Udaan 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranjana scaring Suraj about the reporter. She asks Suraj and Chakor to be ready. Imli hears this. Ranjana goes. Imli asks them how will they act all day, everyone will know your relation, Ranjana played a big game, if what she thought turns true then…. Chakor and Suraj see each other. Ranjana says Chakor and Suraj can’t stay together, their difference will be in our favor. Bhaiya ji comes and throws laddoos. He scolds her. She says when you know what I did, then you will make me have sweets.

He asks what did you do. She says I invited media, Suraj and Chakor will fight and their fake marriage will come out, no one will ask Suraj, you do anything to Suraj. Ragini says we have to behave well with Chakor, she will trouble us, it will be her use. Ranjana says but…. Bhaiya ji says you know Suraj will get fame by media, their bond will get more strong, once this documentary comes out, many people will know Suraj, Ranjana is foolish.

Ranjana says don’t get angry on me, trust me. She hugs him and says Chakor and Suraj will fight infront of media. He says Chakor is clever, its our foolishness to under estimate her. Ragini says maybe Suraj will not support Chakor, and not get ready to documentary.

Suraj tells Chakor that he will not do all this, refuse for this shoot. Chakor says Ranjana will not leave us, just remember the answers. He says I used to fail in exams, I don’t remember anything, I will stop media from coming here by threatening them. She hits her head and says you will prove you are goon and I married a useless man, you can’t change like a dog’s tail. He asks what did you say. She says you always solve problems by doing wrong. He gets bag and puts his clothes. He says fine, I will leave from here. She asks where.

He says Lucknow, I can’t do media act, call me when this ends. She says no, its matter of few hours, you show bravery, why are you being coward, we have to face problem, we have to act to be good husband and wife, to fail Bhaiya ji’s plan. He says I can’t act, I say anything on face. He leaves. She says how to stop Suraj. Imli comes and asks Chakor if she needs anything for tomorrow. Chakor says no, Suraj has gone, he got angry and scolded me, I told him dog’s tail, he left. Imli asks are you mad, if you know he gets angry, why did you say when you need him, its your mistake.

Imli worries for media interview. Vivaan comes to room and sees Imli worrying for Suraj and Chakor. He says I m trying to say something. She says leave it, I did not listen. He says I have to give you a good news, I got a job. He lifts her and says Raunak called me to work. I will start earning. She hugs him. He says I can fulfill all your wishes, how did Raunak change mind, he was scared of Ragini. She recalls threatening Raunak. She asks him to think, maybe Raunak felt he can’t get anyone better. He says maybe. She says leave it, we will sleep now, media is going to come tomorrow.

Its morning, Chakor calls Suraj and says don’t know where did he go, what will I do, media will come. Imli comes and asks about Suraj. Chakor says Suraj is not reachable, Ranjana said reporter is very sharp and know problems between me and Suraj. Imli asks her why did she fight with Suraj, what will you answer media. Chakor says I did not think, if Suraj comes and says wrong things, all story will be out, I m scared. Imli says say anything, you are clever, I will go to welcome them, calm down.

Chakor says I have to teach lesson to Ranjana, what will I do. She prays. She says I have to do this alone and make excuse if they ask about Suraj. Suraj comes and says no need to make excuse, Suraj is here. She asks where were you all night. She calms down and thanks him for coming. She says I thought you have run away like coward. He argues and asks her to mind her tongue, if she insults, I will leave now. She says fine, change clothes. He says I m ready, jacket is good. She says you are my husband, you will go as goon. He asks her to get her mind treated, I bought new jacket and you find me a goon. She says I got better clothes, wait.

She asks him to get ready, we have less time, be quiet, let me speak and do as I say. He refuses to wear the clothes she got, why to do this acting, its better I leave. She stops him and says you are looking really good in jacket, but wear this sometime later, we will come on tv, you should look some handsome, wear this. He throws it. She says you have to wear this. He says no. She calls him coward. They argue. Imli comes and sees them arguing. She says its great thing that media is not here, all truth will come out, you go to Bhaiya ji and ask him to shoot you to end this fight. She says media has come, you both come, I told Vivaan to be alert today. She goes. Chakor asks Suraj to wear the suit and come, and leaves.

Chakor goes downstairs and says Suraj will get time to get ready and come. Bhaiya ji acts sweet and calls her bahurani. She gets shocked. He says I know the day is tiring, so I made healthy breakfast for you, have it. Ranjana gets juice for Chakor. Reporter and cameraman record this. Bhaiya ji says they have come, they will make documentary on you. Ranjana asks where is Suraj. Bhaiya ji says he does not want to come. Ranjana says its disaster, if Suraj goes from Chakor’s life, her life will get darkness. Chakor thinks she will not let Ranjana succeed in her motives.

