Udaan 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Suraj save a girl

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The Episode starts with Bhuvan and Kasturi coming to stop Chakor. Chakor says I will kill Imli, she has lost. Kasturi says you can’t do this, else you will lose and Imli will win. Chakor says evil will lose forever today with Imli and Gumaan’s death. Kasturi says no, Imli has made you like her, so its defeat. Chakor says I will do justice by punishing her. Kasturi asks how can you do justice, law will punish the devils, what will people learn from you, they will do wrong. Kasturi scolds Imli. Chakor says I loved Imli as my sister, she kept my daughter as bandhua and snatched my Suraj, she has hurt villagers, its enough now, I will punish Imli today, no one can stop me today, its imp to kill them. Kasturi comes in her way. She says then I will kill this Imli.

Chakor says no, you can’t do this.

Kasturi asks why, I have done this mistake, I have given birth to Imli, if you kill Imli, you will also go jail and die. Chakor says no, you are my mum, don’t do this. Bhuvan says Imli is a stain of our name, you are our pride, did you forget all your ethics, give us our lovely innocent Chakor back. They cry. Chakor hugs Kasturi. Police comes and assures to punish Imli and Gumaan. Police arrests the criminals. Udaan hai…..plays….. Everyone dances happily that evil ended in Aazaadgunj. Chakor cries and hugs Suraj. She says I couldn’t save my sister from becoming Raavan. Suraj says its not your fault, I know you tried to reform Imli, if Imli has chosen wrong path, what can you do, you have fulfilled your dream and got freedom for Aazaadgunj, its time to celebrate happiness. Mahiya….plays….

After six months, a girl runs on the road. She shouts for help. A man gets a sword to kill her. Suraj calls out Chakor to come downstairs fast, else he will go to pick Anjor alone. He shows yellow flowers. Tejaswini laughs. He asks what’s the matter, you thought I forget, I know Anjor mad yellow clothes for tuntun clothes. Tejaswini says yes, you are late. He sees the time on wall clock. He says no, wall clock is cheating, I can’t be cheat. She says Chakor has gone to pick school. Suraj says no. Tejaswini jokes. Suraj says I will pick them. He leaves.

Chakor stops on the way and sees the girl in trouble. She comes to save her. The man says don’t talk in my family matter, this girl is my daughter, who stained the family, she has no right to live. He shows the MMS to Chakor. She gets shocked. The girl says kill me, but don’t show this to me, I felt that guy loved me, I didn’t know he will make my video and defame me. Chakor says you didn’t do any sin, the guy did sin to make the video, he should be punished. The man asks her to stop lecture and pushes her. Suraj comes there and holds Chakor. Suraj scolds the man for hurting his wife. He beats the goons. Police comes and arrests the man. The man says you are dead for me Abha. The girl Abha runs to commit suicide. Chakor catches her and slaps her.

She says that guy did sin, he should be punished. Abha says everything is over now. Chakor asks her to move on in life and not end her life. She hugs Abha. Udaan hai….plays….

Some people take pics of kids. Chakor says no girl is safe in Aazaadgunj, what’s happening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Promising start
    I felt the first scene dragged, but liked Sukor’s hug, felt Mahiya was wrong shows, use the music without the singing. The dialogue was excellent.
    Suraj-Teju scene was funny.
    Happy that they kept the inspector and the issue they dealt with is relevant, hope to see Chakor helping Abha restart her life.

    Hope they get rid of Ghumli forever, and bring a veteran actor as villain.

  2. Udaan now is from Monday to Saturday at 7:00.

  3. And here was I thinking that this show was going to end…

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