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The Episode starts with Chakor coming out of the house and thinking of her bandhua stamp, her bonded life, troubles, hurdles, Ishwar’s loss, parents tears. He thinks she will fly high and not look back, till she does not fly and take her Udaan, she will not go back to Aazaadgunj, she will tackle that devil Bhaiya ji. Chakor runs faster, and Arjun starts the timer to record the time. She says F for focus and F for fame, no promise and problem can stop her.

Grown up Chakor is shown. Housnlon ki udaan………..plays………. Arjun keeps the finishing line target names Aazaadgunj. Chakor runs faster and reaches there. Arjun says 4mins, not bad, record is 3.42secs. She asks him to say how far is she away from her aim. He says you are very close, you will take part in senior marathon. She says that’s good news for me, my 10 years practice paid off. Arjun sees her bleeding feet. She says I m fine, nothing happened to me. He aids her feet. He says now you won’t run barefoot, you will wear shoes and run. She eats the sandwich and says
Bhagya Didi made it well, she has magic in her hands. He asks did she hear it, you will run with shoes, you can’t walk in this state. She says this wound will remind me my family, you have did a lot and healed my wounds, now I m ready to fly high, you find some other Chakor to train, I m ready to fly alone, thanks. He asks will you leave me. She says I can go away, but leaving you, you and Bhagya will always be in my heart. I did a loss to you, I know Bhagya did not have a child, as you did not want to shift focus from me and took care of me, now I have to go away, I want your blessings and your foot soil. Arjun stops her and hugs her. Udaan hai…………..plays………… Arjun gets teary eyed. Chakor smiles.

Bhagya asks Arjun how can he send Chakor, how will she manage alone. He says its nature, Chakor was with us for 10 years and she has dreamed one thing, the freedom of Aazaadgunj. Chakor looks at the wall painting, where she has cut Bhaiya ji’s pic and sets the bird free out of the cage. Arjun says now we can’t stop Chakor. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai…………..plays…………… Chakor packs her bags and smiles.

Its morning, Bhagya packs the laddoos and cries. Chakor comes with her bag. Bhagya asks did you get ready, did you not sleep at night, why don’t you take rest, how will you run marathon. Chakor says I don’t get sleep, Arjun got me here when I was little, now I have grown up. Bhagya says fine, sorry, keep these things, its all your fav things. Chakor smells the boxes and guesses, saying your hands have magic, I will always know this smell. Arjun says professional racing is not a kids’ play, don’t take it lightly, its tough competition, your training got complete, but whatever I taught you, always remember, G for goal and F for focus, did you think from where to start plan. Chakor says yes, Lucknow and shows paper.

Arjun says good, and gives her some money for her use. Chakor tells Bhagya that Arjun’s memory got weak, and reminds she never takes money from anyone, I have money I saved since 10 years. Arjun says I told Bhagya, Chakor will not take money, she is still stubborn, but promise me you will call me if money ends. Chakor promises keeping fingers crossed. She says I will leave now, don’t come out, else I can’t leave. Bhagya makes her eat curd and gives a Lord idol, asking Chakor to always keep him along for safety. Chakor hugs Bhagya and shakes hands with Arjun. He wishes her all the best. She thanks him and he asks him to remember Udaan. Chakor nods and leaves. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays………..

Chakor gets inside a truck and is on the way to Lucknow. She recalls Kasturi. She lands in Lucknow marathon. She sees the chunri to her hand and recalls Dadi’s words. She prepares her jersey with tag number of the race.

Bhaiya ji is shown. He sits in the weigh balance and is donating gold. Everyone cheer for him. media covers the event. Bhaiya ji asks the servant to distribute the gold to poor people. The media reporter asks him how does he feel to get important post in politics. Bhaiya ji says I will put all my power in public progress. Tejaswini comes to do his aarti. He asks what is she doing there, this woman is abshagun for me. She gets sad and recalls what he used to say before. He asks Ram Singh where is the real owner of the haveli, my wife. Ranjana comes there and he smiles seeing her. Girja asks Tejaswini to move, Ranjana is coming. Tejaswini moves back. Ranjana does his aarti and congratulates him for becoming sports minister. He calls her his good luck and thanks her. She says your words make me shy, come inside, everyone is waiting. He asks Ram Singh to manage villagers and goes with Ranjana. Ranjana makes Tejaswini jealous. Ram Singh asks Kishor why is he staring at gold, get lost, Bhaiya ji told me to send you. Kishor asks for Prasad halwa. Ram Singh scolds him and asks him to go, as this stamp is Bhaiya ji’s gift. Chakor sees the stamp on her hand.

