Udaan 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav exposes Bhanu

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The Episode starts with Bhanu telling some joke to Lata. Raghav comes there laughing and taunts Bhanu. Bhanu asks Lata to go in. Raghav says no, she won’t go anywhere, I have come to talk to her. He says Bhanu is troubling me a lot, he wanted some land from me, I refused, he felt bad and threatened to break my family, I got angry and have beaten him up, he felt more bad, he wanted to get Chakor killed, he got her bitten by a snake. Bhanu says he is lying, he is filling poison in our relation. Raghav says you have awakened the animal in me, you have put my daughter’s life in danger. Lata asks what. Raghav says Anjor’s life is in danger, he wants to ruin my family, he thinks I will leave him, no way. He ruins the served food and slaps Bhanu.

Bhanu says there is a limit to lie. Raghav says today

I will cross the limit and kill you, I get happy when Anjor calls me dad, she refused to accept me as her dad because of you, I will not leave you. He beats Bhanu more. Lata gets shocked. Raghav asks why did you do this, you got bald by swearing that you will ruin me, today I will ruin you. Bhanu says I did what is right, I have given people a lot, you refused to give me land and reminded me of my beggar’s day, I don’t like people refusing me. Raghav says your ego will ruin you, I will break your head. Bhanu asks Lata to save him. Imli comes and stops Raghav. She slaps him to calm him down. Bhanu gets lying to Lata. He says Imli is saving me as I m not a bad man. Raghav says your wife knows the truth now. Imli takes him along. She says you will get hanged if you kill Bhanu.

Raghav says let it happen, Bhanu has ruined me, give me some courage, I have broken down, I regard Anjor as my daughter, she is calling me a stranger. Imli hugs him and consoles. She asks him to keep patience. Doctor says I have done medical setup in Anjor’s room, nurses will be here, call me if there is any medical emergency. Chakor thanks him. She calls Raghav. She says don’t know where is he. They see Imli coming. Chakor runs and hugs her. She says trust me, I had trusted you, I did a drama with you, now everything is fine since you have come. Raghav comes. Chakor asks where did you go. Imli says he went to Bhanu’s place. Chakor asks why. Imli says to beat him up, I reached there on time and stopped Raghav. Chakor asks what’s this, you said you worry for me and Anjor, didn’t you think of Anjor. Raghav thinks of Anjor. He cries out his pain. He says my life doesn’t have any value without you. Chakor asks why did you go then, I want to face all the troubles with your support, are you with me. He says I will always be with you. Imli cries seeing them.

Imli says I knew Anjor won’t accept Raghav as her dad. Chakor says she will understand things with time. Imli reminds her bandhua stamp. She says Anjor is your blood, she will never accept Raghav as her dad. Chakor and Raghav ask her what does she mean to say. Imli says I have a solution, you won’t be able to understand it. Raghav asks her to say it. He says I have no enmity with you. Imli says then you have to leave Chakor, this haveli and village. They get shocked.

Chakor says Imli is saying right Raghav, you have to leave for Anjor’s sake. They cry. Raghav takes Anjor’s pic and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. IMO there is no clue Imli is negative, I still believe she’s positive and is doing this to trap Bhanu.
    There was no need for Imli to hug Raghav, I know he was broken but still it was unnecessary.
    Why is everyone so brainless? yes Raghav should stay away from Anjor until she gets fine, but there is no need for him to leave haveli and no need for him to leave forever, they should take things slowly.
    It’s good that Chakor will finally take off her MS and sindoor, but please don’t show imli’s friendship with Raghav.
    Chakor should start fighting back, it isn’t enough to show Raghav and Imli in action.
    Please change the irritating montage.
    Please decrease Imli’s ss and importance.
    Please improve the writing because right now there is no story, just a mix of action scenes and emotional scene without any narrative. Why is Bhanu destroying Chakor’s life without thinking of the land? why is Chakor banishing Raghav forever? Why did Chakor ask Raghav to marry Imli, knowing very well he loves her? The show has very few normal scenes only confrontation and action scenes or everyone crying.

  2. Imli imli imli why they are showing her like a innocent women and that slap who is she too slap raghav I want the writers to make the story right don’t make us angry by showing these scenes. Poor raghav he is tooo sweet and his love is tooo. I am also thinking the same imli is trapping bhanu pratap but why she asked raghav too leave azhadganj if it is necessary for the show and for me chakor has no emotions for raghav s feelings Ufffff please don’t show imli more in the scenes at least make anjor to accept raghav else do something different don’t make imli has a fighter she have to pay more for her deeds😠😠😠😠😠

  3. And thanks amena for the updates

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