Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj reminding the date after six weeks. She asks what’s special, we have to finish work. He asks don’t you remember. She asks what happened to you, since when are you remembering dates, what’s timing of my train. He says I gave ticket to Imli, ask her, we will meet after six weeks. He goes. She thinks what happened to Suraj.

Vivaan asks Ragini why is she going. She says its imp, I will be going for a month, you sit on this chair, come. Ranjana asks him to sit, as he has right on Bhaiya ji’s chair. Bhaiya ji tells about his ancestors. He shouts Bhole and plays dumroo. Vivaan says this place just suits to Ragini. Ragini makes him sit and does his tilak. He smiles. Bhaiya ji asks everyone to stand in line and get stamp. Kids runs. He runs after the kids. She asks the puppy to stop. He holds a puppy and says none can get saved from Bholenath. Vivaan smiles seeing him and asks Ranjana where is she going, let us enjoy this. Bhaiya ji stamps on the puppy and says I have made you bandhua. Ragini says I will leave now. Vivaan laughs seeing Bhaiya ji.

Imli comes there and asks what happened to you Vivaan, he is like your father, you are laughing on his bad state. He goes to Bhaiya ji and asks him to come. He says I won’t come. She says real bandhua is waiting in your room, come. She takes him. Vivaan gets angry.

Chakor is leaving. Imli asks her if she is finding Suraj. Chakor says he did not come to say bye to me. Suraj looks on. Chakor says he does not care for me, you say he loves me. He thinks of her words. He thinks she does not care for our relation, she forgot such imp day. Imli asks her to go and call after reaching.

Chakor gets sad and leaves in the car. Suraj comes downstairs. Imli says Chakor has gone. Suraj runs after the car and shouts Chakor…..He gets tired and stops. He says in heart, stop Chakor. Chakor asks driver to stop the car. She turns and sees Suraj. Suraj smiles and runs to her. He says maybe you don’t remember, try to come back at 18th. She holds his hand and says if its important that I come back, then I will come back, take care of yourself and Pakhi’s family. He asks her to take care and call him if she needs anything. She leaves. He thinks of something and runs after car again asking her to stop. She asks driver to stop car. He says I went yesterday to help Pakhi’s dad, you wanted to show me something, what was it. She says I will come back and say, shall I go now. He says go. She leaves.

He thinks don’t know you remember or not, 18th is our first wedding anniversary, you promised you will come back, I will make you bride again, I will lift your ghunghat and kiss your eyes, and say I love you a lot Chakor. She thinks if its the same reason that I m thinking, I will be happy, I know its our wedding anniversary, I was afraid to say as it maybe not imp for you, I will become your bride by wish and tell you that I love you Suraj.

Suraj comes to haveli. Imli teases him and asks him how will he stay without Chakor, you love her a lot, so you have run after car, did you say feelings to her. He says no, when did I say I love Chakor. She says you did not say you don’t love her, I m your Saali, tell me. He says I could not say. She asks why do you need time, whom will you fight now, how will I take care of you. He asks why will you take care of me. She says Chakor told me. He asks really. She says yes, we will go and practice shooting tomorrow. He says idea is good, we will go to our old place. She says I will get food also. Vivaan sees them. Suraj holds her and they walk inside the house. Vivaan gets angry. He thinks how will I spend time till Chakor comes back, I wish she comes back till 18th.

Chakor reaches Mumbai. She thinks of Suraj. Agar tum saath ho…..plays……… Suraj practices shooting. He sees Chakor and shoots the pot. Imli laughs. Chakor attends events. She gets the cheque. She thinks of Suraj. Suraj sees Chakor’s photo and thinks of her. They think to call each other. Suraj calls her. She smiles and answers. They hear each other by their silence.

Suraj says this time we will marry, Suraj and Chakor’s marriage…. Imli smiles. Chakor comes. Garland falls in her neck. Suraj slips and holds Chakor. Imli says I m pregnant Suraj. He happily hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanx renu fr sharing spoilers.oh ! Zoya dr I was waiting fr ur shayari. It’s k no worries. Bt if u cn do post it tomorrow .

  2. Tere sath guzra har pal hmare liye khaas hai
    Tujhe pane ki khwaish aur apna banane ki aas hai
    Kaise kahe tujhse kitna pyar krte hai hum
    Bus teri ek yeh hi yaadei hai Jo hmare paas hai

  3. okk guys I am posting my shyari.

  4. Its ok zoya.dil d i mean in serial lep jst complete in one epi.right?gys one more think renu verma she is a lvly working woman n mother of two children.so respectfuly m calling her renu mam.

