Udaan 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishwar asking Imli why did haveli people take Chakor. Bhuvan and Kasturi come and ask Imli to come with them. Imli says he is good man, he will get Chakor. Ishwar says yes, I can help, but tell me. Bhuvan says I don’t know anything. Ishwar says I m also a father and know the pain when someone takes your child. Bhuvan says leave us on our state, you rich people can’t understand poor people. Bhuvan cries and says forgive me and go. Ishwar is stunned. Bhuvan shuts the door. Ishwar thinks of his words. Laali asks Chakor to work and scolds her. Aditya comes to Chakor. She smiles seeing him.

He says my dad went to talk to villagers, you can go back to your parents. She says you scold me, shout on me. He says are you mad, I m not Suraj. She says she will tell later, just shout and scold me. She throws water on his face and he scolds her. She cleans his face and says scold more. Laali comes and asks what happened. Chakor says I did not do anything, I have to iron his clothes and you gave me work here. Aditya says yes, she has to iron my shirt. Laali allows Chakor to go. Chakor and Aditya leave smiling.

Bhaiya ji is angry. A man comes and gives him an envelope. Bhaiya ji smiles seeing the papers. Tejaswini comes to him and asks what papers are these. He says its Ishwar’s transfer orders, he will go to such area from where he will get killed before joining, and I will gave funeral flowers before Prabhakar. She says if he does not die, he can go against us. She says no, don’t worry. She says nothing will happen if you transfer, you said you will make the labor sign on his forehead. She says trust me, I m your wife. She takes the papers and says don’t be Politician but an actor. She tells her plan.

Prabhakar talks to her wife and says we can’t take mangoes from them, as Ishwar did not sign the NOC. His wife is greedy. Abha comes to them. They ask where is Ishwar. Abha says he went to village. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini come there. They start acting and talk about Ishwar. He says the order has come, what can we do. Ishwar’s mum asks what happened. Tejaswini says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Bhaiya ji says no, its not easy. He says it can happen when I talk to the minister.

Ishwar’s mum worries and asks them the matter. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to do something. Prabhakar asks what happened. Chakor irons Aditya’s shirt. He says did you talk to your dad to take me Lucknow. Aditya says yes, but he said he will sent you back to your family. Chakor thinks of Kasturi’s words and says I don’t want to be here, I want to go Lucknow. Bhaiya ji tells Prabhakar and says Ishwar got transferred in Laal Baadi area where bullets are fired all 24 hours. They get worried. Tejaswini says I heard the one who goes there, does not come back alive. She scares them more.

Prabhakar asks Bhaiya ji to do something and sits in his feet. Bhaiya ji smiles and says don’t say this, you are my friend, don’t worry. He asks Prabhakar to help him too. Prabhakar says I understood, I assure you will get the NOC. Abha is shocked. Abha cries and leaves. Aditya asks Chakor are you afraid to stay here. Chakor says no, I have some imp work in Lucknow, I have to tell someone that I m not a liar. She thinks about Vivaan. She asks Aditya to help him. Lakhan tells Aditya that mangoes creates will go with you. Chakor and Aditya smile. Aditya says your way to Lucknow is here. Suraj comes to them.

Suraj asks what are you both doing here. Aditya says nothing, seeing our car. He starts acting and scolds Chakor. Chakor irons his shirt. Suraj leaves. Prabhakar asks Abha to understand that they have to bend to save Ishwar. Abha says you know your son very well, he will not bend. Ishwar’s mum asks her to explain Ishwar. Ishwar comes home and talks to Abha. He says he wants to stay here for few days. Abha asks why. He says he is sure that all villagers are Bhaiya ji’s Bandhua, I went to village to ask them, I saw same sign on everyone’s hand, even Chakor is a Bandhua. He says no one told me anything, they shut the doors. I know their silence is made by these people, I have to be here and get proof, else Bhaiya ji will not leave them.

Abha thinks of Bhaiya ji’s words and asks him to come with them. She says Aditya’s book inauguration is also there. She leaves. Ishwar thinks. Chakor sits in the mango crates. Aditya comes and protects it. Suraj comes and sees Aditya. Chakor hides inside. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to see off Aditya well. Suraj gifts him. Everyone sit in the car. Bhaiya ji talks to Ishwar sweetly. Ishwar too taunts him well. He says you are the owner of this area.Tejaswini says lets meet in Lucknow in Aditya’s book function. Ishwar leaves. Chakor is in other car car. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini are unaware of Chakor going with them.

Chakor comes out of Aazadgunj and sees Lucknow’s milestone. She smiles. Ishwar is shocked to see Chakor in Adtiya’s car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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