Udaan 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor meets Imli

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The Episode starts with Anjor saying Imli will manage my expenses, I will explain you the accounts. Her dad scolds her. Sugna asks Anjor to run to room and lock door. Anjor says wait, I will explain him, I have to study. He gets angry and hurts her foot with a burning wood stick. She screams. Chakor wakes up and sees the empty cradle. She recalls Saanvi. Chakor sings lullaby and cries. Anjor sees the moon and smiles. Kasturi comes to Chakor to talk. Chakor says I don’t want to talk to Chandu ji/moon. Kasturi says you will get peace when you talk to Chandu ji, you didn’t sleep well since 7 years, you will die this way, listen to me, talk to Suraj, that’s your house. Chakor says that’s not my house, it broke down, new havelis aren’t made on wrecked place, I have no stain on my forehead, I have clarified myself and cried too, I don’t care what anyone talks about me, my Lord knows if I m a culprit or not, if Suraj is happy to blame me, then let it be, I will live my life on my ideals, I have learnt living with memories.

Imli leaves from Gumaan’s room and waves to Garima. She asks Girja to get tea. Gumaan’s mum asks why are you shouting, you didn’t proper your clothes. Imli says I m just asking for tea, I had a drink with your son and …. Gumaan’s mum says I don’t want to hear, I have come so that no one sees you leaving from Gumaan’s room, you don’t understand anything. Tejaswini comes. She says I was looking for you, Suraj called and asked you to lend loans to people. Imli agrees and asks her not to worry. Gumaan’s mum asks are you scared, Tejaswini would have known your truth. Imli says don’t save me, save yourself and Gumaan, if Tejaswini knew this, she would have told everything to Suraj, that Gumaan has an affair with me, Suraj would have thrown you and your son out of here, so you get afraid of me. She goes. Gumaan’s mum says Imli is a Naagin, Gumaan won’t know when she bites him. Anjor wakes up and smiles. She says I felt like my mum has applied me medicine. She talks to the sun. She asks her dad to come and see the bright sun.

Sugna says meet her, if anything happens to her, Imli won’t leave us. Imli comes to meet Chakor and says you don’t miss me, I always come to meet you. Chakor says I was busy in work. Imli says yes, you are busy in your NGO, what’s the name. Chakor says Udaan. Imli says I know that’s your support, come with me to haveli, Suraj is living with Naina, when you are his legal wife. Chakor says I don’t care for anyone’s words, I have left Aazaadgunj, Suraj has blamed me and gave me this wound. Imli says I m also missing Saanvi, when I think of her, my heart breaks. Chakor recalls Saanvi and cries. Imli smiles and goes.

Anjor teaches her dad and asks him to let her go to school. Chakor gets to hear about Aazaadgunj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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