A girl sees Chakor’s stamp and identifies her. She reminds Chakor how Chakor made her lose in the race. Chakor recalls Kusum. She says you are still dreaming to fail me, today either of our dream will be fulfilled. Kusum tells her friends that they have to fail Chakor. Chakor recalls Arjun’s words. Media covers the event. The marathon starts. Chakor starts running. She runs barefoot and gets hurt. She goes to drink water. Kusum blocks her way. Chakor holds the girl’s hand right and the bottle falls. Chakor drinks water and goes. They put nails on the way. Chakor is running faster, and man says it seems this girl will win. Chakor’s feet get wounded by the nails. Kusum smiles and taunts her. Chakor says I m fine, I m friendly with wounds, this reminds me where I have to reach. Kusum runs to win. Chakor recalls her parents. Chakor surpasses Kusum and wins the race. She smiles happily. Everyone clap for her.

Chakor is called on stage to get the trophy and cash amount. The man requests her to come on stage. The man says her name is not given in the form. Kusum says no one knows her name, why to tell her name and get insulted. Reporter says we don’t know anything about the winner, just her number 501. Chakor smiles.

Bhuvan sees the tv and says its not coming. Chagan comes and tells the news, about the winner 501 in Lucknow race, she did not take the prize. Bhuvan asks why do we care about this news. Chagan says does this happen that girl leaves prize. Bhuvan says maybe she is rich. Chagan says I felt she is…. Nothing I will go. Kasturi brings water bucket. Chagan greets her. Kasturi asks how is Kishori now, I gave her kada. Chagan says she is fine. Bhuvan asks Kasturi why is she bringing water from far, they can save water in fridge, Imli is working hard to get all comforts for us. Kasturi asks what, is Imli working hard, she is getting things from Bhaiya ji, she sold her soul, but I will never sell my soul.

He asks why do you say this, Imli got all this for us, do you still think we should go against Bhaiya ji. She says yes, even Chakor thinks the same. He says Chakor has gone 10 years ago, she won’t come. Kasturi says she will come, then I will see who is true, you all or me. Chakor wins Kanpur marathon, and reporter says its same thing again, race winner did not come to take her prize, who is this girl, no one knows.

Bhaiya ji makes Ranjana wear the gold anklet. He says I did not think I will get all this and kisses her hands. He says its all because of you. She says our thinking matches a lot, I m also thinking the same. He goes and opens cupboard. He gets Chakor’s dupatta and recalls her words. He fumes and throws the dupatta. He says don’t know where she went. She says its good for her if she does not come back. He says no, she will come, I swear whenever she comes here, I will crush her. Ranjana calms him.

The reporter says whoever was not interested in race are taking interest in knowing who is this 501. Chakor talks to Arjun and asks what else is written in paper. Arjun says people want to know 501 winner secret. He tells another news, Kamal Narayan is becoming sports minister on the same day of your Mumbai marathon. Chakor sees the news and says I know this.

Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that I have to take oath tomorrow, what shall I wear. Ranjana shows the suit for him, and asks him to leave his old dressings now. He says I m politician, not filmi hero. She says you are not less than filmi hero, you will wear this. He agrees. Chakor sees his pic and says our news is together in newspaper, very soon, we will be infront of each other, its big day for us tomorrow, I have been waiting for this day since 10 years, I m coming in Mumbai marathon, I will win and Kamal Narayan will lose.

Chakor shows the medal and says my name is Chakor, I m bandhua of Kamal Narayan. Bhaiya ji is taking oath. Chakor says Kamal Narayan gave me real identity of this bandhua stamp. The man stops Bhaiya ji from taking the oath. He gets shocked.

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