Udaan 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor goes missing

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Udaan 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor telling Tejaswini that she has got kheer for Anjor. They sit talking. Rohit comes running downstairs and says he has beaten me like a dog. Tejaswini holds him. Raghav comes downstairs. Chakor sees him. Tejaswini calls him an animal. Chakor scolds him. Raghav says wait, I want to tell you something, Rohit is a clever man. He shows the money Rohit has in his pockets. They all get shocked. He says this family has come here as they have no money, you guys have just come and you got so much money, how is this possible. He asks Rohit did he get any treasure. Akash asks Rohit how did you get so much money.

Raghav thanks Akash for understanding him. He asks Akash to question Rohit. Akash says wrong is wrong, dad gave his responsibility to me, its my right to get him on right

track. He asks how did you get this money, you went from hospital after dad died, you were at home when Chakor told about Sweety, then you left, Amit told us about your fight with Rohit, are you giving the news to blackmailer to take revenge on Rajjo. They all ask Rohit how did he get the money. Akash threatens of calling police. Rohit says Imli Devi has given me this money. Chakor and everyone get shocked. Akash slaps Rohit and scolds him. Raghav gets impressed by Akash. Akash asks Rohit how low can you stoop, you cheated this family.

Raghav jokes on Chakor and Imli’s blood relations. He asks are you really Imli’s sister, I m eager to meet Imli. He asks Rohit to make him meet Imli. Rohit says I don’t know where she lives, she found me, I didn’t go to her. Tejaswini says I told you Chakor, Imli has done this, why don’t you learn anything from your past. She counts Imli’s favors. Raghav looks on. Tejaswini says she wants to snatch Anjor from you. Leela calls Chakor and says Anjor is missing. Chakor gets shocked. She drops the phone. Akash asks what happened. Chakor says Anjor is missing, she isn’t at the hospital. They get shocked.

Raghav says we have to find Anjor and also the kidnapper. Akash says go with him, I will call police. Chakor and Raghav leave. They are on the way. Chakor cries and thinks of Suraj’s words. Raghav gets talking to her. She says I m losing my life, you are just talking, you don’t know Imli, once you meet her, you will lose courage, just do what you are paid for, you are not Suraj so stay in your limits. She gets blackmailer’s call. Raghav asks her to stay scared if she wants. They answer the call. The man says I told you, your daughter will be away from you. Raghav threatens him. The man says Anjor is fine, she would be with Leela now.

Leela asks Anjor are you fine. Leela gets Raghav’s call and says Anjor is fine, ward boy took her for ECG. Raghav says fine take care of Anjor, I will meet you in some time. The man says I will play games and make you cry, Chakor…. I will make your life hell. Chakor cries. Rohit tells inspector that he doesn’t know about Imli. Chakor apologizes to him. Raghav says let me give a chance to speak, why would I get upset with you. Chakor says you would have felt bad of my words. He says I have seen your pic, you were a runner, you should focus on the blackmailer. Chakor recalls Arjun Sir’s words. She asks what did you say, focus, thanks for reminding me the forgotten lesson, you are right, I have to find my target. Raghav says yes, our target should be Imli. She says yes. He says finally, I will face Imli, I will find her some how, come. Chakor smiles.

Chakor and Raghav try to find Imli. She says where will Imli hide. He asks her to recall the memories and think where is Imli hiding. Chakor says I understood where she can be.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, not as entertaining as the past few but still good.
    Akash was throwing doubt on Rohit.
    I don’t like how eager Raghav is to meet Imli. Liked the way he revealed the money Rohit was hiding.
    Raghav is somehow connected to Chakor’s life.

  2. I hope Suraj will return but my current theory is Suraj’s soul is occupying Raghav’s body. Raghav was in coma and after the blast Suraj’s soul inhabited his body to return and help Chakor. I don’t like this scenario, I want the original Suraj: body and soul.

    1. this is good theory. but would second you want our Suraj back…. episodes are so far entertaining because of the Raaghav aspect, but should not turn sore as it proceeds as Imli is coming back. Wish to get Suraj Rajvanshi back.

  3. Nice episode ?

  4. I want Suraj back.
    The real Suraj. As Nemo said ,his body and soul

  5. Tho body of Suraj was not found. So it is possible that he is alive and will come back
    I wish my guess to be true

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