Udaan 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan rescues Saanvi

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Udaan 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli planning to kill Vivaan. She damages the ceiling fan. She says your game is over now. Chakor looks for Saanvi and plays. She asks Vivaan did he see Saanvi, just help. Saanvi smiles. He says so much happened, you are still calm, how. She says because of Saanvi. He misses his child. She says yes, I regret for that matter even today. He says me too, if Imli didn’t lose the child, she would have not become an animal.

She asks do you think Imli did that with you. He says yes, just Imli can get stamp in this haveli, I was her hurdle so she buried me in the room to end my identity. She says no, your identity is there, you are Vivaan, you are my friend, Saanvi’s uncle and Suraj’s brother. He recalls the lady’s word and gets rude. She asks him to see Saanvi till she gets the milk. Vivaan takes Saanvi. She goes. He calms down and plays with Saanvi in his room. Imli smiles and thinks he will be dying now. He rests Saanvi on the bed and goes to switch on fan for her. Imli looks on. Vivaan switches on the fan. He talks to Saanvi about Chakor. He goes to get Chakor’s drawing from cupboard. He hears the sound and looks at the fan. He rushes and saves Saanvi when the fan falls down on the bed.

Imli gets angry and goes. Chakor comes there and hears Saanvi crying. She shouts and drops the milk glass. She takes Saanvi from him. Chakor sees the fallen fan on the bed and asks how did this fan fall, does anyone want to kill Saanvi or you. Mechanic fixes the fan. Chakor says no, just take the fan with you, we don’t want it here. The man leaves. Suraj asks what did you do, its an accident, if I fall down, will you throw me out of the house. Chakor says its not an accident, its done intentionally, someone did this to injure Vivaan. Vivaan says no, to kill me. Suraj thanks him for saving Saanvi. He promises to protect Vivaan. Vivaan thinks I want to kill him, he is saving my life. Chakor asks what are you thinking. Vivaan says nothing, accidents are planned. He goes.

Imli gets angry that Vivaan got saved. Archana asks her to leave her dreams of ruining Chakor. Imli scolds her. Vivaan checks and finds a stool near the bed. He says how did this come here, it means…. someone stood on this stool and tried to damage the fan. Imli gets angry on Archana. She says Chakor will be scared, I m fed up of losing, see how I win now. Tejaswini feels unwell. Imli asks her to have deep breath. Suraj comes and asks Vivaan to come fast, they have to take Tejaswini to hospital. Imli asks how did you get unwell by having tea. Tejaswini says I m having stomach ache. Suraj says don’t worry. He asks Archana to tell Chakor that he took Tejaswini to hospital, take care of Saanvi. Imli asks him not to worry. Suraj and Vivaan take Tejaswini. Imli thinks of adding medicine in the tea. She says its just me and Saanvi at home.

Chakor asks Archana to stop singing the bad lullaby. Imli shows her face and threatens her. Chakor scolds her back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s now Vivaan vs Imli, Suraj is clueless and Chakor is all talk and no action.
    I’m disappointed that Chakor didn’t expose Imli and Imli chose the moment, I saw in olvs, Imli was smirking and challenging Chakor and that’s very disappointing, it should be the other way round.
    Moreover we’ll waste a couple of episode on Sukor fighting about Imli.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Would the writers please make Suraj smart again! He needs to start listening to Chakor.
    The old Suraj would probably do his own investigations as well. (Note: remember when he was the one who found out Ranjana killed her husband and had the proof as well….)
    And Imli smarter than everyone else is becoming quite redundant.
    Though it was good to see how much she feared Vivaan. So it shows she is still vulnerable to someone.

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