Udaan 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raunak scolding Vivaan for trying to rape Pooja and acting innocent. Vivaan gets shocked and says I went to washroom hearing her scream, tell them Pooja. Pooja says Vivaan lied to me and took me there, he tried to…. Vivaan asks what nonsense, I went there to find him. The man says I have seen Vivaan coming out of ladies washroom. Vivaan says I did not do this Raunak. Raunak says police will decide what’s true and what’s not, we called police, you won’t go anywhere, you can’t call anyone.

Chakor runs to Bhaiya ji. He says food is tasty, heart is calm when stomach is full, what happened, could you not give food to Suraj. She asks how can you do this with your son. He says he lost son’s right when he planned to get me killed, you are showing loyalty towards fake husband, but till my bandhuas don’t get anything, till they pay price. She asks what price should Suraj give. He says I will tell tomorrow. She says Suraj is hungry. He says let me be hungry, don’t irritate me, else I will not give anything to him. She goes angrily.

Ragini says all things which you wanted has come, I have a good news, Vivaan got trapped in our plan. Bhaiya ji says great, you failed both brothers, just Chakor is left, you wanted revenge from her also, she has troubled you a lot, you lost because of her. Ragini recalls the past. Bhaiya ji says I got this machine for Chakor, this machine will punish her. She asks machine. He says yes, this will affect both Suraj and Chakor. Ragini praises him. Chakor looks on and thinks they are planning to punish me, I have to find out. He sees Chakor hiding and smiles.

He sits talking to Ragini. Ragini says see how Imli runs to save Vivaan. Imli runs. Chakor stops her. Imli says I m going to police station, Vivaan got arrested. Chakor asks why. Imli says don’t know, I have to find out. Chakor says I will come along. Imli asks her to stay in haveli, Suraj needs her. Chakor prays for Vivaan. Bhaiya ji and Ragini see Imli running out and laugh. Ragini says see how she is running to save her husband, she can’t save him. He laughs.

Imli asks inspector about Vivaan. She says I want to meet my husband. He says you can’t meet him, go and sit there, are you Vivaan’s wife. She says yes. He says sit, I need to ask something. She says I don’t know why he is arrested. He says your husband is blamed for raping his secretary. She gets shocked and asks what are you saying. He says victim complaint and has proof against your husband, its tough for him to get saved,

Servant stops Chakor from meeting Suraj. Chakor says fine, I will talk to him from here. She calls out Suraj. Imli meets Vivaan and hugs him. She asks how did this happen. He asks her to trust him, he is innocent. She says I told you to fire Pooja from job, you did not listen to me, tell me what happened. He tells her everything and says Pooja lied to everyone that I molested her.

Suraj asks Chakor are you fine. Chakor says I have to tell you, Bhaiya ji stopped your food and water and decided to punish me. Suraj says no, he can’t punish you, run away from here, he can’t do anything to me, he wants me to die. She says I will not leave you, you can’t stay without water. He says its winter days, I will not die if I don’t drink water, you leave from here. Bhaiya ji and Ragini hear them.

Imli says inspector said they have proof against you. Vivaan says I don’t know what proof they have, I did not do anything, you trust me right. Inspector calls him for statement. Imli says let me talk to him for more 2 mins. Inspector says he will go jail now. Vivaan asks her to go home and talk to Chakor, take lawyer’s help. She asks him to take care and leaves.

Inspector asks Vivaan to say. Vivaan says Pooja is educated, so I hired her. Inspector says she did not pass even 10th, maybe her papers were fake or you are lying to us. Vivaan gets shocked. Inspector shows Pooja and her pics, and says we got this from your drawer. Vivaan says I did not click the pics, I don’t know. Inspector asks who is this guy. Vivaan recalls and says he is Pooja’s ex husband, he used to trouble her. Inspector says he is her current husband, they stay together. Vivaan gets shocked.

Inspector says he said he has seen you teasing Pooja, you have beaten him in office. Vivaan says he is lying, he came to take money from her. Inspector asks why did you interfere in their matter. Vivaan says I was saving Pooja, someone is framing me. Inspector says why will he frame you, what did you do with them, all proof and statement are against you, its tough for you to get saved.

Bhaiya ji says we have to do something. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji not to give food, but atleast give warm clothes, its winter season. Ragini jokes and laughs. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to take sweater. Ragini asks what’s this. He says I thought well, see what happens next.

Its night, Chakor recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and checks the boxes. Imli comes to Chakor and cries. Chakor asks where is Vivaan. Imli says police caught Vivaan, its such a bad blame, I can’t even imagine that. Chakor asks what happened. Imli says Pooja blamed Vivaan for molestation. Chakor gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji says when this pump rotates, water will come out, Suraj can drink that water. Chakor runs to start the pump and get water for Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. episode is litle bit boring!!!!! vivaan who doesn’t help his brother and went to help his secretary….who fall in deep pit…he is selfish…
    imli already told him and warns him about pooja…he is overconfident guy…he need this…..
    today episode boring without sukor scenes….
    kn and ragini torture also!!!can’t able to see them…want to kill them….
    tomorrow episode also suraj will suffer in thirsty…..ufff…kn and ragini want to smash them….
    eagerly waiting for some twist to come….in iv also they telling some twist will come….can’t able tolerate kn and co….

