Udaan 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor exposes Bacha Pandey

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor encouraging each other. They cry and miss Anjor. Vikram and Bacha Pandey come to Anjor. The goons catch Anjor. Bacha Pandey says your mum doesn’t love you, she asked us to kill you, we will give you same injection which we gave to tuntun, you will also die like her. Rajeshwari says stop, Suraj asked us for some time, I thought this girl is an orphan, her mum doesn’t love her, but her dad still cares for her, if he takes FIR back, I will leave her. She makes Anjor against Chakor. She says we will leave you if your dad wants to save you.

Anjor recalls Chakor’s words. Bacha Pandey gets drunk. He recalls Chakor and Suraj’s words. He comes to police station and asks inspector to open the lock up. Inspector asks him to leave, don’t take the law in hand.

Bacha Pandey says Chakor and Suraj have beaten me and broke my hand, open the lockup, else I will get you transferred. Inspector agrees. Chakor says what are you doing, how can you let him in. Constable opens the door. Bacha pandey gets in. Suraj stays worried.

Tejaswini asks Suraj to take FIR back and get Anjor home. She says Rajeshwari will kill Anjor. Leela agrees and asks him to listen to Rajeshwari. Suraj calls Rajeshwari. He agrees to her condition. She asks him to take FIR back and apologize in front of media. He says fine, get my daughter to me. She agrees. She calls minister and says all the stains will get clean in some time, switch on tv and see. Chakor asks why are you coming to me. Bacha Pandey scolds her. She insults him again. He says I m more worse than you think, I m Rajeshwari’s right hand. He confesses all the crimes. He says I have come here to ruin your respect. She gets shocked.

Inspector says your game is over, you are gone now. He points gun at Bacha Pandey and says we have witness, evidence and culprit too. Bacha pandey asks will you give statement against me, stay in your limits. Inspector says we don’t need any witness now, CCTV camera will say everything, you liked to play with recording, now world will see your recording. Bacha pandey shouts shut it. Inspector asks do you think police is your bandhua, Rajeshwari came and threatened Chakor, that camera was shut at that time, her luck was gone, but we couldn’t do mistake to keep this off now, you are gone. Chakor smiles. Suraj welcomes Rajeshwari to his house. He says you told me you will get Anjor with you. She says yes, she is safe in my car, come and take blames back in front of media, your daughter will come to you. Suraj thanks media for coming. He says I want to tell you all….. The CCTV recording plays on screens. Rajeshwari gets shocked seeing Bacha Pandey’s crime confession. Suraj and everyone also look on shocked. Suraj gets angry. Chakor comes home with police. Udaan hai….plays…. Rajeshwri gets shocked.

Suraj and Chakor find Anjor. Inspector arrests Rajeshwari. Bacha Pandey ask Rajeshwari to punish him. She says Chakor will get punished.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Excellent episode, Sukor scene was emotional but the highlight of the episode was the police inspector. There will be trust issues between Anjor and Chakor, hope Sukor handle it with patience and care.
    Can’t wait to see what Rajeshwari Devi will do next.

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