Udaan 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli telling Chakor about Pooja blaming Vivaan for molestation. Chakor gets shocked and asks what. Imli cries and says I don’t know what to do, Vivaan can’t do this. Chakor hugs and calms her down. She asks her to stop crying, come with me to room, tell me everything. Ragini looks on and smiles. They go. Ragini says its so much fun to see this, both of my brothers are trapped, my Bhabhis are worried for them, so Chakor tried to open this carton, we have written this in her fate, she will know it tomorrow. She asks men to do their work, all things should be there before Papa wakes up in morning.

Suraj sees servant drinking water. He says don’t give water, Bhaiya ji thinks I will break, tell me I won’t break by hunger and thirst. He asks for water, then you can go and sleep. He says fine, don’t give me water, stay awake. The men get the items there. They burn coal and make smoke. Suraj starts coughing and asks why did you make smoke here. He asks for water. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana look on. He laughs and says Ragini made men work on right time, see how Suraj is asking for water, I will not give him water. Suraj shouts for water. He sees a bottle away and could not reach. He sits the pole by axe and shouts for water. He falls.

Imli cries. Chakor consoles her and says I m with you, don’t be scared. Imli says Vivaan is in jail. I told him not to trust Pooja, fire her from job, he did not listen. Chakor asks what does Pooja want, she would be blackmailing him for money, we know Vivaan is innocent, we will save him, don’t worry, I m with Vivaan. Imli says I m very scared, Suraj became bandhua and Vivaan is locked in jail, don’t know why is this happening, Lord is angry on us. Chakor says no, don’t think much, sleep, we will go and free Vivaan on bail in morning. She sings lullaby and makes Imli sleep.

Chakor cries. Imli sleeps. Chakor leaves. She hears Suraj shouting and asking for water. She runs to Suraj and sees the smoke. She says what can I do, the goons are standing there, I have to move them away. She gets a gun and a tablet. She hides and shoots in air. The goons go. She goes to Suraj. Suraj asks for water. She says I can’t get water. He asks why, I want water. She stops him from shouting and asks him to calm down. She makes him eat the sleeping tablet and thinks this tablet will make him sleep peacefully, and thirst hunger won’t trouble him now.

Bhaiya ji scolds goons and says Chakor shot in air so that she can go to Suraj. The men run and see Chakor with Suraj. Bhaiya ji comes there. He kicks Suraj and says Suraj will get water at noon.

Its morning, Imli and Vivaan talk to inspector. Vivaan gets bail. Inspector asks him not to go out of city. Vivaan says I m innocent, I will not run away. He thanks lawyer. Lawyer says thank Chakor, she called me and sent me here, why did Pooja do this. Imli says we have to find out. Vivaan says its imp. Imli thinks to find why did this happen and promises to not leave Pooja.

Bhaiya ji and Ragini come to Suraj and wake him up. Suraj coughs. He gets angry and holds Bhaiya ji’s neck asking for water. Ragini pushes him and scolds. Chakor comes and asks Ragini how can you do this, Bhaiya ji said Suraj will give water at noon, now give him water. Bhaiya ji says have patience bahurani, there is one hour left. The men get boxes. Chakor asks what’s in this. She checks. Bhaiya ji asks the men to join machine. He asks Chakor to wait. Suraj asks for water.

Bhaiya ji shows water to Suraj and drinks. Chakor goes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji tells that machine is to get oil, bull runs the machine, now you have to run this motor, once you reach high speed level and you will get water, which Suraj can drink. Suraj asks why are you punishing Chakor, punish me. Bhaiya ji says I m helping you get water. He says sorry Chakor, I stopped you from running in marathon, think you are running marathon here. He laughs. He asks her to run faster, now Suraj’s life is in your feet. Suraj says no Chakor, you don’t need to run. Chakor says I accept, Suraj don’t worry for me. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to tell time. He says you lost 10mins from two hours, start running. Chakor holds the motor stick and runs. Bhaiya ji asks her to run faster. She says I m running fast, the water is not coming. He says run faster.

Chakor says you did something to machine. Bhaiya ji says its my game and my rules. Ranjana and Bhaiya ji stop Vivaan from entering haveli and scold him. Imli says I trust my Vivaan, I will see who stops him from entering haveli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello friends,its very painful to see Suraj suffering n sometime I feel to give a tight slap to kn n Ragini n A request to Udaan team don’t drag this bandhua track more as can’t see Suraj pain any more.

