seeing Vidya. Tejaswini says Vidya decided not to do business with us, but we can have personal relations. Bhaiya ji says sure, I need Vidya’s signs on some papers, as you are not investing in our business, there is some other party who wants to invest, so we want to show them that we are not related. Vidya says she will sign it now. Tejaswini says that can happen later and sends Vidya inside.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini what is she doing, loss has happened, why all this now. Tejaswini says she got here for Jhulan and asks him to go for his meeting. She says let me do what I m doing and smiles. Chakor talks to Suraj and calls him Bhaiya. Suraj says I m not your Bhaiyaa, don’t call me. She does tilak to him and says Suraj Babu, come in aarti now. Chakor does aarti to Ragini too. Everyone come. Lovely asks who will become Radha and Krishna. All kids refuse. Tejaswini says Chakor will become Radha. Vidya smiles as Tejaswini hugs Chakor. Everyone is shocked.

Vidya gives the business deal to Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji comes to know that they got the deal. She sends Chakor to the animal house. Girija tells Chakor that her parents kept her Girvi. Chakor is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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