Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj reminding the date after six weeks. She asks what’s special, we have to finish work. He asks don’t you remember. She asks what happened to you, since when are you remembering dates, what’s timing of my train. He says I gave ticket to Imli, ask her, we will meet after six weeks. He goes. She thinks what happened to Suraj.

Vivaan asks Ragini why is she going. She says its imp, I will be going for a month, you sit on this chair, come. Ranjana asks him to sit, as he has right on Bhaiya ji’s chair. Bhaiya ji tells about his ancestors. He shouts Bhole and plays dumroo. Vivaan says this place just suits to Ragini. Ragini makes him sit and does his tilak. He smiles. Bhaiya ji asks everyone to stand in line and get stamp. Kids runs. He runs after the kids. She asks the puppy to stop. He holds a puppy and says none can get saved from Bholenath. Vivaan smiles seeing him and asks Ranjana where is she going, let us enjoy this. Bhaiya ji stamps on the puppy and says I have made you bandhua. Ragini says I will leave now. Vivaan laughs seeing Bhaiya ji.

Imli comes there and asks what happened to you Vivaan, he is like your father, you are laughing on his bad state. He goes to Bhaiya ji and asks him to come. He says I won’t come. She says real bandhua is waiting in your room, come. She takes him. Vivaan gets angry.

Chakor is leaving. Imli asks her if she is finding Suraj. Chakor says he did not come to say bye to me. Suraj looks on. Chakor says he does not care for me, you say he loves me. He thinks of her words. He thinks she does not care for our relation, she forgot such imp day. Imli asks her to go and call after reaching.

Chakor gets sad and leaves in the car. Suraj comes downstairs. Imli says Chakor has gone. Suraj runs after the car and shouts Chakor…..He gets tired and stops. He says in heart, stop Chakor. Chakor asks driver to stop the car. She turns and sees Suraj. Suraj smiles and runs to her. He says maybe you don’t remember, try to come back at 18th. She holds his hand and says if its important that I come back, then I will come back, take care of yourself and Pakhi’s family. He asks her to take care and call him if she needs anything. She leaves. He thinks of something and runs after car again asking her to stop. She asks driver to stop car. He says I went yesterday to help Pakhi’s dad, you wanted to show me something, what was it. She says I will come back and say, shall I go now. He says go. She leaves.

He thinks don’t know you remember or not, 18th is our first wedding anniversary, you promised you will come back, I will make you bride again, I will lift your ghunghat and kiss your eyes, and say I love you a lot Chakor. She thinks if its the same reason that I m thinking, I will be happy, I know its our wedding anniversary, I was afraid to say as it maybe not imp for you, I will become your bride by wish and tell you that I love you Suraj.

Suraj comes to haveli. Imli teases him and asks him how will he stay without Chakor, you love her a lot, so you have run after car, did you say feelings to her. He says no, when did I say I love Chakor. She says you did not say you don’t love her, I m your Saali, tell me. He says I could not say. She asks why do you need time, whom will you fight now, how will I take care of you. He asks why will you take care of me. She says Chakor told me. He asks really. She says yes, we will go and practice shooting tomorrow. He says idea is good, we will go to our old place. She says I will get food also. Vivaan sees them. Suraj holds her and they walk inside the house. Vivaan gets angry. He thinks how will I spend time till Chakor comes back, I wish she comes back till 18th.

Chakor reaches Mumbai. She thinks of Suraj. Agar tum saath ho…..plays……… Suraj practices shooting. He sees Chakor and shoots the pot. Imli laughs. Chakor attends events. She gets the cheque. She thinks of Suraj. Suraj sees Chakor’s photo and thinks of her. They think to call each other. Suraj calls her. She smiles and answers. They hear each other by their silence.

Suraj says this time we will marry, Suraj and Chakor’s marriage…. Imli smiles. Chakor comes. Garland falls in her neck. Suraj slips and holds Chakor. Imli says I m pregnant Suraj. He happily hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Divyashankar

    Wow it’s beautiful no words to describe it’s uniqueness it’s brilliant…please friends watch udaan and increase trp it’s so beautiful episode

  2. Oh nice n cute? I’m awaiting of tomorrow epi. so excited don’t know wht will happen in future.

  3. Aqua

    I got teary in sukor scenes ???????????

  4. Aqua

    Chakor looked so pretty. I loved how both had a feeling of longing for each other.
    They wanted to hold each other but could not because they are still afraid if rejection.

    The simple touch of the hand meant so much to suraj that I got all teary ?

  5. here the beginning of hateing imli


    1. Thanks for the link,

  6. What a beautiful episode, everything was just right! Loved how Suraj ran after the car and how her heart sensed his call. The way they were missing each other was amazing and the phone call at the end was so romantic. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

    I’m happy that he ran after the car without knowing about the writing on the bedroom wall.

  7. Diyuu002

    Hello I am new here and Can I join here?
    I love udaan but due to studies can’t get time to watch..I am so dying to Watch their confession don’t know when this will be happen?

  8. Hey all of you I am new here can I join?
    Episode was flawless can’t wait to see their confession.

  9. now it will shown that vivan will suspect suraj as imli’child.disgusting..
    i want more strong relationships of sukor.
    I’m silent reader of this show.

