Udaan 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhuvan shocked seeing Tejaswini. Tejaswini asks Bhuvan to go police station and say Ishwar is the culprit and you are the witness. She smiles, while Abha is shocked. Abha says its wrong. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to put Bhuvan and Kasturi in jeep. Abha tries to stop them. Tejaswini scares her. Abha says do anything, but I promise I will free Ishwar and then he will fulfill his promise that he made to your husband. Tejaswini laughs off and taunts her. Imli tells Dadi that she won’t let them take her parents. Dadi stops her. Imli runs after then and falls. Abha runs to her and takes care of her. Imli asks where did her parents go. Abha says don’t worry, they will come, Chakor told me a lot about you, when she was with us in Lucknow, they have caught Chakor in chains and caged her, but I know her courage will not break, and you are also brave like Chakor. Imli cries. Abha says everything will be fine, take care of your parents.

Imli recalls Chakor’s words and says she will free Chakor. Girja throws food plate towards Chakor. Her foot bleeds. Aditya says he can’t believe my dad is in jail and Chakor is caged, how can they arrest my dad, he is collector. Vivaan says he said what Ragini told hom. Aditya asks is he not ashamed to stay with criminals. Vivaan says his dad and Tau ji are not criminals. Aditya says let me say, Vivaan should know, and says your dad kidnapped Chakor and tried to kill her, your Tau ji has bonded labor business,s they have caged Chakor in chains, if they are not criminals, then who is criminal, my dad? Whom your Tau ji has sent to jail. He cries. Vivaan leaves being shocked.

Abha does Imli’s first aid and asks her to take care. Bhuvan and Kasturi come to police station, and say they won’t give any statement against Ishwar. Lakhan scolds them. He asks why are they acting bold, as they got Imli back, and reminds about Chakor, she is in haveli. The inspector asks them to give statements soon. Girja throws the food plate and Chakor kicks it outside. Girja says queen does not want to eat, fine die. Tejaswini says stop. Girja says she is not eating and throwing food outside, I tried hard. Tejaswini says let me see what is she doing. Chakor tries cutting the metal chains. She sends the servants to see Chakor and laughs.

She goes to Chakor and smiles. Tejaswini asks Chakor to have rotis, if she is not strong, she can’t play this game. She leaves. Girja locks the door and gives keys to her. She asks Sheru to take care. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini did she send them to police station. She says yes, and Ishwar will go where he should have gone, Lakhan will manage, he is with Bhuvan and Kasturi. He says it’s a stamp of Ishwar’s fate which will never fade. She says everyone’s courage will break seeing Chakor in cage and chains, you just see. He smiles. The inspector scolds Bhuvan and asks does he know Ishwar.

Bhuvan says yes, he is collector Ishwar. He forcibly takes Bhuvan’s thumb impression on the papers, and Ishwar is shocked. The inspector says both the stamps are same. Kasturi says we are not educated and did not know whats written. He says yes, so Ishwar has trapped you. They say he did not do anything. Hee says thanks, we got a corrupt gotv officer, go now. Abha comes and says no. Everyone look at her.

Chakor shows roti and Sheru eats it. Bhaiya ji says even dogs are dancing on her sign, I will kill her. Imli tells Tejaswini that she wants to stay here, as she is not getting food at her home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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