Udaan 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram makes a plan

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The Episode starts with Suraj consoling Chakor. Vikram looks on. Leela sees Vikram and calls him out. He says I was wishing that this was my house. She says its not your house, you are guest here, you can’t overhear Suraj and Chakor’s talk. He says I got attached to them, I came here with a solution to convince Anjor, you are right, I m a guest, I should stay in limit, sorry. She stops him. He smiles. Chakor asks Suraj to do something to convince Anjor. Leela says Vikram has a solution. Chakor says we don’t need his solution. Suraj says its fine, call him. Vikram says I should not tell anything in this matter, you should move back from this case, it will be good for you and your family.

Vikram says so much happened with Anjor, she lost her friend, she just wants your fight with Rajeshwari to

end, leave this case, focus on your family, go for a holiday, then see, your fight will end. Chakor says I m prime witness, if I move back, this case will end. Suraj says yes, Rajeshwari will get free, we know Anjor is annoyed, we can convince her, we can’t risk other girls for her, we won’t take case back. Vikram asks them to lie to Anjor that they have left their ethics and are taking case back, its a small price for getting Anjor. Suraj likes the idea. Inspector asks Rajeshwari to have food. She refuses. He says you have to stay here after court decision comes. Bacha says I thought Vikram will manage everything. She scolds him and asks him not to say anything about her son, who is her pride and strength. Suraj pacifies Chakor. She says Anjor refused to sleep with me. She gets inspector’s call. She says Rajeshwari’s court case hearing is starting today. He asks her to talk to Anjor. She agrees.

Leela makes Anjor’s hairstyle. Chakor comes to talk to her. She says your anger will end now, you don’t want me to give statement against Rajeshwari, I m ready to take case back. Anjor gets glad and asks really, what if people compel you to give statement. Chakor says I will tell them that my daughter is imp for me, I can leave the world for her. Anjor hugs her and thanks. Suraj hugs them. Vikram smiles. He says laugh, this laugh will end soon, the real game begins now. Anjor recites poetry. Vikram praises her. Suraj asks Chakor to come. Anjor says I will also come. Suraj says I m taking Chakor to temple. Chakor says yes, I had a mannat. Anjor asks what mannat. Chakor lies. Vikram asks them to leave, he will talk to Anjor. Abha comes home and gets shocked seeing Vikram. Vikram gets tensed and turns away.

Vikram hits Abha. He says we have to change plan. Chakor asks who did this with you. Chakor frees Abha and Leela. She asks where is Anjor. Leela says Vikram is a big cheat, he is Rajeshwari’s son. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Safiya Hosein

    Again Suraj & Chakor are too trusting towards others. After everything they have been through, they can’t be this gullible. And why are they listening to a complete stranger on how to pacify their own child.
    And the moment Vikram mentioned the case against Rajeshwari should be dropped…that should have been a red flag for them.
    Also, what the hell does Anjor understand about a case of vast importance such as this. I thought she justice for her friend?

  2. Good episode, liked Sukor scenes but I didn’t like that Chakor didn’t sleep in her room. Sukor shouldn’t have lied to Anjor, they could break her trust in them for ever.
    It seems Vikram will kidnap Anjor but instead of Anjor realizing he’s bad, she’ll hate her parents for lying to her and putting her life at risk.

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