Udaan 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan celebrates with everyone

Udaan 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Karan setting his office. He welcomes Chakor, Suraj and Saanvi. He says I made the office like this so that the worker feels like home. Chakor says I m glad you think a lot for everyone. Karan says but no one thinks for me. He gets the special chair for Chakor. He says Suraj ji, you are our new project manager, come and sit, this is for you. Suraj sits. Chakor says you have worked really fast. Karan says you stop doubting on my work speed, can we call each other by first names, see Saanvi is also saying yes. He says I have changed people’s fate overnight, no one can match my speed, just see how I change Aazaadgunj’s fate. He gives a toy to Saanvi. He gets a call. Chakor hugs Suraj and says I m very happy. Imli looks on. Chakor says I want Saanvi to grow in free environment. Karan says I feel I can ask anything to Suraj, I want Suraj’s haveli for one night, don’t worry, I want to throw a party and invite villagers to declare our project’s beginning, how did you like my idea, will I get a place or not. Chakor asks why not, its a good thing. Karan says so its decided, Saanvi will shine like a little star.

Imli thinks Saanvi will meet her Maasi, I will get a gift for her tender wrist. Suraj says Saanvi looks like a fairy today. Chakor says yes. Suraj holds Chakor and compliments. She says we should go and welcome Karan. He romances. She says Maa is coming, leave me. He says don’t make such excuse. Tejaswini comes and asks them to go downstairs, Karan is waiting. She says I will feed Saanvi. Chakor says I will feed her. Tejaswini says don’t worry, Saanvi stays happy with me. Chakor says fine, feed something light, add milk in khichdi. Tejaswini says I know raising kids, I have raised your husband too. Suraj smiles. Tejaswini takes Saanvi. Suraj asks Chakor not to worry for Saanvi. She says I m happy you are managing the project, don’t misunderstand Karan. He says yes, but people who came here always cheated us, Karan isn’t bad but…. any ways what’s harm in staying careful.

Karan greets everyone and says I have sworn to make Aazaadgunj developed, this is my land now, there is some warmth here, Suraj and Chakor make me feel like they know me since years. Chakor says I was finding answers, then Lord gave us Karan, I request you all to support Karan. They all agree. Suraj thanks them. Karan says you have to support Suraj, not me, Suraj will stand by me and work for the village, also support Chakor, this is her dream, I promise I will have all the facilities here for you. Everyone claps. Suraj says the credit goes to Chakor’s prayers, she always prayed for the village. Karan says we will celebrate today, get the dhol. He plays dhol and says we will celebrate with you all. Chakor signs Suraj to play dhol. Karan and Suraj play dhol. They all dance. Gauri says Chagan doesn’t talk to me, I left my work too. Suraj says I will talk to him later, come and dance. Imli sees them and walks to Saanvi. Kasturi comes in way and asks her how did she come. Imli says I heard about the jashan and came to have food. Kasturi says this is also your house, come and have food. Imli thinks very soon I will fill such poison in your life that you can’t even have water.

Tejaswini consoles Saanvi. Imli takes Saanvi from her. Tejaswini says Saanvi is with old woman. Imli says I will make Saanvi bandhua. She gets a tattoo machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good episode
    Love this romantic Suraj and Saanvi is a cutie pie.
    The office is the one used by Ragini.
    Karan said that he brought the chair for Chakor before correcting himself.
    The villagers have fallen for Karan’s words at the first attempt.

    Saanvi will be safe, the question is who will take her away from Imli?

  2. Sukor romance was cute.
    I’m glad saanvi will be safe

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