  10. arre director uncle SuKor ka marriage date 30th june ko hai18th ko nahi . so guys bachuva track season 2 is on the way .

    divyu n shrishti why d second thought just jump on in n cmnt as much as u can bt plz don’t disappear from here

  11. Oh God now who is the father? If Vivan is not
    Cant wait

    1. Vivaan is the father, Ragini paid the doctor to lie about Vivaan because she wanted to mentally disturb him so that she can easily control him, Vivaan is like a puppet so easily controlled and swayed. Now he will make sure that SuKor is as unahappy as he is. I hope Imli goes back to Chagan, maybe she will be happy with him, Vivaan is very unstable.

  12. Vivaan insecurity starts each time he will think imli is getting closer to suraj and when imli says shes pregnant he will blame suraj for it and in the latest spolier he vows to ruin suraj life but chakor finds it all fishy and suspects ragini for all this and will try to find proof so that she can prove suraj innocent

  13. Imli is so cheap how can she smack chakor and blame suraj for everything i always hated her she was never happy for chakor she was always jealous of her first she use to get jealous when suraj use to flirt wirh chakor and after vivaan accepted her she got jealous about vivaan still being friends with chakor that she tired to make her fall of the stage so she can be the best no one cares about you imli if the makers do this again and chakor sacrifices again for imli i wont watch the show anymore the main lead is chakor not imli she always plays the victim shes selfish and cheap when chakor fell in love again she has to stick her tongue and blame suraj for being the dad she can never see chakor happy im very frustrated i hope chakor smacks her too she smacked chakor alot of times now i think kamal will get better and it will be imli and kamal and vivaan and ragini both teams will try to attack chakor and suraj

    1. Aqua

      That’s is what I was saying yesterday. .. imli and vivaan always finds reason to blame chakor. If the volcano erupts it’s chakor faults if the cyclone comes it’s chakor faults … i dislike vimli characters?

    2. I also agree they never take ownership of thier behaviour every relationship goes through a bad phase how can they throw there problems and blame everything on chakor in the latest spolier imli blames everything on chakor and suraj it should be vivaan telling imli that he cant be a dad not chakor she also told vivaan that he should tell imli before it is too late instead of blaming chakor she should be angry with vivaan because he hid the truth and as husband and wife they should have trust like chakor and suraj do chakor supported suraj throughout all his bad times she did blame it on vivaan or imli that its all thiet fault they faced there problems but vimli has to blame chakor if imli knows the child is vivaan and is 100 percent sure then she should concentrate on bringing and showing the truth to vivaan instead of blaming on chakor who is about to start a fresh relationship with suraj but no vimli has to butt in when suraj was bundhwa chakor helped him and she faced all her problems herself she didnt trouble vimli for it but vimli fued should be between themself why r they involving chakor and suraj and i cant believe imli says to chakor that she holds grudges from the past if that was the case chakor would never let her and vivaan be one but she is to selfish to understand her and vivaan are the same thing they deep down only think about thier self and then they play the victim
      I really feel sorry for chakor who gets a sister like that shes the worst

    3. same feeling u absolutely right

    4. I’ve always thought the same, that deep down Imli is jealous of chakor. Chakor brings out the goodness in people and Imli seems to do the opposite. Chakor was heartbroken when Vivaan chose Imli but she respected their feelings and never let it show. Imli I find is pretty selfish I can’t seem to warm to her. She was pressuring vivaan about having a baby which after having a check up he became resentful and bitter and that’s when he started turning negative

  14. Hi divyu and srishti, welcome to our family, please join in as often as you can.

  15. Whatever problems Sukor face will make their love stronger and at the end Sukor will overcome all these troubles even if everyone else is against them.

    I’m going to enjoy Sukor romance this week. There will be enough time in the future to worry about vimli and the evil gang.

  16. KN was funny while chasing the dogs. I can understand vivaan’s hatred for him but Ragini and Ranjana are betraying him. When KN becomes normal again he will not forget what they did and Imli will be rewarded for helping him.

  17. Sukor scenes were so nice… waiting for their dream date… what’s the need of hug between suraj and imli always… as good friends.. that’s fine…but hugging too much.. in the current scenario vivan can’t become a father and imli is pregnant… all will doubt suraj only… even vivan sees them hugging more than once..

  18. hi everyone. u r most welcome diya,srishth and jodha. Stay with us n don’t disapper from here.
    Coming to the episode, loved the episode. Waiting eagerly to the anniversary episode. I think vivan will be good after knowing the truth of ragini that means about her all deeds. N sukor-vimli the chaturmurti will be returned.

  19. Aweeeeeeeesw epi.lov sukor moment .precap is also intresting.was it one day lep gys?waiting for more sukor n kn ji scene.today imli also did a great thing right gys.lov u so much udan.mooooooooooooost welcome diyu nd shristi enjoy amazing lovble udan show.

  20. U r right tapa 30 june ko bridl swiping wala epi.tha right usi din shadi hui.n if m not wron 18th ko to sat.ya sun.khuch tha right?its ok tapa ho skta hai unhone yeh scene uss din shot kiya ho, posible?n sweetu sb hmari tara pagl thodi na hai jo serial mai itna ghus jayenge or hr scene yad rakhenge.n thnk aapne ye baat uthai mujhe sukumli ka vo’jhoom brabr’song pe dance batl yaad aagya lvly moment na.

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