Udaan 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini asking Kasturi to mortgage her child. Bhuvan says what are you saying, how can we give our child. Bhaiya ji says yes, she is right. Bhuvan requests them not to say this. He says don’t bound my child before its birth. Tejaswini asks him to keep the child mortgage, sign the papers and take the money if he has to do his dad’s Mukti. Bhuvan and Kasturi cry. Bhuvan agrees and Kasturi is shocked. Bhaiya ji smiles. Tejaswini says lets go, everyone is waiting for us in party. They leave. Everyone drink wine in the party. Bhuvan is given the contract papers. Lakhan shows his money. Bhuvan sees the rich people throwing money on the dancers and taking his child for few money. He makes the thumb impression on the papers. Harya dies. Bhuvan takes money from Lakhan.

Harya’s wife cries. Bhaiya ji announces that he is going to tell his feelings to his wife today, which he has not told her before. He says she has made him reach this place. Tejaswini says you look very good when you say the truth. He says when you talk, it looks like its not words, but flower petals falling. He thanks her for blossoming his life. He kisses her hand. Everyone smile seeing them. Manohar smiles and gets sad. He leaves. Bhaiya ji sees him going. Manohar comes in his room and cries seeing his wife and son’s pic. He holds her saree and hugs it. The FB scene shows his wife dumping him and going to her dad’s place, and saying she won’t come back in this haveli ever. She took their son Vivaan.

He says I will talk to Bhaiya ji, don’t get angry. He says you will get the Banaras bungalow. She says till when will I hear this. She says you can’t even talk to Bhaiya ji. They argue. He says how should I talk to him like this, let the right time come. She says inform me, when you get the bungalow, till then I won’t come. He says Ranjana……….. and she leaves. Ranjana and Vivaan come to meet them, with her dad. The servant tells this to Manohar and he gets glad. He goes to meet them.

Bhaiya ji says he is glad seeing Vivaan. Ranjana’s dad is a minister. Bhaiya ji says she went from here six weeks before. Ranjana says what can I do if Manohar does not listen to me. Manohar sees Ranjana and Vivaan. He takes Vivaan and asks her to come. Ranjana’s dad asks Bhaiya ji to explain Manohar to respect his wife, as Ranjana is educated. Bhaiya ji says sure, I will explain her. Kasturi thinks about Tejaswini’s words. She says no, I will not keep my child mortgaged, I don’t want their money, give it. She says I went to take loan, but this.

Bhuvan says even I love my child, I have seen it in my dreams and kept it Girvi. He says he did this for dad’s Mukti. She says I don’t want such Mukti, they will take our child. He says miracles can happen, my heart says our child will become the reason of our Mukti and free us from every loan. She cries and folds hands asking him not to do so. They come home and see Harya dead and many people standing outside. The money falls from Bhuvan’s hands. Everyone cry.

Its morning, pandit does the Gaudaan and does the ouja around the cow. Harya is being done the final rites. Bhuvan does the rituals and asks pandit will Harya get Mutki. The pandit says the Gaudaan is completed, but one riyal is there. Bhuvan says he has nothing to give him and has one rupee. Pandit takes it and says he is not greedy. The pandit accepts Gaudaan and leaves. The cow is donated. Bhuvan’s mum tells Kasturi that the child has brought good fortune.

Kasturi gets the labor pain. Vivaan plays at home and Amma meets him. Ranjana sees Vivaan with Amma and greets her. She takes Vivaan. Amma says let him play with this wheel, he should know its importance. Ranjana leaves with Vivaan. Harya’s body burns and everyone looks on crying.

Vivaan sleeps. Manohar and Ranjana along with everyone brings balloons for him, as its his birthday. Manohar sings happy birthday. Vivaan gets scared and cries. Ranjana says everyone is illiterate here and asks Manohar to sing with everyone in tune. He says don’t get angry, tell us whats the tune, you sing first and we will get in tune. Ranjana sings happy birthday to you. They bring the cake for him. Kasturi is having labor pains and cries. The women do her delivery. Bhuvan stands out worried. Bhuvan’s mum says the lantern has less oil, how will the baby born in darkness, Kasturi screams. She gives birth to a bbay daughter. Bhuvan’s mum tells him that the girl is born, but its not crying.

The lantern goes and the roof gets torn. The moon light comes on the baby and the baby girl smiles. Everyone smile seeing her. Bhuvan comes and asks why is she not crying. Bhuvan’s mum says she is seeing Harya, her grandfather in the sky and smiling. She says if Harya was here, he would have named her Chakor, as she will fly in the sky and bring moon on earth. A bird is shown flying towards the moon. The baby smiles.

Chakor is shown playing and smiling as she gets 7 year old.

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