Udaan 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Imli goes insane

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The Episode starts with Chakor thinking of Imli’s words. Suraj comes and hugs her. She asks did you talk to Vivaan. He says you always spoil romance, you care for others. She says Vivaan and Imli are ours, they are locked in room since long. He says you are Jagat Mata, its not good to hear their conversation. They start arguing. She says don’t make me your wife, if you have problem with me, its still time, none knows anything, you can still get saved. He holds her close and says I know you are my wife and won’t let you forget, look there, your Chandu ji is witness of our love. She says then make him witness and get separated from me. He says stop, don’t say such thing, if you say this again, I will seal your mouth with my lips, shall I? Mahiya….plays…. She smiles. They kisss.

Imli says you can’t leave me Vivaan, I will not let you go away, never. She cries. She hugs his coat and thinks of his words. She says I will not let you go away from me. She throws things. She sits hugging his coat and cries. Its morning, Imli sits awake, thinking and looking at the cradle. Vivaan comes and packs bag. He says when distance came in hearts, its good to get away, you should go away from me and haveli. Imli hits on his head with a vase. He turns and gets shocked seeing her. His head bleeds. He gets dizzy and falls down.

Imli says Vivaan now you can’t make me away from you, you can’t go away from me, I love you a lot, I can’t live without you. She sees the blood and says what did I do. She throws the vase away. She shuts the door. Tejaswini and Ranjana hear the sound from Imli’s room and go to see. Imli makes Vivaan sit. She apologizes and cleans the wound. She says I love you a lot, how can I let you go away. Tejaswini and Ranjana knock door and ask Imli is everything fine. Imli is everything fine. Imli covers herself and opens the door. She lies to them. They look inside the room. Tejaswini asks dressing table. Imli says Vivaan has much anger, Vivaan has gone to take bath, we will get ready and come. Tejaswini says fine, we will have breakfast together. Tejaswini and Ranjana leave.

Bhuvan asks Kasturi to think again, the weather is bad there, who will take care of you. Kasturi says I will go there, I had mannat for Chakor. Chakor says what’s the need. Bhuvan says she won’t listen to anyone. Kasturi says its a tradition, I have to do this, Chakor I will come till tomorrow evening, take care. Bhuvan and Kasturi leave. Chakor smiles and thinks what would I do here, if Suraj was here, it would be fun to fight with him.

Imli says if Vivaan wakes up, he will tell truth to everyone. A magazine falls down. She sees pic of hands tied. She cries and ties him up. Vivaan gets conscious. She puts him in a cupboard. He says Imli….. and looks at her. She says what can I do, you want to get away from me. She fixes tape to his mouth and says I love you a lot, I will never leave you and not that person who has told you my big secret, I will kill that person, take care, I will come back. He gets shocked. She says don’t forget how much I love you.

She shuts cupboard and cries. She goes out. Tejaswini and Ranjana ask her to walk slowly and take care of her child. Imli says I know how to take care of myself and my baby, I mean I know everything. Suraj looks on. Tejaswini says we are telling for your good, have food, where are you going. She says I m getting late, I m going to doctor. Suraj says wait Imli, where is Vivaan, why are you going alone. She says he said he has some work and went, I m getting late, I will go. Suraj says where did Vivaan go at this time. He calls Vivaan and hears ringing. Imli stops. Suraj sees her purse.

Chakor gets the ropes in Imli’s room. She says why is this rope here. Vivaan hits the cupboard and sees Chakor. Chakor hears sound and goes to see. Imli sees the footage in the hospital and says so Chakor has told my secret to Vivaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thanks for fast update di
    First part was super and suraj is so much protective about her.
    imli now misunderatood chakor and suraj will save her .predictable story and I think remarriage track will be postponed. Imli become mad.soooo sad.but cvs don’t get any good story?
    our ff writters are much better then they.
    hi all my friends.aanya di I am back and alright.nemo di;Shreya di;Zoya di!sunny;aanya di;sukorian di;piyal di;dil d ;lily k;how are u all?
    Are u all angry with me that I can’t comment here.Sorry for that.
    love u all.reply me plz.

    1. no yaar we know u r busy with ur study. the ff arrange marriage will uploaded hopefully on Sunday. Btw how r U?

    2. Cant wait to read that was waiting for that so my prediction is right imli goes against chakor yet again as chakor will support vivaan as she seen his state and suraj idk who he will support hoefully chakor remarrige is postponed as cvs wanna add vimli to it so all 4 get remarried imli will side with kamal and will harm chakor mostly thinking she will kill sukor baby but will be forgiven as kamal will get the blame

    3. Hi Aria, how are you? We know you’re busy with your studies. Best of luck.

    4. I m fine nd sunny is also fine bhaiyya nd no we r not angry with u BTW how your studies r going on

  2. what is this pagalpan


    Bus yehi dekhna baccha tha.. abhi to bhaiyaji ka pagalpan thik nhi hua hai or ab imli obbessed lover ki tarha behave kr rehi hai..
    Anyway loved suraj and chokor wala part and i hope imli and vivan unite and both realises their mistakes soon..