  2. How cheap vivaan.. he refused to help chakor, so that they can live peacefully, n now asking imli to talk to chakor.. he thinks of himself.. he is in bttr state atleast.. suraj is literally at the death point, doesnt care of him.. chakor is busy with suraj but she is jagatmata, she ll help imli.. selfish vimli..

  3. Boringgggggg i will not watch the udaan this week spoilers are soo iritating seeing ragini torturing sukor and vimli crying scenes and above all suraj face he is looking soo week so poor i cnt see him like this its good i wont watch udaan for some time i think trp will also dec now i will only read updates and if i found any sukor scene good than only i will watch it…

  4. Angel and Janu chakor wins the kite competition and even gets food for Suraj,I have seen a good news after long time……today only 3 minutes Sukor scene ? waise bhi Mai Vivaan se lipatna nahi chahti Ho…he didn’t care for Suraj after getting such pathetic news and went after puja..bechara,if he would thought of his bade bhai once and left immediately he wouldn’t have faced this day…a “confused soul”?

    I’m going to skip tomorrow…mera Suraj ka haal dekha nahi jaa raha hai..poor sukor? ?

    1. Angel I too have decided not to watch udaan until this torture ends and Suraj’s condition gets better only written updates…i can’t bear more torture now,har cheez ka koi limit hota hai…they are crossing the limits,i feel this after seeing new olv’s its more than enough now….looking forward only for sukor scenes….if no sukor scene then no udaan that day?

      1. Sia pls give link of chakor win

    2. yes sia u r right vivaan is confused soul!!! he leave his brother and chakor alone,doesn’t help.or support them,but went to help his secretary he surely want this….felt sad for imli…
      suraj is suffering…and chakor does all the think to help to suraj this week fully suffering only i think….

      sia how do u know chakor won the competition????is it true???? then we sukor fans surely will fly in the sky…and cloud nine….thanks sia for sharing news…
      if u have link na share it sia!!!!

    3. Makar sankranti kite fight has lots of sukor scene.. pls watch udaan for sukor scenes, am also doing the same..

  5. very hard to see suraj suffering. do anyone know what will be the next twist?

  6. Angel and sia in going 2 quite wathng this show.this is my last comments.bye 2 all sukorians.in fed up wit tis show guys.boringggggggggg ??????????????????????????????????????boringggggggggg

    1. Nit i understand but if track will change pls do come back..

  7. o my goodness! for how many days this torture will continue? when we all be able to United Sukor, ha?today’s episode was too too too boring.

  8. Thé serial become very sad… cant watch Sukor tortured by KN and Ragini… how long this will go? Torturing a person without giving food especially water.. that is too much. Hunger makes people To do anything… no idea how sukor will overcome this situation.. in normal scenario we can get help from police..but this is serial… and in the upcoming kite compétition…i hope she wins in the upcoming kite compétition with ragini and get food for suraj…

  9. A Bit boring episode but I think the day is not far when sukor love story will start so guys we would have to wait with little patience.

  10. Sia how do u know chakor won the competition do u have any link then share plz.

    1. http://tvserialnews.com/udaan-chakor-wins-raginis-food-challenge-for-hungry-suraj/
      Sona these spoilers are pakka true…they publish after seeing olv’s
      I found all of them are true upto now…so I believe them

      1. thanks sia for the link

  11. Episode – 700
    01:30 AM – 02:00 AM, 18 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Pooja tells the police that Vivaan has molested her. Meanwhile, Chakor tells Sooraj that Bhaiyaji plans to punish her. Chakor goes to Bhaiyaji and asks for a blanket for Sooraj.
    Episode – 701
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 18 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Chakor assures Imli that she will get Vivaan out of jail by next morning. Later, when she gives sleeping pills to Sooraj, Bhaiyaji gets furious with her.
    Episode – 702
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 19 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Imli tells Vivaan to give money to Pooja, the latter gets angry with her. Later, Bhaiyaji and Ranjana insult Vivaan for molesting Pooja. Sooraj asks Chakor for more water.
    Episode – 703
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 20 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Chakor sees the gardener watering the plans, she gets an idea. Later, Bhajiyaji decides to punish Chakor for trying to give water to Sooraj.

    this is the spoilers for upcoming episodes….

  12. Aqua

    Ew too much vimli scenes. .. I will skip today’s episode ?

  13. Team udaan pls tell writers and creators to stop this suraj torture twist now we sukorians cant able to tolerate this we cant see our sukor so weak infront of kn and ragini .,many viewers has stoped to watch udaan as they are loosing there intrest and if this track will not stop soon we sukorians have to boycott udaan for sometime than..pls do something??

    1. Howzit Angel, these CVs will only change the track when you starve them of TRPs, don’t get fooled by tiny SuKor reprieves we want this torture track over, what KN is doing with Suraj has nothing to do with banduagiri it just proves that KN is a sadist, it’s almost as if they are making Udaan about KN now.