  2. Hello friends,this week is very painful week,bt we have a good new for dat today it is vj wedding anniversary n he will complete 5 yrs of marriage.

  3. ufff today episode really makes me sad!!! can’t able to see it really heart winching….want to smash on ragini and kn face!!!! when this torture going to end don’t know!!!!
    day by day torture for suraj and chakor is increasing!!!!
    when chakor hold suraj and suraj hold chakor face for water,and chakor helplessness…making him eat tablet….can’t able to see them….the pain in her eyes shows all….
    kn is not a father he is a devil….ragini when she is calling papa,bhaiya,bhabhi its makes me lose my control….she is devil daughter…

    i want surely suraj should take revenge from kn and ragini make them what they did to him…(like kn make them stand on each other he did with kn and ragini)….and for kn slapped chakor…..pls udaan team….accept this request…
    chakor said two times hamara suraj!!!.my suraj!! pls amena di don’t forget to had this dialogue whenever chakor will say in upcoming episode…like u wrote imli saying my vivaan..its a request….
    eagerly wating for this kn torture on chakor and suraj to end!!!

    ranjana,ragini and kn are standing on my nerves, devils

  4. So horrible episode ?? want to kick kn Ragini and ramsingh the idiot?
    I feel I took good decision to skip the episode….i became emotional while reading ? I will be unable to watch it….so much torture including imvaan’s headache
    Ab mujhe peace Ki bahut jaroorat hai which I will get by seeing previous episodes on ristey..kuch sukor ka tashan…old is gold??

    Angel did u see VJ’s interview today…about 700 epi celebration ? loved how he appreciated little spandan…so sweet of him,and he don’t ever forget to thank the fans….VJ❤

    1. Yeah sia i have seen vj interview he said spandan takes this show soo ahead and after leap its good viewers too accepting our characters he is soo sweet??

  5. I skiped today epi and after reading updates i m happy about my decision i will skip it now i will watch it when there will be kite competition and sukor romance cant tolerate this torture drama any more…

    1. VJ??
      Ha angel I’m also eagerly waiting for that scene the eyelock? the back hug? u know while opening the olvs I saw this back hug olv and I was stunned…i thought for a while yeh humara sukor hai kya??or my dream /imagination as I’m going crazy for sukor ??? then I opened it eagerly only to find some happiness after this unbearable torture
      Yaar again Suraj in white and chakor in yellow outfit…this outfit is a lucky charm for sukorians to get wonderful sukor scenes…??

      1. yes sia even i saw the olv i also thinks the same .yellow and white are colour of our sukor for their love!!!! in every romance or close moments they are in yellow and white…i like this combination…
        i also saw the olv…that back hug and eyelock gives me goosebumps…. relax from this kn and ragini torture…

  6. A painful episode but I loved the upcoming spoiler n waiting for it

  7. yes ,Angel and Sia u both are ri8 ,i also thought to skip the episodes bcoz i can’t bear the pain when someone cries for food and water. And,i jst wanna kill that nautanky krne wali ragini and that useless kn.o dear pls pls pls brin Sukor romance jaldi,jst buck up.

  8. pls somebody tell me about the upcoming spoiler pls pls pls tell me.

  9. It’s a painful epi, hp this track end soon cz it mks the mood bad due to sukors condition n specially trios whn thy r celebrating it , I’m getting pissed. Even I’m watching old episodes to mk the mood. Happy anniversary to vj n his wife!!!

  10. sia and angel did anyone noticed this when chakor flying kite,imli and vivaan are standing beside her…i saw in olv that vivaan said something to imli and went from there….i something fishy…i think so…if some twist happens i and we sukor fans will really happy…

    1. Janu Vivaan se aur kya umeed kar sakte hai…he is good for nothing
      Chagan is better at least he is encourageing boosting and helping chakor
      Janu even I too got ghosebumps after seeing that.

