Udaan 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini coming home. Bhaiya ji stops her at the door and gets aarti plate. He says she will get welcome like Sita Maiyya for after vanvas. He does her aarti. She recalls past. He takes her inside the haveli and says this haveli got lonely without you. Ranjana looks on. He scolds her. She goes. Suraj comes and hugs Tejaswini. He thanks her for coming. Imli takes her blessings. Bhaiya ji asks Bijli to get all dishes served on dining table. Girja says I m much glad seeing you. Tejaswini goes to pray. Suraj says it won’t be good if he gets hurt.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to sit on the throne. He says I fulfilled my promise, this will be her place in haveli and my heart. Vivaan looks on. Chakor comes and smiles. She congratulates Tejaswini. Suraj asks did you tell Ajay. She says I was going there, I thought to meet Tejaswini first. She sees bhaiya ji and thinks don’t know when his sadhu avatar changes to devil.

Chakor meets Ajay. He asks why did you call me here, I feel you accepted my proposal and called me to talk to your family. She says no, you are a nice person, but I can’t do this, I love Suraj and will always love him. He says but I felt I made a place in your heart. She says sorry, its a misunderstanding, I did that to make Suraj jealous, forgive me. He gets sad. He smiles and says its fine, such things happen, its my mistake, but you could have told this in morning, what was the need to call me here. She asks did you forgive me. He says I should apologize, I came between you and Suraj. She thanks him.

He says some people leave impression on soul, you are one of them, I will pray you stay happy, then I will stay happy as well. She says one in a million will get a friend like you. He says be happy and smiles. He turns to leave and sees Suraj. He leaves. Suraj asks what was he doing here, and jokes. She says he is my good friend, I told him everything, he has forgiven me, he congratulated me. He asks did he not cry. She says no, everyone is not like you. He says you really told him that you love me. She says no and smiles. He asks what. She says I said I loved you, I love you and I will always love you. Mahiya….plays….. He hugs her.

Imli talks to Chakor and eats pickles. She sees Chakor lost. She asks what are you thinking. Chakor says I m thinking whats Bhaiya ji’s plan, we should be prepared. Imli says yes, but I don’t think there is some problem now. They see Suraj and Vivaan.

Chakor says we have few things to manage. Suraj and I have no annoyance, but Suraj and Vivaan’s relation is bad, Bhaiya ji can use this. Bhaiya ji’s servant scares the men. Bhaiya ji asks the men to take the old chairs. Servant says they are not afraid now, they are taking everything on own. Bhaiya ji laughs and slaps him.

He says your eyes have fear, I will see this fear in their eyes, till they have money, they will jump like frog, then it will be by chains. Chakor says Bhaiya ji always used Suraj and Vivaan’s bad terms. Bhaiya ji says bandhua is a small word, I will make their life hell. Servant gets scared. Bhaiya ji laughs. Chakor says Suraj and Vivaan have to join hands. Imli says yes, its necessary to end their annoyance.

Suraj tells Chakor that he is ready to meet Vivaan. He proposes her. Vivaan and Suraj argue. Chakor and Imli look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. very fast update thank u.
    Epi was gud but i was missing the Proposal hope it will come tomorrow. The sis r back like KN now tge epis will get interesting i was hoping more on Ajays reaction but it was too friendly n calm. Don’t know what to expect.

  2. Nice episode. Sukor scene was short but cute, I like when Suraj calls Chakor jungli billi. I didn’t want Teju to sit on the chair, KN is dragging her back to his ways. KN is more vicious now, I know where Ragini got her crazy genes. I noticed the toys all over the floor in Imli’s room, were she and Chakor playing or what?

    Chakor-Ajay scene was nice, I felt for Chakor, it’s not easy to tell someone that she doesn’t love him even without the guilt she feels for playing with his feelings. Ajay was heart broken, he almost cried, but took it very well. I hope he stays around, he’s a very good actor and hasn’t been given a meaty role.

    Can’t wait for Chakor’s answer tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for the quick update!

    2. @Nemo Thanks for suggesting ‘kn didn’t submit the divorce paper in court’!I couldn’t think of anything to solve this loophole…you solved this one!!(it may sound so silly,but i like to make things up to convince myself as much as possible.otherwise i can’t connect!this is the reason i was unable to continue 99% hindi shows i used to watch coz at one point those didn’t make sense no matter how hard i tried!I read comments here for the same purpose…so that i can find explanation from others’ opinions which cvs generally don’t give).Thanks again!

    3. @Tani, you’re welcome ?. I know how you feel, I hate illogical twists and loopholes.

  3. Finally. Chakr tells the truth to Ajay. Now Sukor only. Sukor were soo cute. I loved it when Chakr first was joking with him and then she says that she loved him, she loves him and she will always love him. Then the hug. ? Uff? have no words to describe.
    Teju has now got the place that she deserves. Hope she stays positive always. Cant wait for tomorrow’s proposal. ???

