Udaan 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji warning Manohar that if Ishwar gets Chakor, he will punish him. Tejaswini smiles and asks him to come for aarti. Ishwar asks Chakor did she get hurt. Aditya says as the goons, they will be hurt. Ishwar says Chakor is brave and takes her home as Abha is waiting for her. Bhaiya ji does the aarti. Manohar keeps trying Pasha but can’t connect. Ragini asks Suraj why is he smiling. Suraj says he felt good when dad scolded someone else. A man calls Manohar and says Pasha is arrested by police. Manohar is shocked.

Abha is happy seeing Chakor fine. She kisses Chakor and hugs her. She thanks Durga Maa. Chaor gives her the banana saying its Mata Rani’s Prasad for her. Abha smiles. Bhaiya ji gets angry knowing everything and asks the servant to bring the hunter, as whoever does mistake is punished, be it anyone. He says Manohar has ruined my respect, I can’t show my face to anyone, he ruined me. Tejaswini says give him hunter, else he will burn the house. Prabhakar scolds Chakor for running from home. Ishwar says leave it, its not her mistake. Prabhakar says she has ruined our peace, everyone is dying after her.

Ishwar says Bhaiya ji got her kidnapped and she would have been killed, and you are counting her mistakes, is this your justice to punish the innocent. Prabhakar says you are misbehaving, I m your father before being a judge, I worry for you. Ishwar says she is also someone’s daughter, why do you want to save Bhaiya ji. Prabhakar says I m afraid of him. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to say in defense. Manohar says nothing, you can beat me, whatever is said is true, I did a sin, I should be punished.

Bhaiya ji starts beating him with the hunter. Prabhakar says everyone should be afraid of Bhaiya ji. Ishwar says no, Bhaiya ji should be afraid, as his goons are in police, if they give statement against Bhaiya ji, then I will see who saves Bhaiya ji. Chakor stops Prabhakar and says I will just come. Tejaswini counts the hunter strikes on Manohar and smiles. Baa comes home and is shocked. Tejaswini sees her and stops Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says I can’t leave him, Manohar does not have right to be alive. Tejaswini acts infront of Baa and asks him to not hurt Manohar more.

She scares Bhaiya ji saying bad things and makes him more angry. Bhaiya ji rages. Tejaswini says he is your younger brother, his blood is yours. She says Maa ji, when did you come. Baa looks at Bhaiya ji. Chakor asks Prabhakar to come near her and hides something. Aditya tries to stop her. Chakor says wait Aditya. She gives ice to Prabhakar asking him to eat it. He says whats this. She says this will cool your anger. Ishwar and Abha laugh. Prabhakar leaves. Ishwar says see her words Abha. They smile and go to their room. Aditya asks Chakor did she feel bad of Prabhakar’s words. She says no. She recalls Vivaan’s telephone number. Aditya goes.

Chakor calls the right number and Vivaan takes the call. She does not know how to use phone and does not talk. Bhaiya ji says he does not want a brother like Manohar. Manohar cries as Bhaiya ji leaves. Girja asks Baa to go to her room. Tejaswini acts good to Manohar. Baa says let me see Tejaswini’s acting more. Manohar says he did not feel bad that Bhaiya ji has beaten me, but that Chakor can ruin Bhaiya ji’s respect, if he does not get ticket, what will I do. He says no, I m still his younger brother, I will kill that girl or die, I will not let fire come on Bhaiya ji.

Baa says Manohar are you mad, don’t be so blind. Your brother is Raavan, not Ram. Tejaswini says what are you saying, its their matter. Baa says stop this acting and be quiet. I m talking to my son. Manohar says stop it Amma, don’t talk like this with Tejaswini. He says he is fine and don’t want any lep. He asks Baa to go to her room, and its their matter. Baa looks on. Chakor tells Aditya about calling Vivaan and tells the number. She says she does not know and dialed it as Kaka called him. Aditya says lets see the number is right or wrong, I will redial. He redials and waits. Vivaan does not take the call.

Bhuvan says Baa gave good news and relieved us about Chakor. Lakhan comes there and Kasturi hides Imli. Bhuvan asks what did I do. Lakhan says Bhaiya ji is calling you, come with me. They get worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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