  4. Thanks for the update!
    So their bright idea is to make Imli go mad and go after Chakor ?. That’s boring and won’t attract viewers.
    Have a great weekend everybody.

  5. Stupid cvs first vivaan now imli vivaan loves imli he is angry at her for lying he wont leave her but she is gone mad for attacking him like that now she will go after chakor for no reason if she knew chakor so well she wouldn’t do this to her and would understand chakor only has love for her so by her joining kamal and attacking chakor is a boring dull plot only for her to realise she is wrong wen she badly hurts chakor but she will be forgiven like vivaan as they will use kamal as an excuse if they want vimli shown in postive form they r suppose to support sukor not oppose them this is why it is frustrating as they do evil acts be r shown to be misguided as they clearly know whats right or wrong stupid plot expected sukor wedding and loved sukor scene

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. Sukor part was good imli gone mental the little hope she had gaining vivaan bk is gone after what she did to him sukor will support vivaan on this and is imli dumb vivaan found out looking at the papers no one told him how can she suspect anyone and she did say she will kill the person that did this i think she will think chakor wants vivaan as sukor will help vivaan we all know kamal new sidekick is imli she will wreck and cause havoc in sukor life i think chakor will get pregnant and she will try to kill the child and also make chakor look charcterless as no1 knows sukor r married as cvs have no plans to remarry sukor…kamal willbe after suraj and imli chakor real sistef will be after her not pleased with this plot? only thing that i cared bout in the precap was what was chskor doing in the hopsital thst day anyways and i think this imli baby thing will be made big and will last till September cvs will show flashbacks etc of what really happened but still not interested they should have just given her the child instead of this unnecessary storyline which has no interest @aria welcome bk and how r u snd does anyone know trp this week of udaan and suraj is right chakor is not very romantic wanna see chakor do something romantic for suraj and chakor wanted suraj to stay with her as her mai is gone cvs should have showed that would have been good to watch instead of imli weird madness

  8. The update was wonderful.This imli is the worst

  9. Hi aria, hi sukorian, nemo di.
    Sorry gys i missed this episode. So sorry.

    1. Lucky you!

  10. I am well di s. less comments for Imli damaka. don’t know what will happen next with Chakor and Suraj. this imli become mad. and there is no upcoming update also.
    I am also waiting for heart connection FF.plz update that.
    it’s my bad timing that I come back in such a hilarious episode.hehehehe……………

  11. So she was not lying when she said ‘Imli has more variations to play’.She even said in 2016 that there’ll be a stage when imli will turn against her own sister.I guess that stage has come.

    1. She was not (and is not) a star in tv industry that she would get to choose the role she wants.Plus, the stage she was talking about has passed.She was against her sister when she worked for Suraj.No need to repeat this again.But i guess madam wants to prove her acting prowess (God save us) by portraying different shades.Our misfortune that her friends in production are going to fulfill that wish at the expense of the show.

    2. That doesnt justify her role as she is parallel lead chakor is protagonist whilst playing the role of lmli wr can see many shades but she already was agianst chakor wen the leap happened only now she was with chakor chakor role is good but cvs managed to show chakor in many forms many will say chakor is better than imli and the truth is that vidhi didnt fit in with role of chakor she even shot some episodes but the wow factor wasnt thier and she was degraded to imli the production team r tight with vidhi (meaning close friends)and is the reason why she gets more screen space if imli role was bigger then why isnt imli the main lead in show and chakor the parallel lead she only sed this to justify what she got and nemo di please update trps

    3. TRP of Udaan 1.9 this week.Last week it was 2.0.Source:

  12. It’s bakwaas episode they r showing only imli……… I think cvs r not getting any story to make that’s y they r showing us this type of senseless episodes now imli will turn negative she will try to stop sukor marriage nd will end up knowing they r already married can’t understand what cvs want to show us they r just focusing on vimli.nd they make such a stupid story how all the people can be unaware of the fact that imli lose her child they all live in a same house nd still they don’t know anything about imli WOW

  13. In precap imli saw footage where chakor went hospital n misunderstood her but why chakor went to hospital for her dressing or really cvs want to show her pregnancy track..? n wht abt remarriage..?cvs r making viewers n fans fool by making marriage a big joke..

  14. hi everybody.don’t know if I continue to see it or not my patients getting low.I hate imli’s faltu drama.I only see it for sukor ki moment or fight against evilnes s .
    plz all my ff writters friends update ur ff.
    love u all.
    Any new spoiler guys?

  15. @aditi i to find it a mystery of why chakor was in hospital chakor didnt seem to have a wound and imli lost her child ages ago so this means chakor went for another reason as we all know no1 knows imli secret sukor only conusmated 1 week ago so it wouldn’t make sense for chakor to fall pregnant so quickly the footage is old so what could be the reason for chakor to visit….maybe to see how imli child is doing etc…@aria new spolier is imli returns to goon avatar (evil)leaves vivaan who will ignore her and she will join kamal make the baasti people life hell and will vow to destory and kill chakor as she blames her 4 everything yet again

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