    1. Also KN. OMG! He gives me the goosebumps. His words today ‘Bandhua is a small word, I will make ur life hell’ that makes me wonder what on earth is he going to do now. The KN who used to be really proud about the word Bandhua as being the worst punishment ever, now is saying that hell is more worse.

    2. I liked how Chakor pulled his cheeks and Suraj’s dialogue about Ajay was funny.
      KN must have a diabolical plan. I loved how he scared Shikhu with the match and his last words that you mentioned.

  4. I don’t think Ajay is gonna move on so easily, he is probably going to get in between suraj and chakor again like a villan at some point in the story before their marriage.

    1. Yes I have the same feeling. This Ajay story can’t be over here.

  5. Looks like the serial going of air is true cuz suraj vivvan becoming friends ajay is gone every1 is happy only kamal lefr

    1. I hope that’s not true,the show has a lot to offer still and won’t end until KN is defeated. There is an elections track next. Colors are not promoting any new weekday shows, all are weekends and there are many shows that are struggling in TRPs more than Udaan.

      I have a feeling that the next step will be a leap and having the story revolving around Imli’s baby, they hinted at this in the scene in Friday’s episode when Imli and Chakor were talking. I hope that is in the very far future.

    2. @nemo you know how such leap happens…when lead characters die!If those biased people kill off sukor and imli’s baby becomes the one to take revenge coz sukor didn’t have any..that will be so unfair!I just hope even if that happens in far future,meera and vj plays the new generation protagonists!(they didn’t change the lead cast after such leap in madhubala)

    3. I just remembered meera said in an interview that imli will have twins…it’s like cv’s way of compensating for the 1st child imli devi lost!She is destined to have everything!!if it is twins,then one will be lost before that fateful leap..i know i’m going too far,but recently this happened in ek tha raja,ek thi rani.

    4. no I don’t think so coz new track has to start with elections then marriage Raginis return n hell I don’t this strange Suhani role??? but there is alot the CVS can use.

    5. Yes i agree a long leap is not good cvs have alot of storylines that they can use but they have to be very vise to use them and there r rumors that the show will go of air soon maybe in two to three months with a happy ending but i feel there’s more that can be offered but then i think that cvs are fast pasting this track as they have a bigger storyline cuz they fast pasted the love confession track and had a long buchua track and i think cvs r doing the same kamal will have a long plot and so will chakor and imli cuz chakor sed she will never forgive the person whi helped ragini and imli had gulity face and then in interview ragini sed she will be bk in the show and ajay cvs brought him in for something big i think we will see more to ajay as his role wasnt as seen much i think ajay will be negative as he didnt like suraj i think there is more to ajay and we will see that in the kamal plot

    6. I don’t think its going off air. There is still alot of problems. Ajay will probably come back and become a villain as he considers Surj to be a goon. He’s not gonna trust Surj that easily when it comes to Chakr. As Afa mentioned, the elections and that KN wants Surj to take part in it and of course Ragini. She will definitely return. And u know the CVS, they will probably bring in a problem that is somehow linked to Imi. Udaan isn’t based on 1 particular person anyway so they might actually take a leap.

  6. @Tani!My reason for reading comments is same!But you haven’t finished 99% hindi serials!

    1. it’s a pleasure to see like-minded people! @shetu @roneca

    2. @Roneca i was not exaggerating!I finished ONLY 1 hindi serial-‘rishta.com’.LOVED it, didn’t miss a single episode.You can catch it on SONY LIV.It has 26 episodes-45 minutes each!(i hope it counts as serial!).hope the link works!

    3. Rishta.com doesn’t count as a serial @Tani!It is a mini series.That means you have finished no hindi megaserial!hehehe!

  7. ***********OFF TOPIC (@Tani don’t skip it,it’s for you)*********
    It seems you are selective in what you watch..Plz recommend me some shows that you’ve watched,it doesn’t have to be new.My vacation starts next week!

    1. I’m recommending the ones i watched till the last episode.Though plot in english series has no loophole,sometimes other factors don’t click,so i quit halfway,(except How I Met Your Mother,it became unbearable at one point,but i still finished the series solely for Josh Radnor,I love him). Here i’m not mentioning those…I finished and loved: 1.The Mentalist 2.Being Erica 3.Friends.

      P.S. Fortunately i’ve watched the tv version where explicit scenes were edited out!So beware of that issue while watching online!

    2. I hate how I met ur mother they ruin the story with the last epi. how could tgey let us watch till end to findout he still loves robin ???

      me too I stopped many serials in Hindi bcz of the wrong plot/track… but I love Sukor so I’m stuck on it ?.
      I normally watch only English serials like arrow, supernatural etc. all up to date.

      Same with mentalist n friends I still watch when they come on tv
      Sorry off topic

    3. Thank you @Tani!I love friends-my fav character is chandler!It seems mentalist is highly recommended!I’ll start with it!I googled being erica…the concept is awesome!i found out full episodes on youtube!Can’t wait for next week!!!

