Udaan 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan meets Suraj and Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor getting hyper and asking Archana about Imli’s pic. Archana says I have no idea, I just take care of Saanvi. Suraj says you just need rest Chakor. He tears the pic. Chakor says how will I find the truth of the pic. He says Saanvi is crying, don’t you understand, Imli is dead, why are you making our lives hell. He takes Saanvi and goes. Chakor cries. Tejaswini consoles and says Suraj is right, you need rest, go and rest. Imli looks on and smiles. Suraj recalls Chakor’s words. He takes care of Saanvi and thanks Archana. Chakor sleeps. Archana says our life is like a game. He says I know, I should control my anger, I should have not shouted on Chakor. She says its fine, you love Chakor, she would be hurt because of your anger. He agrees. She asks him to spend time with Chakor with love, she will take care of Saanvi. He sees Chakor and his pics on the wall. He gets an idea and says I know what to do. He goes.

Imli says I will change your life today, your parents will write their future, I will write yours. She smiles seeing Saanvi. Vivaan comes to the haveli and looks on. He says I will kill Suraj and Chakor to meet the person who held me captive. Chakor instructs Archana about Saanvi. Suraj asks her to come. Chakor says I m ready now, you can take me where you want. He thanks and blind folds her. He takes her out. Imli comes to Archana and takes Saanvi from her. Suraj surprises Chakor. Mahiya…..plays…. She smiles seeing the decorations. He plays their memories, pics on the projector screen. She thanks him for reviving the past memories. She says I wanted this surprise, I was feeling low. He says so I did all this for you, we leave the lovely memories behind, but I promise I will never leave you. They see Vivaan’s pics on the screen.

Suraj says some good people also left from our lives, who will never come back. Imli says I will rule again by making you bandhua. She takes the tattoo machine. Saanvi cries. Suraj says why does this happen, some people just leave us, I wish Vivaan’s soul gets peace. Vivaan comes there. Chakor sees a shadow. Suraj also sees the shadow on the screen. They turn to see the person. Chakor asks who is it. Suraj asks him to come in light. Vivaan comes ahead. They get shocked seeing Vivaan.

Chakor shouts Vivaan…. Imli hears her and stops making the stamp on Saanvi’s hand. She says Vivaan…… no….. She runs out to see. She gets shocked seeing Vivaan. Chakor recalls Vivaan and holds him. She says Vivaan you are really here, Suraj see our Vivaan is here. Suraj says Vivaan you are alive, you have come back. Imli looks on and cries. Vivaan says I have come back. Suraj says I can’t believe this Chakor, my brother has come back. He hugs Vivaan and smiles. Vivaan recalls the tortures and pushes him away. They get shocked.

Chakor gives him water. Vivaan pushes it away and says not bottle. He sits and gets water on hands. He asks for glass. Chakor says I will get it. Imli cries. Chakor gets water glass. She cries seeing Vivaan. Imli says no, Vivaan died, how can he be alive and goes. She asks Archana to give Saanvi to Chakor, she has imp work. Vivaan drinks water. He sits on the ground. Tejaswini sees him. Suraj says Vivaan was caged inside a dark room for seven years, who can do this. Tejaswini says someone did wrong with him. Chakor asks how did you reach there. Vivaan says don’t know, I was inside a dark room, I was fed a dry roti, I used to hit my head on wall, I didn’t knew about day and night, I used to shout, none heard me, every moment passed like years. Suraj says I can’t even imagine that. Chakor asks who can do this, who is Vivaan’s enemy. Vivaan says enmity, I have enmity with just one person. Suraj asks who is it. Vivaan says Imli….They get shocked.

Vivaan goes to Suraj and Chakor’s room. He says I will kill them to get Imli. He takes a knife.

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  1. Emotional episode. Loved Suvaan’s hug and felt sorry for Vivaan’s condition. Why isn’t Suraj and Teajaswini looking for the person who put the photo in Saanvi’s cradle. I agree Chakor is overreacting but someone is playing games with them.

    1. Mona146

      suraj is dumb as usual.

  2. Lokesh

    Gud to see Vivaan is in sense and knows abt imli.

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