  14. Angel if the going gud then I wil start wathng til then gud bye 2 all….????????

    1. but please read our comments

    2. Nitz at least keep commenting my dr

  15. thank god I didn’t watch this episode lots of vimliooja scene
    ye vivan abb chakor se help le raha hai per baad main vo kya karega hum sub ko pata hai
    n guys cvs se ummid matt rakho they r going to drag this track
    mujhe lagta hai ki cvs ne doctors ke sath koi deal kiya hai hummare bp jo badha rahe hai

    aanya di 3rd june ko meri bday hai

  16. episode is boring. now we can see how imli works for her husband’s happiness.
    not a good episode

  17. epi was very very very boring

  18. nice epi but no sukor scene…guys i have a doubt imli jab haveli se nikli tab rat thi par police station dikhaya gaya tab sabera kaise ho gaya

  19. Today’s episode was too borringgggg waste vivaan and fully selfish ?????.plzzzzzzz sukor love track chakor feeling about suraj it’s very loving ????? plzzzzzzzz sukor love track.

  20. Too good.udan couldn’t be bored this track is also good.how could a father all this non….wating for wt next.please gys don’t stop wathing it.you know tapa my lifes most imp.persons ka bd june main hai like my mother.

    1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eKzDju8e8m8
      Guys chakor was about to win but kn cut the thread by coming in the middle ?? by the way sukor are flying the kite together ?? and a party on sets for completing 700 epi??

      1. Congratulations team udaan for reaching a mile stone of 700 epi
        Hope u entrain us in this way.kudos to VJ,Sai sir,meera and vandana,u guys are simply amazing…we can’t imagine the show for a day without you
        And thank you team udaan for giving sukor..jab tak sukor hai epi tho chalta rehega#1000#2000….

      2. thanks sia for the link!!!!
        how dare kn cut the thread!!!! he is afraid of loosing to chakor!!! so he cut the thread iam sure ,
        he always want to win chakor!! but it never happened chakor always won!! now because of his trick he trapped chakor and suraj!!! he tasted his first win!!! so he doesn’t want to loose
        again..but surely he will loose!!
        but now what will happen??how will chakor save suraj from his hunger!!!
        feeling sad for sukor!!! can’t able to tolerate kn!!!want to kill him

        congratulations udaan team for completing 700 episodes successfully!!!!!

      3. Janu I’m dying to see sukor scene when they were flying the kite…Suraj hugs her from back and chakra is in his hands…she is wrapped in his arms???wow that awkwardness?…waiting for that scene but I must bid a small good bye until Suraj’s condition gets better I’m going to watch only sukor scenes and written updates. I’m unable to see the torture on Suraj and sukor

  21. Kuch bhi ho i think kn ji care a little bit his son bt ragini always intrupted him thats y he agry to give him sweter afterall he is suraj s father.n on stemp day he couldn’t saw suraj s situation bt he smile continue.i just feel all it.i wonna see his mother.

    1. I think the same aanya i think he dont hate suraj he is only sad about the fact that suraj has tried to kill him and before all this jail drama kn do love suraj very much he really cared for him as he know suraj has not eaten food and he is thirsty too soo he is not making him work he is making chakir and imli to work but i think there is no chance of kn changing even if he changed he will not be spare as his crime book has already filled with lots of bloods marks and crimes..

  22. guys don’t worry we are going to see sukor romance during flying kite as chakor loses strength then suddenly suraj holds her chakri of manjha.get ready guys.

  23. Guyz kn slapped chakor..how dare hi…enraged at that moment…bas ab jldi se suraj free ho jaye…now it’s high time ..cvs should now just change the track… wish suraj takes revenge from him for slapping her .. .now sukor and vimli should plan something and put kn and ragini in jail

  24. ye loog suraj ko torture kerne ke liye kis hadd tak girege . bandhua track suru se hi itna torture to aage kya hoga .Maine meera mam ki ek iv dekha uss per vo keh rahe the ki SuKor bech aab misunderstanding suru hone bala hai

    u no Aanya di meri bff ki vi bday june main hai bt she z 1year elder than me

  25. It’s getting boring little bit now a days nt like earlier. It’s really hard to watch sukor situation specially surajs state. Do u ll hv any idea hw much time thy ll drag this track cz it’s hard to tolerate. Thnx fr the links . Evn I’m gonna skip these days bt if sukor scenes r there thn I ll watch it. Hp thy end this track soon. Congratulations team udaan fr completing 700 epi successfully .

  26. guys there are some romantic scenes between sukor during kite flying competition and thik cuts the rope of chakors kite…aur to aur suraj ne ye bhi keh diya ki jitna dard dena do waqt hamara bhi aiga something like that..it means he will release soon

  27. ya sia even i also eagerly waiting for that scene!!!
    yes sia even i can’t able tolerate the torture on suraj and sukor….
    but guys see udaan then trp will increase,and if u don’t like the some of scenes means u put ur tv volume in mute,if sukor scenes means…can see happily…iam going to do this in upcoming weeks…from tolerating from torture…

  28. Guys how many of u follow udaan india forums site? it’s a very good place for episode discussions and all

  29. yehh night time???

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