Udaan 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Bhaiya ji to let Bhagya stay in temple. She says she was not happy there, ask her, she wants to be with her parents. Bhaiya ji says he will send Arjun to jail, and asks her to get out. Chakor leaves. Tejaswini says he might be saying right, why did he not send Arjun to jail, he tries to burn me. He says he did a deal. Arjun said he will not tell anyone about Kangan’s accident and I assured I will not tell anyone about this, he is leaving Aazaadgunj forever. Chakor hears this standing far. She gets worried. Girja asks her to work.

Bhaiya ji says if I do police case against Arjun, he can say about the accident, leave it, its waste to get after him. She says he did right, she did not listen to him, and apologizes. She says I will remember this burn sign as a lesson. He says this is my wife Tejaswini. She asks him to drop Devi Maa to her place. He says you understand everything late, see when Devi Maai goes to temple, we will have happiness. Bhagya cries.

Its morning, Bhaiya ji asks Girja to take Devi Maa and make her ready. He says tell everyone that Devi Maa is leaving tomorrow and she will be placed in temple. Bhagya says Pita…. Girja asks her to come. Chakor asks Girja not to lock Bhagya, she is not Devi, she is like us, she does not want to go to temple. Bhagya hugs her. Girja says leave her, and scolds Chakor. She sends her and locks Bhagya inside the room.

The villagers come to know about Devi. Bhuvan says he did not hear such thing before. Imli recalls Bhagya and thinks how did she become Devi, Chakor said she is like us. Chakor comes to meet Arjun and sees his bag. He says whats the result of his mistake, Bhaiya ji has made Bhagya a Devi and convinced Tejaswini that Bhagya has to stay in temple, she is leaving tomorrow. Kangan says its wrong happening with her, but we can’t do anything.

Chakor asks Arjun to say anything. Arjun says Kangan is saying right, now I can’t do anything, if Bhagya’s parents think she is Devi, maybe she is devi, what can we do, leave them. Chakor says no, this is happening because of you, you have to do something. Kangan says she can’t risk Arjun’s life, Bhagya will be alive as Devi, but she can’t live without her brother. Arjun says yes, we will leave. Chakor looks at him. Arjun leaves. Chakor says don’t worry Arjun, I will save Bhagya from becoming Devi Maa. She smiles.

Girja makes Bhagya ready in Devi Maa’s avatar again. Tejaswini says she does not have any relation with her, she did mistake to think she is human and tried to make her like them, and apologizes to her. She says she will send her to temple and does her aarti. Bhagya says Maa. Tejaswini says don’t call me Maa. Bhagya holds her. Chakor says you are her mum. Tejaswini says no, she is our Devi Maa and bows to her. Girja scolds Chakor.

Chakor goes to Baa and says everyone believes Bhagya is Devi Maa. She says I know she is not devi, do something. Dadi says what shall I do. Chakor says you said freedom is everyone’ right. She thinks Dadi has forgot everything. She does not tell anything to her about Bandhua and makes her laugh saying cuckoo. Chakor looks at Bapu’s pic and asks for help. She laughs.

Arjun and Kangan are at the bus stop. Arjun recalls Chakor’s words. He gets angry on the people and says Bhagya is not any Devi, Bhaiya ji has ruined her half life and now they will ruin remaining, she is human like us. The man asks him not to doubt on their belief. Arjun says they are making a human a Devi and asks will they always agree to Bhaiya ji. The man says Bhaiya ji will not lie. Kangan looks on as Arjun argues.

The people come to meet Bhagya and Chakor asks Vivaan to think something. He says they are getting mad to get Devi Maa Darshan. Bhaiya ji says calm down, Devi Maa is happy with their devotion and she will always bless them. He asks them to wait as Devi’s yatra will leave now. Ishwar comes there and greets Bhaiya ji. Chakor smiles. Bhaiya ji asks Ishwar did he come to meet Devi Maa. Ishwar says no, I came to say something. He says its his responsibility to make university bulding, and if labor is not arranged, it can’t be made and NRIs will run and his dream will be left unfulfilled. Ishwar says he is weird to talk at this time. Ishwar says Devi Maa can’t send labor, you have to arrange. Bhaiya ji says it will be done. Ishwar says I will leave. Chakor holds his hand and stops him. She says she has to talk to him. He says he does not have time now and leaves in his car. She thinks what to do now, as Ishwar did not help me, how will I save Bhagya now.

Devi Maa’s yatra begins. Chakor runs after her. Arjun comes to help. Chakor is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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