Udaan 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor recalling her studies and asking all alphabets to stay away from her, seeing them swim in air. Suraj comes and scolds her. Chakor asks Lovely to arrange Suraj’s books. Suraj asks Chakor to work, else his parents will not leave her. She thinks she left education to free Ishwar. She says Bhaiya ji told me not to touch books. Suraj says who is asking you to read the books, just pick the books and keep it back. Chakor says no, I can’t do this. She asks Lovely to do it, and she will do all her work. Lovely gets glad. Suraj says Chakor won’t do this. Chakor swears on her mum. Lovely says I will arrange Suraj’s books. Chakor thanks her and leaves.

Ishwar tells Chakor’s story to Arjun, and she is Bandhua. He says I would have told you before, but I did not have time, like we are having tea here, don’t know what is she doing there, I know you will have pity on her. Arjun says yes, I have sympathy for her, its very bad happened with her, I pray that Chakor gets free of the devil Bhaiya ji. Ishwar says I felt you will help me in this fight to save Chakor and give her life back to her. Arjun says if you or Chakor told me before, I would have got some solution, but she is very far, and I can only pray, I m sorry but its Chakor’s fight, and yours, I can’t help you. He leaves.

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Arjun talks to his handicapped sister Kangan and says about Ishwar, and he did not listen to him. She says Ishwar with whom Chakor stayed. He says yes, leave it, lets have lunch, I will make egg salad for you, and but order me sitting there. He asks her to stand and come, and she gets upset. She says even I feel to stand and cook for you, but… Arjun gets sad seeing her on wheelchair. He hugs her. She asks about Chakor. Arjun says we will talk later. She says it means he told something, where is Chakor, why did she leave school. She says I don’t want to have food, and asks about Chakor again. He says fine, I will tell you. She smiles.

Vivaan throws the paper bits on floor and says Baa that he will get time with Chakor. She calls Laali and asks her to get it clean. Girja calls Chakor and asks her to clean Baa’s room. Chakor goes. Baa and Vivaan smile and ask her to clean the room. They talk about Bapu and try to inspire Chakor. Chakor says Bapu was not wrong. Ishwar tells Aditya that he spoke to Arjun, and he don’t feel Arjun will help them. Ishwar gets a fax from office and reads it. He gets a call from Arjun. Arjun says I have sent a fax. Ishwar says yes, I m reading it. Arjun says send me reply, I will send it to sports authority of india, and they will find her, I m with you in this fight. Ishwar is very happy and thanks him, and asks how did he change his decision. Arjun says someone has opened my eyes and sees Kangan.

Ishwar tells Aditya that Arjun is ready to help us, and shows the fax. Aditya asks will we save Chakor. Arjun says yes, Lord supports people with good motives. Chakor talks to Vivaan and says no war can be won if we lose, Bapu fought and got us independence. Baa says if you accept this Chakor that Bapu did right, then tell us why are you losing. Imli goes to have flour with Dadi, and sees money importance, as the vendor scolds Dadi for having less money. Dadi says money is everything in this world and shows the wheat grinding. She says our life is also like this, we are like wheat and the grinder is like money and poverty.

Imli says it means education can make poverty go. Dadi says yes. Imli says I don’t feel Chakor can touch education again, she told it to be away from it, as its very bad, it means if we remove poverty, it will go by earning money. Dadi says yes, money removes poverty. Imli thinks education can’t help, but she has to earn. Chakor tells Baa that she gave promise to Bhaiya ji that she won’t touch education. Baa asks her to do something that Bhaiya ji takes her to education himself. Chakor thinks.

Girja asks Chakor to say the dates. Chakor says I can’t say and apologizes to her. She takes tea for everyone and they spit it.

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