Udaan 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya saves Anjor from Ranvijay

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The Episode starts with Ranvijay’s Bua doing post marriage rasam with Anjor. Ranvijay stares at Anjor. Bua asks Ranvijay to come for ring finding rasam. Ranvijay says sure and sits with Anjor. He holds her hand and misbehaves. Everyone looks on and worries. Anjor runs away. Ranvijay thinks I m waiting for my wedding night. Chakor stops Jaya and asks her how can she let this happen, knowing Ranvijay is a devil, didn’t she think of Sameer, Ranvijay killed Sameer, think of Sameer’s child in Anjor’s womb, at least protect the child. Jaya says I don’t want to clarify, we can’t help Anjor, stop meeting us, you are Sameer’s murderer. She goes.

Chakor thinks even if you don’t help me, I won’t let Anjor fall in that devil’s hand. She takes a disguise and enters the haveli. She sees Ranvijay with Anjor. She hides from everyone and goes to room. She gets a gun there. Chakor prays and goes out. The dancers come for the performance. Chakor joins them. They dance on Aa re pritam pyaare…..Ranvijay dances with the dancers and Anjor. Chakor goes away and points gun at him. He misbehaves with Anjor again. Chakor shoots. A vase breaks. Everyone gets shocked. Chakor runs away. Ranvijay turns to see. He stops all the dancers. He says there were three dancers, it means one of them was Chakor, find her. He asks Bua to take Anjor to room. Bua makes Anjor sit in the room. Ranvijay comes there. Chakor is hiding in the room. She has a weapon in hand. Ranvijay comes there and tries to misbehave with Anjor. Chakor gets angry and goes to attack him. Someone knocks the door. Chakor hides. Jaya and Manoj come and take Anjor with them.

Jaya asks what’s happening, Anjor will sleep with me. Ranvijay says leave her. Manoj shouts leave her, if you touch Anjor, I will not leave her. Jaya says Anjor is carrying Sameer’s womb, how dare you badly see her, you said you want revenge on Chakor, its enough, Anjor is my bahu, I will not tolerate if you badly see her. Ranvijay gets angry. They leave with Anjor. Chakor looks on. Ranvijay ruins the bedding and goes. Jaya asks Anjor to sleep. Anjor refuses and says I want to sleep on flower bed. Manoj says sleep here now. He goes to sleep in guest room. Jaya goes to get water. Chakor thanks Jaya for saving Anjor. Jaya says I helped Anjor as she is carrying Sameer’s child. Chakor says then let me take my daughter. Jaya says you just go from here, you know Ranvijay. Chakor says you are also a mum. Jaya asks her to just go. Chakor says fine, I will come soon to take Anjor, she will get fine. She sees Anjor and goes.

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