Udaan 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli lies to save Gumaan

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The Episode starts with Imli telling everyone that Gumaan and she decided to do something new, she was finding a kid who knows the meaning of freedom, who can fight with problems and prove bravery, I m glad to say, I got the kid Anjor, she passed all the tests and proved she is the bravest. She says I m proud of you Anjor, you won. Anjor smiles. Imli says don’t worry, whatever happened in garden was our plan, I wanted to see to what extent you go to save them, you had courage to say truth. Anjor asks really, did I win, it mean my friends won’t become bandhua. Imli smiles.

She says yes, we will give you a gift for your win, you can ask us anything. Anjor says I want to study and go to school. Imli says your dream will be fulfilled, Gumaan will get you an admission. She asks Gumaan to confirm this, else the kid won’t believe her. Gumaan gets angry. Imli signs him. He smiles and says yes, she has won over me. Everyone chants Imli and Gumaan’s name. Imli says enough, you can praise the soldiers who got us freed. She says Anjor is the winner, she will raise the flag. Anjor gets glad. Gumaan stares at Imli. Anjor raises the flag and salutes. Udaan hai….plays…

Gumaan thinks of Anjor and throws things in anger. Imli comes there and throws more glasses at him. He says stop, you will get hurt by glass. He keeps his hand over the glass pieces. She turns away. He shuts the door. She scolds him. She says I saved you, you should thank me. He says so what, you also took revenge. They argue. Imli asks him to calm his anger and romances him. They get close. Gumaan’s wife comes there and sees them close. She keeps the wine bottle and asks do you want anything else. Imli says you have already shared your husband with me. Gumaan says Garima, you know I have trained that dog since 5 days and killed him, I trained you since 15 years, you always do mistakes, I told you to knock the door and come in. He forcibly makes her drink wine.

Anjor comes to her mum and gives the good news. She says I have raised the country flag in school today. The lady says you can’t do this. Anjor says yes, Imli Devi promised me that she will get me an admission in school, I will also go there now. The lady gets shocked and recalls Imli’s words. Anjor says I knew you can’t handle this news, I will get ready and go to school, I have to study well. Her dad comes and slaps her. He asks how dare you talk about school. He drags Anjor. She asks her mum to stop him. Garima gets dizzy after drinking. She propers the bed and goes. Gumaan romances imli. She pushes him and asks about a tender. He asks how much do you want. She says 50%. He says you want to get equal to me.

Anjor shouts to her mum in pain. Chakor wakes up and gets restless.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Here we go again, we are trying to teach the world and in good behaviour and you turn around and show these episodes.When will Slavery end!!!!! The world would be a better place without bullying. You are teaching to be evil because they always win

  2. Exactly after close to 28 years of struggle what is shown… Slavery again… Evil winning and true love bein separated… And disgusting relationships

  3. hahaha..how many times imli will fall in love. Every time she takes revenge from chakhor for vivan But every time with new look she is in new love. blo*dy imli. Where udaan started with chakhor. same story has started again with chakhor daughter. Enough to watch now. Azadgang will be always bandhua. Thank god they did not shown then imli was in love with kamal naryan. Charcher loose imli.

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