Udaan 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor gets kidnapped

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Udaan 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anjor saying there is another surprise for her. She goes. Everyone worries. Anjor gets another guest. Karan Wahi comes and dances with Chakor on Ainvayi Ainvayi….. Some goons comes there. Anjor says mum wanted a party like this. Chakor says leave it, tell me you are enjoying, right? Anjor says yes, a lot, thanks. Chakor hugs her. Anjor says I will show you something else. Lights go. Chakor says this girl… Raghav says Anjor is Dangal, she always surprises everyone. Chakor asks what’s the surprise. They don’t see Anjor. Raghav asks Leela where is Anjor. Leela says we just planned two surprises, I don’t know where is she. Chakor goes to check fuse. Lights come. They all want to know where did Anjor go. Amit says maybe its the blackmailer, doing all this. They get shocked.

Raghav says someone from family would be involved. He asks Rohit about it. Rohit says I m not involved, I will try to find Anjor. Chakor cries. Raghav scolds the servant. He worries for Anjor and calls her out. He says Anjor was in front of me and now she disappeared, I couldn’t do anything. He sees some tyre marks. Imli gets a call and says fine, so this has happened, keep a watch on them and inform me. Inspector questions the guests. Chakor says this won’t help, the guests don’t know anything. She apologizes to guests and asks them to leave. Raghav says Anjor isn’t here, she got kidnapped, I have seen tyre marks outside. Kidnapper calls Chakor and says the party was going on well, but suddenly the happiness turned into mourning, how did you think that I will let you party, you have killed my mum and brother, you have celebrated and hurt me, I have kidnapped your daughter. Raghav scolds him. The kidnapper says I know you are an imposter, Chakor got you to hide truth from Anjor, I will kill her, you aren’t needed, just leave. Raghav gets angry and says come in front of me and explain me, I will burn your funeral and then go, I will break both your legs. The kidnapper asks Chakor to make her fake husband apologize.

Raghav says I will beat you. Chakor says please apologize to him for Anjor’s sake. Raghav apologizes. The kidnapper asks Chakor to find Anjor if she can. Tejaswini blames Chakor for coming in between Vikram and Rajeshwari’s matter. She says you act great, we lost Suraj and now we will lose Anjor as well, we will not forgive you. Raghav says what’s this, you should sort this problem, whenever Chakor is in problem, you hurt her more, Chakor has much burden on her, she never blames anyone, you should be thankful to get such bahu, your son met with an accident, Chakor didn’t kill him, remember this. Tejaswini scolds him. Chakor says enough now, don’t create any issue now, I need Raghav’s support. She asks them to scold her later. Raghav says don’t worry, I will find your daughter. He goes.

Raghav comes to Imli’s house. She says I thought you will come with Chakor. She says I didn’t like kids, but since I met Anjor, my thinking has changed. He thinks of Anjor. He says there is nothing better than kids, Anjor takes care of me so much, she is regarding me her real dad, since I got away from her, my life turned dull. She cries. He asks are you crying. She says yes, your emotional talk is making me cry, are you in love. He gets shocked.

Raghav says its same haveli where you have done many crimes. Imli cries and says I didn’t kidnap Anjor. Chakor goes to slap her. Imli holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Seriously I couldn’t understand what they are trying to show regarding imli.hopefully not any imli’s bachuva track.day by day my hopes on Raghav being Suraj is decreasing.I’m fearing that they might not bring back Suraj at all and proceed the story with Raghav-Chakor-imli.I think imli is hiding something.
    If they ignore Sukor than I’m sure that they are going to lose trps.

    1. “Ahna: I’m fearing that they might not bring back Suraj at all and proceed the story with Raghav-Chakor-imli.”

      That is my fear too

  2. I think Imli is seriously ill and that’s why she isn’t after Chakor and has become sentimental.
    IMO there won’t be a love triangle because simply a guy who doesn’t know whom to pick between Chakor and Imli isn’t worthy of Chakor. Fans are too possessive when it comes to Chakor’s love interest.
    I’m not sure if Suraj will ever come back, I think Raghav is Chakor’s love interest, he may be Suraj or not. As long as Chakor hasn’t fallen in love with Raghav there is no need to reveal the truth.

    1. I hope Chakur will not fall in love with Ragav.
      The romantic scenes between Chakur and Suraj was unique.

  3. I wonder what’s the blackmailer’s true intentions is it to torment Chakor? or get rid of Raghav?
    I wonder if Imli means romantic love or happy family life.
    They should bring BhuKa back, they can’t explore Chamli without including their parents.

  4. Teju has become irritating, she’s always complaining, her attitude towards Raghav is understandable but flipping against Chakor at the smallest trouble is so shallow, she’s behaving as a whiny teenagers.

  5. Safiya Hosein

    I still want to believe that Raghav is Suraj.
    I really don’t think the writers would just get rid of Suraj just like that! He and Chakor are the soul and face of the show! Raghav’s character is nice but he is no Suraj Rajvanshi. And Chakor is a woman of morals and values. Her heart and sould lives and breathes Suraj. She is not about to jump in the arms of another man. There is just too much history between her and her love.
    Maybe there is a bigger plot and alot is happening to bluff the viewers.
    I guess we will have to wait and see.

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