Udaan 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Villagers worry for Chakor

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Udaan 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranvijay threatening Chakor. He scolds Suraj for losing out to a girl. Chakor asks Suraj not to listen to a mad man. Suraj takes Chakor. Imli says I have to celebrate, I will get a good news, Chakor will be dying today, I will give this kheer to everyone. He asks her to tell maid to make kheer. She says I have made myself busy, I want the news fast. He laughs and asks her not to worry, Suraj will kill Chakor. She says I want a video proof, I want to see Chakor dying, tell Suraj that I want to see Chakor losing breath. She romances Ranvijay. They laugh. Chakor asks Suraj where is he taking her, what will he do with her. She tries to open the ropes. She prays that Suraj becomes her old Suraj.

She pulls the handbrakes. The car stops. Their heads collide. They have an eyelock. Suraj thinks of Imli’s words and gets angry on Chakor. He asks her to sit quiet, she is responsible for this, she is troubling Imli and Ranvijay. He tells her that he is taking her away from Aazaadgunj. She says I understand, whenever we go out from Aazaadgunj, something wrong happens, your plan will flop. He asks her to sit quiet. She sees him. He sees her. She asks him not to see her this way. Everyone looks for Chakor. Chagan says Imli has done this, we should go and question her. He asks Gauri why is she worried.

She says don’t know what will Imli do if Chakor loses in elections, my parents wants to get me married and send away, ask them for my hand for marriage. He says don’t worry, I will talk to them, Chakor will win elections, she is very brave. She says just she can free us from bandhuagiri. He asks her not to worry. Ranvijay feeds kheer to Imli and celebrates. The villagers come there and ask about Chakor. Ranvijay slaps guard. He scolds Chagan. Kasturi asks where is my Chakor. He asks her to calm down, its her duty to find Chakor.

Imli argues with Kasturi. She does a drama. Kasturi says I will slap you again. Bhuvan calms her down. He says Chakor is missing, we are worried. Chagan says we know you have asked Suraj to shout for help and trap Chakor, she is here in haveli. Ranvijay says I will kill you.

Imli says I will become minister every time, let them clear their doubt, they can check the haveli well. Everyone looks for Chakor. Ranvijay asks why did you let them in. She says we have to do this drama till elections happen, I have to act good, its politics, Chakor isn’t here. Mechanic fixes the car. Chakor says I know you are taking me away from village, you can’t kill me. He holds her neck and asks her to be quiet.

The man says I have fixed the car. Suraj pays him. The man says this car won’t trouble you. Chakor says there will be some problem. He puts her in car. They leave. Everyone doesn’t find Chakor. Kasturi prays for Chakor. Imli asks are they satisfied now. She says Chakor is mad, she has ran to Suraj, she would be spending time with him, we should leave them alone. She smiles.

Suraj starts coughing. Chakor cares for him. He makes her away. Mahiya….plays…. He looks at her. He sees a car in front and turns the steering. He hits a car. Chakor falls over the steering wheel and gets hurt. Suraj looks at her.

Chakor says we are not lovers, we are married. Lady asks for proof. Chakor tries to prove. She asks Suraj to do as she does. She kisses him. Mahiya….plays…. He kisses her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Enjoyed Sukor car ride, Chakor was cute and Suraj to serious. She can’t stop caring about him and although he cares for her, he still can’t go against his masters. The way he got lost in her eyes when she rubbed his chest and the look of concern when her head hit the driving wheel shows that his care. I so wish they never showed the cheer haran, these scenes would be more enjoyable.

  2. where is vivan

  3. Vivan is dead

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