Udaan 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram captures Suraj and Chakor

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The Episode starts with Suraj saying I have killed Bacha Pandey, I fooled Vikram, I have changed the medicine, Bacha died by your hands, I have made you kill your man, you don’t understand who I m. Vikram says Suraj…. Suraj says yes. He reveals his truth and removes the disguise. He says you thought you will burn three people of your personality and prove your death, I can’t believe this, knowing you guys are devils, I will take revenge for my daughter’s state, I could have found you any way. He threatens Vikram. He says I had sworn to ruin you. Vikram asks Bhawri to arrest Suraj. Suraj scolds Vikram for child trafficking. He says you are a devil in human form. Pradhan asks Suraj not to blame his Lord. Suraj says ask him where did he go at the time of celebrations, ask him why did he go to Bacha’s

room, he had to give medicine to Bacha.

He reveals about the hormones injections given to the girls. He says Vikram sells the girls, he makes their obscene videos. He says I have changed the medicine and so Bacha died. He asks them to see the proof. He takes Rajjo’s phone. He shows Vikram giving the injection to Bacha. He scolds Bhawri for supporting the devils. She says you have already spoken a lot, I will not arrest you, I m thinking to kill you right here. Chakor gets shocked and lifts the ghunghat. She takes a sickle and keeps at Rajeshwari’s neck. Vikram and Rajeshwari get shocked. Chakor threatens Rajeshwari. She says these people are criminals, they have ruined lives of many innocent girls, we won’t take time to kill them, that Chakor is dead, who used to give chance to criminals and forgive them, this Chakor is a mum, who can cross any limit for her child. Suraj asks Pradhan to rectify his mistake, does he want to support truth or lies.

Vikram says he is saying the truth, all the blames are true. Everyone gets shocked. Vikram says I have done a lot, I m very bad for him, but I m not bad for this village, I have done just good for you all, recall the days when you had no food and clothes, I have provided all the necessities, you all promised to support me. Bhawri points gun at Suraj. Vikram says supporting me is your duty. Rajjo asks Pradhan not to support Vikram. Pradhan apologizes to them. He says I have heard everything, I know what to do, we will support Vikram always. Rajeshwari laughs. Pradhan asks villagers to catch them. He says until you stay here, we will be loyal to you. Suraj, Chakor get caught. Vikram asks Suraj to see the villagers, they are burdened by his favors. He asks how did you think that they will go against me. He sends Suraj and Chakor. Vikram asks Pradhan not to cheat him. He gives a cheque to Pradhan. He says its one crore cheque for Dharampura, this is Diwali gift for my devotees. Pradhan thanks Vikram. Vikram smiles.

Suraj and Chakor are tied up. Vikram comes there and hurts Suraj for killing Bacha. Rajeshwari says we will teach them a lesson, we will make their funeral ready, they killed Bacha and didn’t do right, Bacha was like my family member. She says just see what I do with you. Bhawri says I think police is with Suraj, if they find this village then… before this happens, we have to do something, else we all will be caught, danger will be more for you. Vikram laughs. He says you got Suraj in this village, you didn’t find out well, our enemy was living in our village and you are saying you worry for me, you don’t even know lying. He scolds her and asks her to settle down by quitting job. Suraj asks Chakor why did she bring her identity out. Chakor says Bhawri would have shot you. Suraj says we are caught up here because of you. She says I can’t wait for someone to shoot you, this can’t happen. Bhawri says you are tied up here and still you are romancing, you are proud of your love right, I will show you that your love is very weak. She scolds Suraj for cheating her. She beats Suraj. Chakor shouts Suraj and cries.

Suraj says if we don’t succeed to leave, we won’t get Vikram and Rajeshwari. Vikram shows the bomb planted in village. Rajeshwari smiles. Vikram says Suraj and Chakor will die along with the villagers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The show needs new writers who can give balance between drama and emotions.
    The track is ok but could’ve been much better. Too much focus on drama, rushed pace and repetitive scenes.
    Suraj scene was good, Sukor scene lacked feelings.
    I think the villagers will help Sukor later.

  2. very true. depth is indeed lacking and no creativity also.

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