  5. Dear friends, jodha ,kalika ,madhumita, shreenath r new comers ya they r past comenters?
    @shreya dr i can not understand the sentense ” i never met u before bcz am from TN , so am sure in dis”
    @shreya i love your sweet words n i agree with u that There r so many telly update pages but no where is such bonding. All members of this page r so friendly n so sweet that i can not explain in words . This is the only reason i coment here daily.
    @ i don’t know What will u think to know that i like udaan bt this is not my favorite. I coment here bcz of u guys n i become happy when i talk with u all.
    @a new tapa has come ya jali u changed your email id?

  6. Wht hapen to u tapa.its nice i can’t cntrol my lough.vivan n ragini sch mai esa krne lge to.bt m enjoing.kalika u r right [email protected] i like vimli pair n also wona see chagn with ragini not with imli.bt where is shikku n chagn.n gys is there any bdy vimli fan?m asking bcz i think here is only me who is both sukor n vimli fan.gys one more que.bridl swiping wala chapter na hota pairs sumli n vikor hi rehte to aap loge konsa pair chose krte?

    1. If it was vikor and sumli pairs were their without bride swapping, then I won’t watch udaan . I started watching it last year on October dr. While switching channels whn I was bored nly I saw karwachauth scene of sukor. After tht only I started to like sukor pair n started to watch udaan. Thts y I wnt reply fr questions asked by sm people cz I also gt to knw frm u guys after reading ur comments. I love sukor. Infact I like whole udaan team . Bt I don’t like the way vimli interferes n misinterpret in sukors life. Tht doesn’t mean I don’t like vimli also. Aanya dr sry if I hurt u by any words.

  7. Ek ajeeb dastan hai Mere afasane ki,
    Maine pal pal koshish ki tere pas aane ki,
    Kismat thi meri ya sazish jamane ki,
    Dur huye itana jitani.. Ummeed thi kareeb aane ki.

  8. @ Aanya I like vimli when they trust sukor and are on their side, but in the new track they will go against them and side with ragini and ranjana. they always trust anyone but sukor. I don’t understand your question but I want sukor and vimli and no other pairs.
    @tippu vivaan suspects chagan because he’s imli’s friend and close to her. both vimli are quick to blame sukor for any problem they face. As I understand it, imli didn’t accuse suraj of being her baby’s father, she said he’s jealous she’s having a baby with vivaan because his child died.

  9. Sukorian

    I think Ranjana doesnt know abt the fake report n she will help Imli. Bcz hearing to become a grandmother makes her really happy


  10. Wah renu mam aap bhi syri dene lgee.its realy awsm [email protected] thnku dear lov u n ur syri.phele schi bolu aapka cment pdke mera mood off ho gya tha.bt thnks zoya n renu mam for this [email protected] don’t wry mama i know ur zkm fan right u like lov stories right.i don’t think so anybdy’ve prob.with u sweetu right gys.

  11. Shreya.

    Mama dr I said dis line bcz u asked asked na ‘if I met anyone in dis page’….tats y only i cmnt lyk tat dr….thn aanya dr even am also both sukor nd vimli fans…bt vimli roles (characters) r make me upset sometimes tats it dr….nd aanya i hv one dbt ‘hw do u knw abt renu mam’ …nd aanya u r ryt they showed d leap in just one episode….its different….nd asusual nyc sayari zoya dr….nd tanx for d link both janani nd renu mam…

  12. Nemo ur shyari is nce but I think that this shyari is not your own u have get from any app.bcoz I have read this shyari in shyari app.i think u shouldn’t cheat anything from anywhere by the way u create it in ur own that will be
    great.sry if my words hurt u.

  13. Hi zoya sorry but i had read it long time ago n felt it appropriate for sukor so posted.

  14. Thnx fr the link sukorian . Amazing shayari zoya and renu mam. Thnx aanya fr sharing abt renu mam cz I had no idea abt who was it . And sry I misunderstood ur question. Yup it was n day n I’m glad tht thy didn’t drag it much hope thy wnt drag imlis baby’s track also fr a long time .

  15. Aanya di , i like sukor n vimli jodi . Bt when problems r created due to vimli which can create misunderstanding between sukor i become sad. N di how do u know about renu mam?
    @ di, can u say the meaning of ‘afasane’?
    @ Lucy , where r u from? I an asking because this is my cousin’s name.
    @zoya dr as usual nice shayari. Sach kahu to u r the shyri master.
    @tapa, woh padhke mujhe hasi nhi ayi bcz it is expected from u n from your super talented mind.

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