Suraj looks at Chakor while she helps him. Reporter asks Suraj how did they meet and fall in love. Suraj says Imli kidnapped her and got to me. Chakor gets shocked and hits his foot. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guyz jab marriage swapping hyi thi tab ranjana ko pata ta sab lkin suraj k ek dafa manohar k case ki waja sy darany pr ranjana chup ho gi
    ab kyu ni suraj is ko blackmail kr rha us ko pata ha k manohar ko ranjana ny marvaya ha suraj can use this weak point of ranjana

  2. Thank God…..after a long time I can find this written update ?I think I can’t read it?
    By the way precap is really funny ?suraj tells their real story ?
    Sukor ????u r really unique judi?

  3. Very funny precap…..sukor was cute while fighting…

  4. Nice episode..

  5. Amrutha

    Initially I liked vivan, but now he became so selfish, definitely when time comes this vivan jumps from that problem and also takes away this imli.
    But suraj and chakor interview?…very cute pair in the world???.Suraj and chakor going in Jeep to find that den , wow suraj is singing song, flirting suraj is back.
    Suraj , I know you don’t go anywhere, leaving your enemy wife in trouble. Loved your comeback. If another guy comes, this egoistic husband will realize his wife value. I want to see suraj in possession for chakor.sukor rocks?.

  6. Thanks for recap. Love it so much. Funny Precap too. Ha3x…

  7. Frnds if u get any new promo link plz inform us immediately

  8. Today’s episode was awesome. All of the Sukor scenes made my day. I love to see their cute fights and arguments. The precap looks promising. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  9. Sukor chemistry ,fights are soo cute waiting for today episode

  10. ohhhh….kamal jiiii…plzzz don’t act like this nd can u plzzz…….. make som Chngs in ur mustache???juz try som scary mustache to maintain ur villain look, really!!! can’t laugh anymore!!! sukor really yaarrr…..can’t wait 4 ur media acttttttttt!!!!!!!!……..

  11. Guys I am vrushika.i am following udaan since post leap.i like Arjun sir bhagya di Aditya bhuvan kasturi vimli and everyone’s favourite sukor I was a scilent reader by reading comments I too wanted to share my opinion on Aditya

    I am badly missing Aditya Arjun sir and bhagya di.they all disappeared all of a sudden.especially Adi,he is also one of the leads in the show.i want him back to support chakor like before and also make our golden heart babu aka Suraj babu jealous ??.
    Persently he can spice up the story.cvs plz plz bring Adi back.it’s high time

    1. Ya Vrushika i’m also missing Adi….Firstly after the leap I thought there would be a luv triangle btwn Adi, Chakor n Vivan….but thankfully now chakor is with our handsome hunk sooraj which I always wanted to be happened I mean sukorrrr…

  12. Guys in upcoming episodes sukor will fight with some goons.One of them will try to hurt chakor and who can touch chakor infront of suraj.He will beat and chakor will get emotional seeing that????….

  13. https://youtu.be/sXp4fkC2hRA check out our sukor rocks

  14. Sukor nok jhok scenes made my day….eagerly waiting 4 2day’s episode….n both sooraj n chakor were lookin cute in their outfit as they were made 4 each others….

  15. Wow fight scene in udaan and suraj expression when he see chakor beating goons are too funny? and yeah he also stop chakor saying shant shant. And yeah always suraj stares chakor but now chakor will stare suraj and get emotional by seeing him fighting for her?

  16. Guys a good news,UDAAN IS AT 3RD PLACE.? ? ??

    This week trp:
    4.kumkum bhagya
    5.The Kapil Sharma show

    1. Wow Sia that’s awesome…

  17. My smileys went wrong ,lam like ?☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

  18. Nice episode sukor ur sooooooooooo cute luv u

  19. Guys suraj and chakor both will soon get kidnaped by yoshesh goons and if it happens they must be some sukor romantic scenes?

  20. I have became a great fan of sukor.vj,ur acting is superb .I am a great fan of anuraj now sukor and haya.will be there for commenting

  21. Sia naagin is weekend show so if we ignore naagin udaan is at no 2. Sukor track there tom and jerry fights,there chemistry are making all audience and viewers crazy?

  22. rytt Angel…itz really truee…sukor makng me crazy day by dayyy… thy r comng in my dreams!!! can any one believe that??? itzzz true guyzzz… If my drms r gong this way I’m sur I vll b crazyyyyy……..

  23. Thank you sia

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