      1. yes u r true sia!!!! vivaan is good for nothing…
        i want some twist to happen

  11. I think this is a right time to make an entry of chakkor twin sister chunni as a goon leader who is more power full than kamal naarayan. And help her twin sister chakkor against kamal naarayan and ragini.producer please think about it

  12. Latest spolier is shikoo comes back and chakor and suraj were together shikoo takes of chakor duppta and suraj strangles him
    The other spolier is the kite competition sukor won but kn cut the kite of in front of everyone then chakor still gets food but kn throws it away then kn goons catch chakor and kn slaps chakor and feeds her somthing and imli and vivaan and the selfish villagers do nothing to help these episodes are so sad and kn is so mean wasting water like that one day in the serial i want ragini and kn crying for a drop of water

  13. Such a sad episode. I felt like killing KN after seeing this episode.

  14. Such a sad episode. I felt like killing KN after seeing this episode.Waiting for the kite competition in udaan.

  15. Aqua

    So much love and passion was visible in sukor’s eyes. … I loved that scene… it didn’t need any dialogues ???????

    1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPbrC9xA-sW/?hl=en
      Guys must must watch…im super excited for this,Suraj roked??

      1. Yes sia.. fantastic.. ata majhi satakli.. i guess this scene is after kn slaps chakor..

      2. thanks sia!!!for link
        even i saw this really exciting!!. i think he do this after slapped chakor!!!!.
        yaa suraj babu is back!!! he can’t able to tolerate who slapped on his girl!!,
        yes want this angry suraj and should torture kn and ragini chakor shouldn’t stop him….

      3. Janu ab Suraj sab ka band bajadega..i was waiting for this arrogant Suraj…kn Thu tho Gaya,my Suraj is free from chains(I guess)first he should kick Ramsingh for putting mohar and yesterday’s karnama,then shiku for betrayal and crossing limit action ? Ragini chal beta apna samaan pack kar Le apne
        ranjana maa ke saath aur ek ambulance bi bulalena apne papa ke liya and for your wafadaar’s ….really suraj should not leave anyone…must kick
        them like hell…hope chagan and his dad join him as remaining people are just statues

        Janu this anger is for chakor’s slap I think. I think we are getting over excited as nothing is going to happen which I mentioned above ??? I swear, I think he will kick kn harder and before anything happens to kn his goons will catch Suraj,but kn and co. are well deserved to get punished from Suraj ??

        Hey did anyone listened Suraj’s dialogue in new olv ….he says once remove these chains from my hands kn I will make you naukar from Malik…superb, u are giving hopes to us Suraj babu…i love your spirit keep rocking like before

      4. Guys its good but i dnt think its after kn slaped chakor as it seems its his house location or cattle where he was forcefully staying and makar sankranti will be seen celebrating in village so i dnt think its after slaped drama may be something else it may be some serious situation or some deadly plan for chakor..

      5. Angel u are true as kn was humiliating chakor infront of everyone by throwing buckets of water on her…with this Suraj lost his temper and comes to save her and wraps a blanket around her and hugs het and fights with goons
        Want to kill kn and co.??

  16. Painfull n funy epi.i like it.main dec. Se 700 epi.s hone ka wait kr rahi thi jab hue to test k chakr main bhool gai.bt test acha ho gya.i wish ye serial kabhi khatm na ho.gys nagin type serial ko chod k or koi acha serial ho to btado yar bt timing udaan se match na krti ho.bt i think mere liye s.i.movies hi teek hai.agr koi esa serial ho to btana please.one more thing i want to see tejasvini ji.

  17. Painful n funy epi.wating 4 wt next.dec.se 700 epi.s hone ka wait kr rahi thi jab hue to test k chkr main bhool gai par test acha ho gya.i wish ye serial kabhi khtm na ho.gys nagin type serials chod k agr koi acha sa serial ho to bta do please.par timing udan se match na krti ho.bt i think mere liye s.i.movies hi teek hain.i love udan. I wonna see tejasvini ji.

  18. Phele ek post nahi ho raha tha ab dono ho gaye.tapa i think nawadays you also don’t like udan thats y u also coment very less.don’t wory gys i think after some days udan main pawr punch padne hi wala hai n im wating 4 that.

  19. Guys anyone have youtube link about udaan upcoming epi?

      1. Thanks varshu

  20. ya u r correct sia!!! we are getting over excited but it makes us happy!!.
    if suraj break his chains once he shouldn’t get trapped once again…
    i don’t want to see him once again with chains…
    yes i also want this arrogant suraj!!!
    what is going to happen don’t know!!!but i don’t to get lock in chains and suffer….want kn and co to suffer like suraj!!!
    something makes suraj angry its they torture chakor after kn slapped also..
    angel its like where suraj tied when during kite flying competition,i think they torture chakor in front of his eyes even though kn slapped chakor….
    i think so

  21. Yesterday episode was pain ful yet beautiful ( SuKor scene) I loved tat scene when Suraj pulled Chakor towards him

    Aanya di actually meri Council exam march ko hai na to issi liye main apni study per concentrate ker rahi hu

  22. Paparazii for sports personality after retirement does not stop. I wonder why no reporter pass by to make news.

  23. thank u guys for sharing the spoilers.

