Udaan 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a rich man coming his home, as many people cheering for him. His wife welcomes him as the new MP. He says its all because of you. The people cheer saying Bhaiya ji is Jai, he is ours, Zinbadad. The man asks them to hear him, and says the victory belongs to you all, you have proved your trust on me, I thank you all. He says my wife Tejaswini and my brother Manohar have helped me too. He thanks Manohar. The reporters asks him about his promises. The man says will you ask everything today, I will answer later, I have 5 years to answer. The reporters make him angry, that he has made all the public his slaves. Tejaswini holds his hand to calm him.

He still goes ahead to the lady reporter in anger. He says even your ID card is a sign, tell me who is not bounded here, even I m a servant and bounded to my wife, to my siblings. He says you are a servant of this new channel. He says everyone is my friend here, everyone call me Bhaiya ji, like an elder brother, I take care of them like an elder brother. He says I will take you to my fields one day and you can see how my workers stay with pride. The workers are shown beaten up by the hunters. The worker is beaten up for small mistake of standing on some four leaves which are costly. Lakhan working for Bhaiya ji calls Harya and smiles seeing his bahu Kasturi.

She says she is in the fields. Lakhan tells her about the guy’s mistake. She says forgive him, I will bring the four leaves. He says get forty leaves. Tejaswini asks her husband to sign the cheques. His sister is excited to go in his event. He asks her not to come and change her dress. She gets upset. The workers talk about the good day as Bhaiya ji won, and they can have good food today. Kasturi becomes happy and smiles as she can have good food after a long time.

Bhaiya ji comes to a room and asks where is Baa. Tejaswini says she went to temple and I did not stop her. Kasturi and her dad in law work. He is ill and she gives him Kada. She asks him not to work. Her mum in law asks her not to work much as she is pregnant. He says he is waiting for the child, who will free them of their poverty. The pandits see the arrangements of the grand function. Kasturi’s husband Bhuvan falls on the soil and Lakhan punishes him to wash all the utensils after the event ends. Bhaiya ji and Manohar are on the way. They family travels in 10 cars.

Tejaswini asks the driver to stop the car and says Amma………. They see her standing at the cliff end. She has the aarti plate in her hand. She comes infront of their car. Bhaiya ji and Manohar come to her. Bhaiya ji says Amma, I won by your blessings once again, and bends to take her blessings. She asks him not to touch her feet, as it will become dirty. Bhaiya ji touches the soil where she stood. She asks till when will she believe what she heard, hear me once, know the truth.

She says I know and your dad’s truth very well, leave my way, I have to go. Bhaiya ji asks her to sit in the car but she refuses. Manohar asks her not to taunt them today, as Bhaiya won today. She says she will celebrate the day truth wins. He asks her to sit in the car. She walks to the car and frees the Indian flag by removing the garlands. She says I m going and leaves. The celebrations start for Bhaiya ji. The pandits play the shank. Bhaiya ji and his family do the puja. Harya gets unwell. Kasturi comes and says lets go and have food.

Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji does the puja. It starts raining suddenly. Kasturi says the leaves will be spoiled. Harya says you go inside, I will take them. Harya slips in the mud and falls. Kasturi shouts Bau ji………… and runs to him. So many leaves get ruined and get into the mud. She gets pain in her stomach and comes to him. Bhuvan waits for Kasturi and Harya in the celebrations. She calls someone for help, but everyone is gone in the celebration event. Some mantras plays. She asks for help and says save my Bau ji. She holds her stomach and cries.

She comes back to Harya and says I won’t let anything happen to you. She sees the wooden pull over trolley and makes Harya lie on it. Harya bleeds a lot. She is unable to pull it as the tyres are caught in the mud. Bhuvan asks the other workers about Kasturi and Harya. Om Namah Shivai……………….plays……………….. Kasturi pulls it. Tejaswini asks Lakah to give food to everyone as the rain stopped. The people are happy to get food. Bhuvan sees Kasturi coming alone. He goes to her and asks her what happened. She says Bau ji…… and cries. He gets tensed and goes with her. They go home and she makes the medicines. Her mum in law takes care of Harya.

Kasturi says he will be fine and gives him kada. She says Bhuvan will bring the Ved, everything will be fine. Bhuvan says everyone is in temple, no one can come. Kasturi says my Kada will make him fine, make him drink this. Harya gets serious and takes his last breath. Kasturi asks him to get up. Her mum in law says he won’t now as he can’t drink a drop of this Kada. They cry. Bhuvan comes to the pandit requesting him while the pandit is busy having food.

He says ganga jal can’t do anything. Bhuvan says what shall I do now. The pandit says donate a cow to any Brahman and your dad will get freedom. Bhuvan comes home and tells this to family. His mum says do anything, but free him. He says he does not have anything. She requests Kasturi to do something. Kasturi looks at Bhuvan and cries. Everyone in the village party and a dancer girl entertains them on the song Ek do teen………… Bhaiya ji gets applauded by rich men across other villages. Bhaiya ji is very happy and talks to his friend. Bhuvan and Kasturi come to meet Bhaiya ji, but the guard asks them to go, as Bhaiya does not have time. Kastrui gets in hiding and wants to meet Bhaiya ji or Lakhan, who may help them.

She comes infront of them and the party stops. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Kasturi asks Bhaiya to save her Harya, and pandit ji said if they don’t donate a cow, he won’t get Mukti. She says she will pay later. The reporter lady asks Bhaiya ji that he told the workers are his friends, does he keep them like this. Everyone gossip. Tejaswini manages the situation and says we always help people. She acts sweet and asks Kasturi not to worry. Bhuvan comes and greets them. Kasturi thanks them. Tejaswini asks them to go and their problems will be solved. Lakhan beats Bhuvan.

Kasturi says Tejaswanini said our work will be done. Lakhan scolds her. Bhaiya ji comes there and asks whats going on, Bhuvan says they need money Rs 2000. Bhaiya ji says fine, take it, but what you have to keep as Girvi (mortgage). Bhuvan says save my father. Bhaiya ji says he will give them something, if they give him something in return. She asks Lakhan to kick them out. Tejaswini says she has one thing to give us. Kasturi asks what. Tejaswini points on her womb and says you can keep your child as mortgage. Kasturi and Bhuvan are shocked. Kasturi says what. Tejaswani says yes, we will stamp on baby’s hand too and make it our worker. Kasturi and all workers have the stamp of Bhaiya ji on their hands. Kasturi cries holding her womb.

Kasturi delivers the baby girl while Bhuvan stands out. They name her Chakori.

Update Credit to: Amena

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