Udaan 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Imli’s kite competition

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Udaan 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking about Suraj. Kishor says he has gone away, why are you asking. Chakor says nothing, we shall make kites. Kids ask Chakor not to work hard, they can’t fly kites. Imli comes and does a drama. She asks them won’t they celebrate the festival with her. Chakor taunts her to be a devil. She asks where is Suraj. Imli says I m glad seeing your love for Suraj, don’t worry, Ranvijay and Suraj would be coming. She asks villagers to take the kites and sweets from her, this is charity from my side, its a good deed. She taunts them to be very poor. She asks Chakor to pay a price and let the kids celebrate the festival. Chakor asks are you asking for money.

Imli says no, you compete with me and make me lose in the kite competition, then I will give you everything. The kids ask Chakor to agree, she will win. Chakor asks Imli what does she want in return. Imli says I want my lost respect back, you all insulted me, if I win, you will take these gifts in front of media and praise me. Kasturi says Chakor will win. Imli says let Ranvijay and Suraj come first. Chakor asks everyone to get ready, something is fishy, what does Imli want to do.

Ranvijay and Suraj come. Ranvijay greets them. Imli says Bhuvan will hold my charki, Suraj will hold Chakor’s Charki. Chakor says Suraj won’t hold my Charki. Imli asks why, you were asking about him. Imli says its last competition between me and Chakor. Ranvijay signs her. Imli says then we will have political competition. Chakor says yes, we will compete here, you will get habitual to defeat. Villagers cheer for Chakor. The competition begins. Suraj gets close to Chakor and cares for her wound. Mahiya….plays…. Chakor and Imli fly kites. Chakor wins. Everyone claps. Imli acts good and goes to get her kite. Ranvijay signs Suraj. Suraj goes. Imli comes back. The villagers say its so much fun, Chakor is our leader. Imli says I hate defeat as I hate Chakor, I m glad for the kids’ happiness, I want you all to fly kites, whoever wins, I will give a big prize. Ranvijay chants her name. Kids get the kites. They fly. Imli says Chakor has to get trapped now. Suraj gets a kite. He thinks of Imli’s words. He thinks of Chakor. He flies a kite.

Chakor says if my child was alive today, he would be here flying a kite. Pakhi asks her to forget old things. Chakor says I don’t know why is Imli doing this, she has some motive, I m glad seeing the kids happy. The girl says that guy has cut my kite again. Chakor sees Suraj’s kite in the sky. Pakhi says I will teach him a lesson. They ask Chakor to cut the guy’s kite. Chakor flies the kite. She cuts Suraj’s kite. Suraj gets shocked. The villagers clap for Chakor.

Ranvijay says she has won again. Imli says there will be a storm now. Suraj shouts for help. Imli smiles. Chakor gets shocked and says its Suraj’s voice. Imli says yes, why is he shouting. Chakor asks her to say, what did she do with Suraj. She scolds Imli. Chagan says Suraj has ruined your respect, you are going to save him. She says I m his wife, its my duty to save him. She goes. Villagers talk about Suraj. Suraj shouts for help. Chakor comes to him and asks are you fine. Suraj recalls Imli’s words.

She says I was so worried, why were you shouting. He holds the thread against her neck and says don’t move, else I will cut your neck with this sharp thread. She scolds him. She sees the stick and gets it. She hits Suraj. Imli asks dhol men to play dhol. She asks everyone to fly kites and not worry for Chakor. She asks them to sing and dance. Imli dances. Suraj says I will see how much you can defend. Chakor fights with him. They fall down. She asks him to leave her hand, its hurting her. She kisses him. He leaves her hand. Mahiya….plays…. he doesn’t let her go. She tries to get the stick. She pushes him away. Imli dances in the village and says Chakor is dead. Ranvijay points a gun at Chakor.

Chakor says your plans flop when we are together, you can’t kill me. He scolds her. Villagers look for Chakor. He ties up Chakor to the tree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved Sukor’s fight scene, it was feisty.

  2. Surely some of the villagers could have gone with Chakor, even if they don’t like Suraj they shouldn’t have let her go on her own

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