Udaan 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor criticizes Chakor

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The Episode starts with Anjor saying you asked Rajeshwari to kill me, you don’t love me. Chakor says no, we all were scared and that situation was such. Anjor says I was also scared, you wanted me to die, when I got saved, why are you coming to me, stay away. Chakor cries and says you are my world, don’t say this. Anjor says stay away and goes. Suraj signs Chakor. Chakor takes food for Anjor. Anjor hides under bed. Suraj comes and asks Anjor to come out. He says I will feed you food. He defends Chakor. Anjor gets upset and goes.

Its morning, Anjor gets ready for school. Chakor goes to style her hair. Anjor doesn’t listen. Chakor talks to her. She says I will drop you school and get new books for you. Anjor refuses. She asks Suraj to drop her. Suraj says Chakor can drop you like always. Anjor says mum is bad, she doesn’t love me. Chakor asks what are you saying. Anjor asks does any mum ask goons to kill her daughter. She goes. Leela takes Anjor to school. Tejaswini asks Chakor is she getting away from her own daughter while saving others’ children. Chakor cries. Suraj consoles her. Suraj says I know everything will get fine soon, we will go out today, I m sure Anjor will forget everything and hug you. Chakor nods. They smile.

Leela praises Chakor. Anjor turns angry over Chakor. Leela calms her. She says we won’t talk about Chakor. Some goons attack the car. A guy comes there and beats the goons. Leela hugs Anjor and gets scared. The guy drives the car and asks where is your house, we have to leave. Leela directs him. Chakor says Suraj don’t do anything if Rajeshwari provokes you. He asks her to come along. They see the car coming back. Anjor runs to hug Suraj. Chakor asks the matter. Leela says some goons were taking away Anjor, this guy has helped us. They see the guy coming. Suraj thanks the guy and asks his name. The man shows his ID and says I m Vikram Singh. He gets dizzy and falls down. They look on. They take him inside house and call doctor. Doctor treats Vikram. Suraj thanks Vikram for saving Anjor. Vikram says no need to thank me.

Chakor asks how do you know Suraj’s name. Vikram says everyone knows you now, you started protest against Rajeshwari Devi, you have put family in big trouble, I m a reporter, I have seen such brave people for the first time, thanks, I shall leave now. He acts dizzy again. Doctor says stop him, he has head injury, he needs rest. Suraj says we won’t let him go till he recovers. Vikram says no, I will stay in any hotel. Chakor says you are our guest. Suraj and Chakor insist. Vikram agrees. Anjor thanks him and taunts Chakor for leaving her to die. Chakor gets shocked.

Anjor argues with Chakor. Anjor says I don’t want to die like tuntun, you wanted me to die. Chakor raises hand. Vikram smiles and thinks this game just started. Chakor says I love Anjor, I m afraid to lose her. Vikram goes to Anjor.

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  1. Good episode, but Anjor is acting like a brat, can’t wait for Vikram to put her life in danger and for Chakor to save her. I hope they speed up Chajor MU a week or two is enough can’t take too much of Anjor’s tantrums.
    Please start giving longer Sukor scenes, I’d rather watch them having breakfast than watch Anjor throwing tantrums.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Anjor’s behaviour is annoying and irritating!
    In the beginning she understood her mother’s cause and fight. Now she is behaving like this rude child. She has always been a respectful child, i hope the writers dont spoil that and drag this story for too long. I hope writers don’t bore us with Anjor’s annoying antics. Keep the momentum going!!
    And Tejaswani needs to be the mature and sensible grandmother and try to make peace.
    And to be fair, after everything that has been going on why trust a complete stranger to stay at your home with your family?! Not very smart…
    Chakor needs a break though…she needs some happiness. She has been through so many of trials and fights for people’s happiness and peace.

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