Udaan 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aditya teaching Chakor how to use the phone. Chakor learns it. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai……………… udaan hai……………..plays………………. Chakor dances and jumps happily. Aditya smiles seeing her. He says you learnt it. He too jumps with her. Chakor learns the numbers. Aditya claps for her. He says you can now dial the number. She wears the sandals. He asks whaats she doing. She says yes, I can run without it. He asks where is she going. She says she will go to Pandaal Kaka and ask for Vivaan’s number, then you call him. He says you won’t go. She says I have to call Vivaan. He says whenever you go out, we have problems at home. She says fine and sits. He says great, you agreed so soon. She says what Vivaan did for her and she wanted to apologize to him as she lied to him. She says if I does not agree to you, then I have to apologize to you, I lost a friend and does not want to lose another one.

He says you won’t lose this friend and don’t need to say sorry. She says but I have to say sorry to him. he says I have an idea, we will go to school and find Vivaan there. She says good idea and gets happy. Prabhakar comes and says if she makes noise, he will send her back to Aazaadgunj. The kids smile. Manohar loads the gun in anger. He sees Ranjana and Vivaan’s pic and says I m coming Lucknow Vivaan, I know your mum won’t let me come home, I will meet you in school. I will end that reason too, who made me away from my son, that little Chakor.

Chakor says tomorrow we will meet Vivaan, what should I take for him. Aditya says buy something. She says I will make something. Aditya asks her to chance clothes. They make a fresh flowers bouquet. Aditya says the flowers will get dry. She asks him to get sugar. He says sugar? He brings the sugar and asks Aditya to drink water. She puts sugar in the water vessel and puts the flowers in it. She says Kasturi taught her this and shows in FB, how Bhuvan gave her flower and Kasturi showed her to keep flowers safe for one week. Aditya says you talk so much about your mum, why don’t you want to go. She says it does not matter. He says first tell me why don’t you stay with mum.

She says she does not take care of me, so I stayed in haveli. He asks why does Imli stay with mum. She says she is young. He asks her to tell the truth. She says as my Maai has kept me Girvi in haveli. Aditya is shocked. Chakor thinks about Kasturi telling those bitter words. He says how can she keep you Girvi, are you any thing. She says I don’t know, but don’t tell anyone, my Maai will not like it. She leaves. Kasturi gives sweets to all the kids. The lady asks why is she happy. Kasturi says Chakor got freed and she had her Udaan. She says I came to know Chakor went to big city with good people, I m very happy. The lady says you are in peace now. Imli comes and asks what will we eat if you distribute all Prasad here. Kasturi laughs.

Tejaswini says I don’t trust Manohar. Girja says Lakhan is coming. Lakhan comes and greets her. Tejaswini says go to Chakor’s home and do as I tell you. Bhuvan and Kasturi are happy as Baa gave them good news and make them light hearted. Lakhan comes to them and they get tensed. Kasturi hides Imli. Lakhan says Bhuvan that he is called in the haveli, maybe he made some mistake. He says Tejaswini is calling him. Kasturi says what did we do. Bhuvan asks her not to worry, he will go. Kasturi says she will come. They go to meet Tejaswini.

They greet her. Tejaswin acts good to them. She asks them are they worried for Chakor. She says even I worried for her, don’t know whats happening with her. Kasturi gets worried knowing Chakor is lost. Chakor looks at the moon and talks. She says why did mum keep me Girvi. Tejaswini says she is finding Chakor, but we could not find her, we have a doubt that they have sold her. Kasturi says I heard they are good people. Tejaswini says no, its wrong, I heard that they steal kids, cut their hands and leg to make them beg, I m sure Chakor is in big problem. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry. Kasturi asks her to save Chakor. Tejaswini says there is one way, we will do FIR from you people, we will complain in police from your side. Kasturi is shocked.

Tejaswini tells Abha about Chakor’s parents making FIR against them and threatens her. Abha cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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