    4. @Roneca! i love the entire cast of friends except Ross.With him it is more like love-hate relationship.I love him but whenever he says ‘we were on a break’,i feel a strong urge to punch him.I love The Mentalist the most.Being Erica was a healing experience for me.
      @Sukorian! I’m a Dean fan too!In fact,i stopped watching supernatural bcoz of him. Season 9 finale was too traumatizing for me coz he died.Again.But this time it was very brutal.So i decided to quit for the well-being of my heart!!I don’t want to start talking about HIMYM.Words will fall short.Robin-barney was perfect.The finale was nightmare.I blame Ted’s obsession for robin’s happiness all the time and their ending up together for my cynicism towards imraaj.

    5. sorry I answer on it too…

    6. @Sukorian!You watch supernatural!I love you!
      About HIMYM,i still can’t believe how it turned out to be like kuch kuch hota hain!Shame on HIMYM!
      Thanks for suggesting arrow and mentalist!I’ll check them out!

    7. I love Dean ???? yes arrow is great n u have to watch flash too bcz they make crossover epis. but it’s not necessary. HIMYM I loved Barney n Robin couple their ruin it whenever the serial epi r retelecast I switch the channel I got angry 8 seasons than this ?? ****Sorry off topic****

  8. Thanks Roneca! I didn’t know Imli will have twins. The leap thing is just a wild guess, I think the show will go on with the current cast for a long time.

  9. **********OFF TOPIC***********
    Hi Tippu, Lily, Shreya, Aanya, why are you not commenting, I hope you’re not annoyed or something. Please come back, I miss you

    Hi Tapa, Dil d, Aria, Sruthi, Lucy, Demisukor, Madhu, Mama and all those I forgot to mention, hope to see you commenting soon.

    1. same I request u too comeback!!!!

    2. Same request here too!

      Shreya di is busy. She said she’ll probably comment by Wednesday or Thursday.

      Tippu di, Anni di and Doll etc. Plz don’t feel bad about last Friday. Everyone is different. Some people like to speak out the first thing that comes into their heads and some don’t. So we just need to forget about it and move on . Plz plz keep commenting. Ur comments matters. ?

  10. hi all my friends !I am back again.
    lovely episod form start to last.I am really tensed that may be after suraj election sequence all villagers get freedom and it will off year.
    But hope colors don’t do this.
    plz tippu update ur (new beggning)and
    P ….DI (SORRY) update ur. seson 2 wala ff soon. I love all ur ff very much.

    SURAJ’S expression is too perfect snd chakor also done very well but ak leave so easily!!!”
    love u all .My result will be out next Sunday plz all my friends plz pray for me .l am very tensed now.

    1. best of luck ???

    2. Great to see you back bro! Best wishes!!

    3. All the best Bhai.

  11. Guys I read in Instagram that sukor will remarriage soon? Is it right?

    1. don’t know but found this on YouTube


  12. It seems there will be a remarriage track soon.
    Sukor haldi romance + interview


    1. It seems this is a promo, so the remarriage will not happen right away. Udaan promos sometimes happen quickly and sometimes take month to come true.

  13. What is haldi? Is it has relation with marriage? And what they talking? Sorry guys I don’t understand hindi. Please help me to understand it, I’m really curious.

    Wish Udaan will not end. I can’t let sukor go this early. They still have so much to explore…

    1. Haldi is the ritual they have when they put turmeric on before marriage. But I don’t think its always necessary. Most of the time shows put haldi ritual in cuz they want to put some kind of problem in.

    2. Haldi is a ceremony held before marriage!they are joking that now-a-days,chakor’s father is busy with social life and suraj is taking advantage of it. Suraj has given her a herbal facial today. lol. Then meera says chakor also stays at home so that suraj that come..Then they said they are having discussion about about remarriage track since fans are demanding it!That’s it!

    3. yes half I is turmeric powder u use in foods n on marriage rituals u do a paste of it n applied on the body of the bride to get a fair color.

    4. Thank you @sunny @tani @sukorian for the explanation. It means their marriage will come soon right? I hope for the special week for sukor remarriage and there is no divorce anymore. I don’t like the story when the main couple marriage, divorce, than remarriage again than seperated than marriage again. I just want this marriage for sukor is forever. Than they don’t need to focus in divorce again. It’s more beautiful for their legal romance.

  14. Sorry @Tani I didn’t notice the link of rishta.com before!So didn’t reply.Yes,the links are working!!I remember watching its promo,but couldn’t catch up somehow!Thank you so much!I’m not going to wait for vacation.will watch it from tomorrow!

  15. ****Off-topic***(Roneca)
    Please share the youtube link of being erica.I haven’t found it!

  16. https://youtu.be/jnMqJAs-ucc

    Suraj proposed Chakor infront of the family

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