  24. i saw the olv in which goons holding chakor,after the slap….kn making fun of her…and goon throwing water on her continuously….humiliating chakor…in which suraj looses his temper…break the chains and fight with goons…??.and even beated shikoo(want to kill that shikoo idiot) ??and cover chakor with blanket….and hugs her ???and warns all of them…?.
    but atlast the goons catch suraj?? even suraj warns kn!!!!(want suraj to smash that idiot kn and break his face)??.
    i like the suraj dialogue after saving chakor….he can do anything to save his girls respect….

    1. Janu link plzzzzzzzz

  25. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-R3SCsAuJk8&feature=youtu.be

    sia this is the link,suraj fights for chakor and hugs her and warns kn

    1. Thank you janu? u know what I loved the most after sukor hug is Suraj kicking shiku the kameena and ramsingh the idiot? hope he would have kicked these idiots harder ? how dare this shiku is to throw water on chakor!!!!he is crossing limits day by day
      Commig to sukor hug?? so intense it was,I absolutely loved Suraj’s dialogue at moment….i feel arrogant and purana Suraj is correct to deal with these stooped people,Janu Vivaan ke saath villagers ko bhi add karthe hai in good for nothing list? no one in village is dare enough to save her..Suraj tho kamaal kar Diya I loved how he broke the chains and went to hug her?? CVs ne meri wish pure kiya…Suraj initiating the hug? I think they are reading the comments…seriously I used to blabber about this in recent days..happy?

      1. yes sia!!!all the villagers are good for nothing like vivaan!!!no one dare to help her!!! this suraj babu is correct for this kn and co,goons…
        sia, even i also want suraj to hardly kick that shikoo and ramsingh idiots….
        yes even i also doubt that they are reading our comments,first time suraj hugged chakor….i really loved it….
        all are useless vivaan who care about himself only…selfish..but chakor helped him to bail…
        shikoo and ramsingh are crossing their limits….
        sia, i want when suraj leave from this torture first thing i want suraj to break their (shikoo especially and ramsingh ) hands and smash their face!!!! iam eagerly waiting for that!!!

  26. Thanks varshu! 😀

  27. yey our arrogant suraj is back….,. we want this suraj who can do anything for his girl…. waiting for this scene love u suraj

  28. Good news ppl !! Udaan’s trp is increased with impressions 6240 which is 2.84 and is in 6th position and is SLOT LEADER

    1. Thank you varshu?
      Yaay trp increased

  29. Jesy pani imli sy mila suraj ko shyd khana bhi us ki help sy hi mili. I think kn suraj ka porana pyr jagany ki koshish karha ha!

  30. M happy to know that udan is on 2nd position in trp.i was thought that nowadays u gys don’t like it so trp…..its ok tapa ofcourse u should doing like this.mere bhi exams abhi khatm hue hain or mon.se college start hai.bt koi bhi baat ho main udan nahi chod sakti ek to serial dekhti hu.i love udan.

  31. Wow super excited to see sukor hug can’t wait for it.. ?

  32. Team udaan .I want to ask u something that, will this track continues long?.or shall i quit watching this show?.We all are requesting u 2 plz stop these nonsense track.plz reply me plz………..I cnt tolerate this bandhua track.plz make suraj free.plzzzz reply me team udaan plzzz ??????plzzzplzzz

  33. yup….. I thought to skip this episode. but I watched a repeat telecast at the end.
    now tried to watch it with a open mind (I tried to control my angry with Mr.kn and Ragini ? but I lost) how can I control my anger…. chakor the dare devil please defeat kamal narayan(?)(the devil)

  34. See this video guys..
    Suraj:koi chakor ko haat nhi lagayega..??

  35. too much dragging not liking it at all

  36. Thnx fr the links.. its awseome to see old suraj back love the way he protected chakor . These trio r getting into nerves day by day. Waiting fr this epi

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