Udaan 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivaan recalling about Chakor and thinking how to go Aazaadgunj. Bhaiya ji calls Manohar and calls him back home. Tejaswini scolds Imli and Bhaiya ji defends her saying she is innocent and not clever like Chakor, this girl is hardworking. Vivaan calls Manohar and comes to know he is going Aazaadgunj. He dances and says I will come to meet you now. Manohar meets him and says no, I can’t do this, you know your mum, she always stays angry, if I take you, then she will not leave me. Vivaan says whats need to tell her. Manohar says she will know it. Vivaan says he got all items in his bag. Manohar says we need her permission. Vivaan says she is not at home, and went to Nana ji’s party meeting.

He says he gets bored here and wants to come along. Manohar says fine and smiles. Aditya and Prabhakar come to meet Ishwar in the police station. Ishwar and Abha hug Aditya and smile. Prabhakar says people taunt me that I worry for my son, see him how is he getting restless seeing his son. Ishwar asks did you come to free me and request Bhaiya ji. Prabhakar says no, that time has passed, now its time to teach him a lesson. Ishwar says what and is surprised. Manohar and Vivaan leave from home. Vivaan thinks he will free Chakor.

Tejaswini talks to Khanna. Imli looks at the keys. Ragini takes her to Tejaswini’s room. Ishwar says he is happy that he came to his side, you were with law and now with humanity. Prabhakar says he got late in making decision. Ishwar asks his decision. Prabhakar says I will make Bhaiya ji get punished. Ishwar smiles. Prabhakar says you will be bailed, I will get Bhuvan and his wife to magistrate. Ishwar says they are already troubled, they can lose lived too. Prabhakar says someone has to come to give statement in your favor. Aditya says if Chakor gives statement. Abha asks how it this possible, she is in cage, how will she come court. Prabhakar says its tough to do this.

Abha gets Vivaan’s call and gives to Aditya. Kasturi and Bhuvan look for Imli. Lakhan asks the people to come haveli to do some work. Lakhan says Imli is in haveli. Kasturi says how us this possible, they took my Imli back, I will go and talk to them. Lakhan says shut up, and says Imli went to haveli herself and begged to Tejaswini to keep her. They are shocked. Vivaan talks to Aditya and he tells Manohar that he is doing project with Aditya. Manohar is glad. Aditya thinks project to free Chakor, then my dad will be free. Vivaan thinks he can’t tell truth to his dad. Imli cleans the room and hinks she will take keys and free Chakor.

Tejaswini comes to the room, and keeps the keys on the table. She asks what are you doing here. Imli says sorry, I came to clean this mirror. Ragini comes and says she is her friend. Imli asks her to help her, as she will free Chakor by this keys. Tejaswini comes back and Ragini and Imli get tensed. Ragini takes Imli outside and says if she loses the keys, she will take haveli on her head. Imli shows the exit way from the haveli to Ragini and recalls Chakor’s words, never to fail as there will be some way always. Vivaan comes there with Manohar. Ragini runs to him. Imli says she heard Vivaan’s name and thinks Chakor went to meet him in Lucknow, he is Chakor’s friend. Bhaiya ji blesses Manohar anf Vivaan.

Tejaswini asks how did Ranjana send her. Manohar says Vivaan wanted to come with me. Vivaan says all my fav people are here and hugs Bhaiya ji. He says Ragini and Suraj will be happy, and this is blood, his mum would stop me and he still came. Manohar says its your values. Vivaan says I won’t lie, I have one more reason to come here. Chakor. They are shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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