Udaan 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor rejects Raghav’s love

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Udaan 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor running on the roads and crying. She thinks of Raghav. She calls Raghav and asks him to meet. He says even I have to tell you something, just come and meet me. She asks him to meet at the temple. She cries. Raghav is on the way. He says I will find a nice guy for Imli and get her married too. Chakor is at the temple. Raghav comes to meet her and says I can’t wait for more, just tell me what your eyes are saying, I was so excited to meet you. He tells her how much he loves her. She asks him to accept Imli’s love. He gets shocked. He asks what are you saying. She says I know you have feelings for me but Imli has fallen in love with you, accept her love, none can love you more than her, you will also love her with time. Imli prays to Lord. She says I have done a lot of bad things, don’t let my past come between my love, if Raghav comes in my life, I will never do anything bad, give strength to Chakor that she convinces Raghav.

Raghav asks her what is she saying, is he some item to give to something. He gets angry on her and asks her to leave. She recalls Imli’s threatening and begs him. He asks her not to bend down like this. He says I will explain the relations to Imli. Chakor asks what’s the problem when you both understand her. He says I respect Imli, I won’t marry her, I love you and you love me too. She asks who has told this to you that I love you.

She says I have never told you that I love you. He asks her to swear on temple Lord and say that she doesn’t love him. She says I don’t love you. She says you shouldn’t forget our relation, you just have to do drama of being Suraj, I have paid you, trying someone else is foolishness. They cry. He thanks her for opening his eyes. He says I can see my real status, we don’t need to act good now, thanks. He calls Imli and proposes her for marriage. He says I m just made for you, you take care of me, you think for me, you are true like me. Imli cries happily. He says I m sure you won’t break my heart. Imli gets glad and agrees to him. She asks am I dreaming this. He says no, this is the reality of our lives. She asks him to come to her soon, she can’t wait for more. She cries happily. She thanks Lord and dances. Raghav says I m very happy, I was troubled falling in love with you, I will not look for you now. Chakor cries. Raghav says you don’t need me, I will better leave. He goes. Chakor cries.

Tejaswini says your one move will ruin four lives, did you think of Anjor, how will she accept this that Imli is marrying Raghav. Imli hugs Raghav. Anjor shouts and asks why did you hug Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Meejay were amazing today
    Chakor was wrong in asking Raghav to accept Imli, but other than this her actions are justified. If a woman finds out that her sister/best friend loves the same man, the right thing to do is stay away from him because this relationship will hurt someone close.
    Raghav’s decision is mainly because of anger but he’s also hurt, not because Chakor rejected him but because she called him a stranger after all he did for her and it isn’t what he did, it’s the dedication, he considered her and Anjor as his own and she didn’t even consider him a friend.
    Many people make hasty decisions after a break up/ heart break that they soon regret, hello rebound.
    Raghav isn’t Chakor’s equal like Suraj was, so talk about him being just an employee are bound to hurt. And more importantly Suraj knew Chakor loved him which Raghav doesn’t, she crushed his dreams. Suraj persisted after Chakor because he knew she loved him. Raghav has no reason to persist, not after she said he’s here to do a job.

  2. It was irritating seeing Imli praying and her prayers getting answered, don’t try to portray her as good, she never repented, never got properly punished and never helped her victims.
    Hope we get a Chakor monologue and a Raghav monologue we need to know their inner thoughts, enough of Imli.

  3. I’m back to talk about the shoddy work CVs did in portraying the development of Chakor emotions. It isn’t clear how she feels now, she refused to swear that she doesn’t love Raghav which means she does but all her flashbacks about him can be summed as: he loves me and my daughter and he’ll take care of me, even her drunk talk was all about his feelings not hers.
    This isn’t love and I don’t mean romance and blushing, I mean admiring his qualities and fond memories, something like when he swore to find Rajjo’s culprit, like when she poured water on him, something to show Chakor’s feelings towards him not only his.
    Then there is the problem of showing Chakor’s love, it was never shown properly, the best there was was her reaction when he said his job was done and he should leave, they should’ve built on it but instead, they jumped to Chakor resisting his love, was she resisting his love out of guilt or out of denial? it was never clear.
    They didn’t show enough scenes to show Chakor loves Raghav, they never showed when she realized her love, they never showed her inner struggles or when she decided to accept her love.
    There should’ve been a scene where Chakor questioned her feelings.
    There should’ve been a scene where Chakor realizes her feelings.
    There should’ve been a scene showing her inner struggle.
    There should’ve been a scene showing how she decided to accept her feelings and she should’ve been shown talking to Suraj.
    It’s unacceptable that every little thought of Imli is shown but not of Chakor’s.

  4. I think it’s time Chakor removes her MS and sindoor, she shouldn’t pine for one man while wearing those of another. Probably this is the reason makers aren’t showing Chakor’s love.
    Makers could’ve avoided this mess by removing the dreamy socks scene and Chakor deciding to talk to Raghav, they could’ve ended the trip by Chakor forgiving Raghav for declaring his love without showing her feelings. Then Chakor could’ve questioned why Imli-Raghav closeness is causing her pain.

  5. Safiya Hosein

    I really don’t know where this story is heading.
    I am too exhausted to think about it now.
    Good luck to the makers and writers of Udaan for its future.

  6. Chakor’s emotional progress could’ve been improved by three small scenes:
    -Chakor questioning herself why she doesn’t Raghav to leave them after he said his job was done.
    -Chakor looking in the mirror in the hotel and saying she isn’t angry with Raghav but with herself forgetting Suraj after she threw away the food.
    -Chakor remembering Raghav telling her to listen to her heart when she was holding his socks.

    This is the bare minimum that they should’ve shown if they wanted Chakor to accept Raghav but better still was to wait for later and let her accept Raghav as a friend first.

  7. For the first I am seeing vj crying like that what an acting if they show only vj throughout the show means to I watch the show he is awesome .

    And poor anjor I think they should tell her he truth .

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