Udaan 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor gets drunk

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The Episode starts with room service guy giving romance tips to Raghav and Chakor. She says we are not interested. Raghav gives him tip and sends him. He says we shall change the clothes, else we will catch cold. He likes his clothes. He says for you…. and gets a nightie. She feels odd. He quickly puts it back and goes. Tejaswini asks Anjor not to play with fire. Anjor prays for her parents. Tejaswini prays that Chakor and Raghav come close.

Raghav asks Chakor to come and have food. Chakor asks him to stop it. She says I know why you are doing this, why you have told manager that we are married, you want to take advantage of Suraj’s face, you know what I m going through. He says nothing, I have lied to get a place here, why do you always blame me, you are confused as you overthink, why did you save me, if you think I did a drama to come close, its not true, sorry, I will leave from here, my love won’t become a joke, I fell in love for the first time and this happened, love is really a wrong thing. She looks at him. He goes out and sees a temple. Someone looks on. Chakor takes the food plate and eats. She recalls Raghav’s words. She throws the food and goes out to make a call. She calls Tejaswini.

Tejaswini asks where are you and Raghav. Chakor says its good that Raghav leaves from our life forever. Tejaswini says I know you are running away from your feelings. Chakor says Raghav can never take Suraj’s place, we have to tell Anjor that Suraj is no more, Raghav isn’t her dad. Anjor takes the phone and asks where is daddy. Chakor says he went for a walk. Anjor asks her not to fight with Suraj. Chakor says we are not fighting. Anjor says make me talk to him, I will wait for your call. Raghav talks to Hanuman and shares his heart out. He says I feel like Anjor is my daughter, give me strength to show Chakor how much I love her and Anjor. Chakor comes there and says Anjor has called, she wants to talk to you. He goes. She lights the diya. Raghav talks to Anjor and jokes about Chakor. He says we both are together, we are happy, you also stay happy, take care. Chakor looks on.

Raghav goes out to the cafe to drink. The manager comes to him to give tips. Raghav gets angry and scolds her. Chakor looks on. Manager asks Raghav to have a drink along with his wife. He goes. Raghav apologizes to Chakor. He says I didn’t intend to do any drama here. She says its fine. He says I will go and call Anjor, don’t know she took medicines or not. Chakor thinks the left glass has cola drink. She gets confused and drinks wine. Manager says I had a doubt that they aren’t married, now police will teach them a lesson. Chakor gets drunk and goes to Raghav. She gets talking silly. He looks at her and understands that she got drunk. He controls Chakor. He says if you have much courage, then tell that you were not able to say. She smiles.

Chakor dances on Zara sa ghoom….plays…. She gets close to Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode, so far I don’t think Chakor loves Raghav but new olvs hint otherwise. I think there has been no proper build up for her to love him.
    I don’t think the precap is exactly like the episode, they won’t almost kiss.
    I’m curious about the stalker and when he’ll enter the story.

  2. Personally I don’t believe Raghav is Suraj but it would explain how quickly Chakor will fall for him.
    Today he said he feels Anjor is his daughter, I don’t know if this is just to show his attachment to her or something more.
    I still think they didn’t develop Chakor’s feelings properly, not enough scenes of her and Raghav, not enough scenes to show her attraction, Akash track could’ve been extended by a couple of episodes to include these scenes or imli’s scenes could’ve been reduced.

  3. I hope chakor will sacrifice her so called love for raghav as it is not shown much ..and this is because I read somewhere that imli will come out of jail and propose raghav but he will refuse saying he loves chakor ..then imli will go to chakor and ask her to tell raghav that choor doesn’t love raghav ..so maybe fir imli she would sacrifice raghav ..otherwise she may know that imli will again turn evil.

  4. Safiya Hosein

    Imli will always be a selfish bit**. She doesnt care for anyone but her self. She knows Chakor has put on a show all this time for Anjor’s sake. And yet she wants to be with Raghav. She cares for no one, not even her neice. Her personality is still the same, just look at the way she spoke and treated the prison guards.
    Chakor is an idiot to trust and forgive her after everything she has done. She deserves nothing good.
    I am sorry i don’t enjoy any scenes with Imli. Its too much.

    I feel sorry for Meera and Vijayendra because they are such brilliant actors and they work so hard to build beautiful characters but the writers have their own agenda.

  5. this story is the most stupid one!!! it time to end Udaan!

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